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I have Crohn’s disease, Lupus, in remission for breast cancer, being treated for skin cancer right now. HIGH blood pressure. They found nodules on my thyroid, lungs and right kidney by accident while doing another test. I did a alternative cancer treatment for my breast cancer. So looked up a thyroid protocol. Since I was 21 I’ve suffered from horrible insomnia. I haven’t slept an entire night without taking something. Then developed muscle cramps, eye twitches. They had me on a drug for that for a long time that didn’t work. Last several years developed heart palpitations that finally got so bad while I was in court with my ex that I passed out and was in the hospital twice. So I started this protocol which was a bunch of supplements. 3 days later I notice my heart has stopped acting up and I slept through the night. I thought it was a fluke. I start feeling better and better. I ask primary who sends me to a endocrinologist who says it’s a placebo affect. So I start and stop all the supplements to find out which one was doing it. Magnesium!! I go back to primary who agrees it’s a placebo affect. But I know how I feel. This has been life altering. I stumbled across this group. I’m hoping I can learn more. I starting from square one.

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  1. Magnesium is awesome…here is the next step…Dental mercury amalgams can cause all the problems you are having. All it takes is one bad root canal.


  2. Magnesium as is impossible as water to the body & it's not stored. You have to put it in daily!! Green food or epsom bath.

  3. Bless you for all you have been through! I will be praying for you!

  4. Carol Nicola – can hair analysis also be carried out on babies with digestion issues/bad eczema? And will they treat me even though I am a very long way away across the Atlantic?!

  5. Katherine Berry so glad you have found this group and positive change is now occurring for you x

  6. Kathleen Heinz I had all my mercury fillings taken out years back. I'd had a bad car accident and did have a root canal that they somehow messed up. Then add in Lupus and it was the perfect storm. I kept going back for pain. Finally years later I insisted they take it out. I have bone loss from all the infections in that area. I was taking sulfur…MSM I htnk it's called. But didn't feel any different with it.

  7. Lupus is an autoimmune "label" get to the root of the issue, it can be reversed (just like every other autoimmune condition/disesase). All your symptoms (literally everything head to toe) are related. I promise! It took me 13 years of research to really understand that but it is. Functional doctors are the only REAL drs in my opinion.

  8. Bless you Katherine, you will find lots of support here and help with understanding it all. No question too obvious, people are wonderful.

  9. Oh boy…doctors…TRUST YOUR GUT…my son's pediatrician was like that. We stopped seeing him for anything but things like stitches, milestone check ups, and a wart removal. Each time we talked I told him of our supplementation, allergen avoidance, etc. each time he saw more and more success. We weren't the only ones either as he told me of other's successes. His mind has been changed by the evidence he's seen and I felt so vindicated the last time we were there that I actually wept when I got to my car. Just stick to your guns. This is about you not them.

  10. I'm sorry I didn't read through everything but you should consider testing for Lyme. Find an Lyme Literate doctor who knows how to test. Everything you have is explained by Lyme.

  11. "Lyme" again a name of (high levels of mycotoxins) a reversable condition. I know A LOT about this one, as it is related to fungus (what fungus releases when it dies) and if your body isn't supported in detox it will remain trapped in your body! I had a mycotoxin panel run. Mycology (study of fungus) which maybe 1% of drs know. That 1% is functional doctors. In other words, find one!!

  12. Back to the heart palpitations, my longstanding atrial flutter went away THE DAY I started taking transdermal magnesium oil. I was shocked. Also gone are restless leg syndrome and leg cramping.

  13. What is a functional doctor? Sounds like something to look in to.

  14. http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/12/10/why-functional-medicine/ Dr. Hyman is AMAZING. He has writen 9 best selling NY books, lead of info to Dr. Oz, i forget his whole profile but it's jaw dropping. He's currently leading & teaching Cleveland Clinic (renound facility in USA) on opening a functional clinic.

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  16. Katherine Berry what a brave and beautiful woman you are! I for one have had a long standing hate and distrust of Allopathic doctors and their ignorance of nutrition and the benefits of nutrients. They are NOT educated in nutrition at all. I hate them because they refuse to acknowledge anything that is outside of their realm of study. They do not support those of us who distrust medicine and its agenda. Do your own research and read "Magnesium Miracle" by Dr. Carolyn Dean… Also read the book about Thyroid, called "STop the Madness" do your own education. Do not trust the Doctors who tell you that your education on these subjects is a placebo, but DRUGS are the solution to your problems. You are a $$$$ cash cow to them and they want to keep that cash coming. GOD forbid that you would be able to cure yourself with nutrition and education!! Keep up the good work my dear and I am rooting for you!

  17. Mandy Thay, What treatments did your functional doctor recommend?

  18. Whenever I hear sleep problems, I think high toxic copper especially when combined with pregnancies. But when I hear Chrohn's I think oxalates. I think there's a correlation between high copper and oxalate problems. I'm wondering how you react to b6. Can you tolerate it? The wonderful thing about this site is that many of us have been through similar problems and we can brainstorm about where to look for real answers and we do it for free!

  19. Lame, lame, lame doctors! Every doctor knows people going into the ER with heart problems get pumped full of magnesium!

  20. Sue murray… Treatments include accupuncture for balancing my autonomic nervous system (symptom of fungal overgrowth), vitamin/mineral balancing, detoxing, improving my body ecology & genetic mutations through suppliments & food (i had eaten paleo, gluten & dairy free for the past 3 years). She suggested I see a chiropractor. I also can't wait to add sauna treatments but she wants me to wait. I start my 2nd antifungal treatment in about a week. I've been on the "mild" specially formulated version for the last 2 months. The strong one (for me) is a herb which I will take for another 2 months. It's been hard but I am finally (after at least 15 years of hell) getting my life & energy back!! ️

  21. You need iodine and selenium: both are essential for thyroid and breasts.

  22. http://www.drdach.com/Crohn_s_LDN.html x3Chttp://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org/

  23. lowdosenaltrexone.org

  24. Interesting MJ Hamp… I want to know the ingredients in this product.

  25. Mandy, Google "Naltrexone + ingredients" for your answer.

  26. Which product Mandy Thay – LDN is a prescription drug that helps many.

  27. Naltrexone (LDN) is hydrochloride salt. My brief hypothesis is that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a better option. And cheaper!

  28. MJ Hamp, this is really confusing. How do you explain the difference between a product of the same name?

  29. For what it's worth about sleep, I just did a four point cortisol saliva test and discovered that my levels are fairly normal until nighttime. I spike big time at night, which is why I have a hard time getting to sleep.

  30. Cathy, comes a time when lots of us have a hard time falling asleep. The reasons are endless.

  31. Agreed Gloria, I've been struggling for many years already. I think that was my point, that it's not just a simple answer, and that you really need to have proper testing done. Sadly, there're probably less than 1% of drs who will investigate anything, but all will probably Rx a sleeping pill.

  32. Gloria Wiegner Lane – read the site I posted above and you will learn about how a dose of LDN of about 3.0mg taken between 10pm and 2am blocks endorphin release for awhile so that it increases. Also read LDNscience.

  33. MJ That stuff is interesting to me. I'd like to learn more about it. I read the link you sent (or most of it anyway) and they use it for people addicted to opium and heroin. I've mentioned before that I've been trying to get off oxy, have you heard of anyone using it for that? I'm also trying to bring down my antibodies, so it's of interest for that as well. It wasn't offered to me by my functional dr. as an option. Is this widely used? I'll read more, but wondering your opinion.

  34. MJ Hamp, I read the site you posted.

  35. Cathy Ostermayer Dickins – the dose of LDN isvery small and acts differently than the full dose, but shouldn't be taken by those on opioids. Why not join the ldn yahoogroup (over ten years olad) and ask there. There are also some FB groups, but I don't know how good they are. Many with FMS, MS, Crohns and some cancers have been using it with success for about 30 years. It's an off-label use of the drug.

  36. Interesting. I'll investigate further. Thanks.

  37. I take LDN and I'm on opioids. I was told by the pharmacist to take them 12 hours apart. The LDN is to heal from auto-immune issues and the opioids are for spinal arthritis, although I'm on a very low dose due to my sensitivity to meds.

  38. God bless Carol Nicola.
    Nutrition is the way to go.People are in the true path of balancing minerals and getting results,nevertheless,when the fall sick or feel unhealthy the are confident of getting back healthy knowing that an unhealthy food has gotten in the way.

    Its feels horrible to see and hear someone in this thread promoting mainstream medicine and Dr and dismissing the true path of mineral balancing.When i see and hear such comments i cant draw a distinction between then and dangerous occults

    I think we should be very vigilant in this group like Carol Nicola and as well be protective of this divine revelation of mineral balancing.So callous ones in mainstream Medicine are aware of this revelation and feel threatened by it.
    I tell you,research and evil contraption is underway to protect mainstream medicine of;
    drug,drug, drug,
    remain sick,remain sick,remain sick,
    so that mainstream can stay in bussiness,bussiness,business..

  39. I now know who Doctors and big Pharma are..
    As is said Biblically
    'heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked'..

  40. I am just going to add this:

    It takes 10-20 years for an idea to be assimilated into a society. With today's technology and information it's faster, but in 10 years, most doctors will be aware of the autoimmune and nutrition connections. In 20 years it will be common practice and common knowledge.

    I come from a family of scientists and worked in the clinical research industry. Five years ago, I would not have bought into these theories that we talk about all day in this group. I would have rolled my eyes, I would have said this was really "out there

  41. My nutritional support "dr" is an MD but dropped the use of it in her credentials as big Pharma was going to the AMA and FDA among other orgs trying to have her banned for not using drugs for Crohn's and other digestive or AI disorders as she sees food and supplementation for those of us with malabsorption due to these "[email protected] as first line therapy and is disgusted that our society no longer sees diet as first line of therapy. She has gotten me off almost all of my 30 Rx meds. Since I had to have my entire large bowel removed due to lifelong Crohn's and celiac, as a child who was poor and often neglected I never got care…traditional MDs put me through five years of hell proving no bowel movements for weeks including the last two years before surgery going under psych evals, monthly endoscopy and colonoscopy…they could never do the colon because even prep didn't work and it was severely dehydrated rocks of stool crushing my insides up to 50% of my lungs were crushed. They refuse to not consider me healed or treat new flares. Had I not demanded surgery within the month of approval I would have been dead with numerous six inch ulcers, keloids, and perforations. I knew I was dying literally and because of their belief drugs would move me along I had to be sliced own from sternum to pelvis as they tried the small incisions and couldn't get a scope in! I almost died multiple times during surgery and after! I have numerous other problems because my small bowel never switched over to doing both bowel jobs but have found healing…not all the way yet but that was 38 years of disease and malabsorption. I also had Cushing's disease and surgery to remove that tumor but I'm fearful it has recently returned and get regular cortisol checks but I flare when I'm get them so I don't feel they are accurate. Anyone have any thoughts on the adrenal/pituitary Cushing's? But Katherine this group has been great and I'm happy to share how I am healing my gut with supplements, have saved my teeth from dry mouth and bone loss, and reduced my flares tremendously and I've only been working with this "Dr" for 10 months! I had to sign an agreement to not use her MD and that I was not acting as a gov agent trying to get malpractice/treatment violations or whatever so she would accept me. She takes new patients even by phone but only under referral. My fear is losing the small bowel function so early in life…41 now. But this group and her and every traditional dr I still have or she refers me to for testing are open-minded and believe in all of what we do as individuals in this group. Please let me know if you want details. I've been through hell this year but plan on writing my regimen over time so others with severe bowel and other similar issues can investigate it's appropriateness for themselves. Locally they call me the witch dr when I help undiagnosed or diagnosed friends from sharing my experiences and my use of massage, acupuncture, essential oils, Epsom, crystal therapy and yoga…those things have allowed me to leave the house and I started just 1 year and 3 months ago! Def use all these people as references to research for yourself and begin healing! I'm not going into the other things I need to heal but they are all caused from the Cushing's and Crohn's. I'm getting happy, healthy and whole again so it is possible.

  42. Dulcie Pavuluri – wow, you sure have been through a lot. Thanks for sharing your story.

  43. MJ Hamp – any thoughts on cortisol balancing?

  44. Have you looked into Dysautonomia or Autonomic Dysfunction? I have the variant POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

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