I have chronic UTI’s and kidney infections


Hi everyone, I haven’t posted yet in here but have been doing a lot of reading, thank you for the information!
I do have a question…I have chronic UTI’s and kidney infections and the doctor says this is not related, does anyone else have this trouble too???
Thanks to all!

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  1. How is your parathyroid ? and any candida? Are you on probiotics and have you tried dandelion teas?

  2. Any tissues are subject to attack by Hashimotos. According to Izabella Wentz Md RPH, there is a genetic type of Hashis, more severe, which attacks organs. You may have interstitial cystitis..that is autoimmune..all autoimmunes are tied together..or you could just have a resistant bacteria and a weakened immune system. Work on building immunity. Optizinc, magnesium, Vitamin C Higher dose. Take Cranberry juice.

  3. Thank you for the information, it sure is a lot to take in!

  4. I take small doses of colloidal silver daily to keep infections in check. Learn how to make your own since it is MUCH cheaper than from the store!

  5. Also any personal hygiene items – make sure there is no sugar added ( i.e.; personal lubricant, feminine washes ) use water based .. always . It is absolutely related to the hashis – good luck !

  6. No bladder or kidney problems here.

  7. Try D-MANNOSE

  8. Do you have urinary retention?

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