I have copper overload as per my HTMA analysis


I have copper overload as per my HTMA analysis, my doctor ran an Iron blood test and shows Im very low 49.0 range 50.0-170.0
They recommend and iron infusion. Any recommendations whether to do it or not, will I be feeling copper detox if I take and Iron infusion? I feel very very tired all the time.

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  1. I can't advise whether to do it or not, but be careful – my sister has them because of Crohns disease (she has no colon) and has had allergic reactions (passing out). However, after an infusion, she doesn't feel nearly as tired for a while! 6-12 months.

  2. I had IV iron when my ferritin levels were at a 7, which is iron stores. I was literally down to nothing almost. I didn't have any issues, but to my knowledge I didn't have copper overload either.

  3. I would run from an iron infusion! Actually, I did refuse it once, when a hematologist suggested I needed one. IV iron will most probably mess your health up. High copper on HTMA doesn't have to mean copper overload, as far as I understand. What are your serum copper and Ceruloplasmin levels, as well as your ferritin, TIBC and transferrin saturation %?

  4. copper 80-155

  5. cerulopl 20-60

  6. Although 49 is low, it's not very low. I wonder what kind of a doctor would recommend an iron infusion with the level of 49, when the range starts at 50!?

  7. hematologist

  8. this is my range as per HTMA

  9. You need more blood tests to understand what's going on. With an iron infusion, your body will have a harder time with regulating copper.

  10. I see, what is your background? and what other blood tests? Thanks

  11. Im waiting on Mag, sink and copper blood test to come back, so far only Iron is back

  12. An Armenyan are you able to interpret HTMA test?

  13. When you get iron tested, you want to do a full panel – serum iron, serum ferritin, TIBC (total iron binding capacity), and transferrin saturation. No, I would not do iron infusions, especially since, at least based on the test you had, it's not that low. I've been dealing with a host of health issues including menorrhagia, and my iron was at 13 and my ferritin was ONE, but I didn't do infusions (though one of my doctors recommended it). I am awaiting retesting, but I know that my iron status is improved (it's been a back and forth thing). I also wouldn't rely on HTMA alone when it comes to copper and zinc. They are very good tests, but copper is very tricky to test for. Also, HTMA is an average of about 3 months and is not appropriate to test for either acute deficiency or toxicity. For copper and zinc, I would do serum copper, plasma zinc, ceruloplasmin, AND RBC copper and RBC zinc. I had VERY different results between those two tests; it doesn't always happen like that, but it can.

  14. Kim, thank you for your post
    My HTMA is a start, I'm having a hard time getting labs done, my doctor is resisting! Even if I was to get the tests, they said they can't interpret them and would not know what to do for me… It's excruciating..
    I know my copper HTMA is high and potassium and Zink low, also high sodium to potassium, but if I start increasing Zink I'll go through copper dumping and that's bad , I can't handle that. So how do you go about getting tests ordered and then how do you fix the problem?!
    I'm very reluctant to get iron IV, last time I felt sick afterwards.

  15. Actually treating iron deficiency (if you even have it, which I doubt) with iron supplementation has been known to knock down zinc, so if yours is already low (again, I wouldn't rely completely on HTMA), I would definitely avoid it. If your doctor isn't ordering the proper tests, I would suggest finding another doctor. I haven't been able to go back to my functional medicine doctor(s) due to cost, but I was able to find an in-network PCP who orders about anything I ask. Some of it is building rapport with the doctor – showing them you're knowledgeable.

    If your potassium is low, I would suggest trying Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte; I have difficulty tolerating many supplements, but that is one I seem to do very well with. Yes, I would be cautious supplementing zinc, but sometimes it is necessary. If you don't want to get more tests but want a down and dirty way to find out if you need it, get some Premier Research Labs Liquid Zinc Assay (about $14 on amazon) and hold 1 Tbsp of it in your mouth while you count to 10. If you don't taste it after that time, or if it takes you a while to taste it, you probably are pretty low. But with this liquid, you can take adjustable amounts until you taste it. For copper, you really do need those other tests; my guess would be that your ceruloplasmin is probably low so that you have high UNBOUND copper (cp is the transport protein for copper), but it's impossible to tell without testing. If it is also high, then you could be looking at an acute inflammatory reaction rather than a copper excess. To increase cp you need (ironically enough) copper (not necessarily as a supplement!), vitamin a, and biotin. A good quality cod liver oil (Rosita, Nordic Naturals WITHOUT added D, or Pure Encapsulations) is a source of natural retinol (vitamin a). You'll also want to take whole food vitamin c (which has copper at its core), which will also help you absorb non-heme iron (iron from non-animal sources). Red meat is a good source of both zinc and iron, so you might want to increase your intake of grass fed beef or lamb (which is higher in zinc than beef). You should also cut out or drastically reduce foods and beverages that bind with minerals, especially zinc. Those would be anything containing phytates, especially (grains, beans).

  16. Kim, you are a chuck full of information! I'm so appreciative of everything you suggested here, looks like you have been at it for a long time.. Have you improved your mineral levels w food and some supplements or mostly supplements?
    It sounds like trial and error all the way.. I have been through so much in the past yrs that my body just can't be stressed anymore. Was working with a Homeopat for a few month and that has been very very stressful, huge reactions to the very minimal amounts in f homeopathy, my body just can't take it, so had to give that up..
    The problem is that I can't get the labs ordered, very frustrating..

  17. 🙂 I've been told that a few times. Yes, I have been studying biology, anatomy, health, natural and alternative medicine, diet, supplementation, etc. for nearly my entire adult life. I also have 8 children and have had two bouts of chronic illness where that research intensified.

    I have multiple issues going on currently, including apparent perimenopause and genetic issues on top of SIBO and mold/mycotoxin illness, so mineral balance is a bit elusive for me. I have a lot of food and supplement sensitivity issues due to the SIBO, but I may require higher dose and longer term supplementation. Yes, there are symptoms that have improved, but I am still fighting a lot of others.

    It's not so much that it's trial and error as this plan has to be customized for you. The same diet and supplement regimen doesn't work for everyone. For example, most functional medicine doctors recommend supplementing with L-glutamine for gut repair. Most people do well on it. However, those with GAD genetic mutations have a tendency to convert l-glutamine to glutamate (which is excitatory) rather than GABA, which makes it intolerable; I'm one of them. One doctor with whom I consulted told me he didn't know how to heal the gut without glutamine, so it was obviously pointless for me to go back.

    Stress management is important as well. Take a break from trying to figure everything out and do something relaxing or enjoyable.

    It sounds like you possibly have some underlying infection or inflammation going on. Have you had a doctor look into that?

  18. Btw…you can increase iron by cooking with cast iron pans. Will it increase *enough* for you, I don't know.

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