I have decided to have the gastric sleeve.


Well I have almost reached 300 pounds and it makes me ill just writing that number. Never have I ever been this large. I am only 5’3. My hashimotos has been a roller coaster for years now and it started back up about 4 months ago Tsh.20 then 15 then 0.31 then 9 then back down. Talk about feeling good crappie and the weight gain and fatigue is insane.. I am up 100 plus pounds. I wheeze. I snore . I am miserable. I have decided to have the gastric sleeve . But trying to get the money together for the surgery because there is a barbaric exclusion. Frustrated and exhausted. #tiredofbeingfat

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  1. Will the sleeve work with Hashimoto’s? I know when my number are off I can literally eat 800-1000 calories a day and gain weight. Good luck to you!

  2. Your correct.. the md said that the sleeve will help kick start… I will have to consume eventually my weight in protein

  3. It doesn’t matter how many calories I take in I have gaining everything

  4. I am right there with u 🙁

  5. Good luck Gina! I would try to get my thyroid straigtened out before surgery.

  6. The overwhelming antibodies endocrinologist said we really have no choice

  7. https://www.colostrumtherapy.com/images/pdf/Leaky_Gut.pdf
    try this before you have surgery. All disease begins in the gut.

  8. My endo just put me on Victoza. I have pcos on top of hashis and has been difficult to take the weight off. Saxenda is another name for the medicine and there is a really good support page for it if you are ever interested

  9. Same here. My Dr put me on topamax to see if that helps.

  10. First of all ~hugs~. I know the awful feeling of wheezing from simply taking a shower and drying myself off. I’m NOT trying to dissuade you. I’m sure coming to this decision was a long thought out and difficult decision. But just wanted to throw out the idea of gluten removal. After years of unwanted weight gain, dieting, and adjustments to levothyroxine without results/continued weight gain…. I removed gluten and most processed foods and the difference in energy and weight loss was unbelievable. When I told my endocrinologist this, his response was “Oh yeah, many people with Hashi have gluten sensitivities. I’m not suprised.” I was so mad! Anyway, you probably have heard others mention removing gluten. Just wanted to throw a suggestion out there. I wish you the best of success on your health journey.

  11. FYI..I had the sleeve 2 yrs ago, I only lost 50 and now am back up to 40. The struggle is real. I also had the band 10 years ago.. as I’m getting older , more medical problems, it is really mind over matter. Plus I have to face it & admit just my eating habits.. i even went to OA for a while, I liked the meetings, but I had to get real with myself , I am obviously not ready to change or I would be doing something about it. I swear that’s what contributed to me getting HASHIS. Plus my Doctor Who also has hashes said that I should be gluten ,dairy and sugar free, for three months I listen to him I felt great. Ughhh willpower, ? GOOD LUCK and I TOTALLY Understand. Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions.

  12. ahhh hope you feel better, what meds are you taking?

  13. I had a Gastric Bypass 11 months ago which was been a success, but the weight loss is slow. My levels weren’t particularly stable, but they are more so now. I definitely think surgery is a good way to go if everything else has failed. I previously had a Gastric Band for 11 years and I lost 19 stone with that, but had to have it removed as it caused severe and uncontrollable heartburn and reflux. I have now lost 6 1/2 stone with the Bypass xx

  14. Good luck! I’m right there with you sister!

  15. You only mention your TSH here, is that all your doctor is testing? There is so much more to the Hashi’s story.
    I’m finally losing weight now that my T4, T3, Free T3, and Reverse T3 are all under control and in normal range.
    Also what other meds are you taking?
    I was on Propranolol for migraines and that was another, completely separate, piece to my weight story.
    Ferritin, estradiol, testosterone… all many pieces to the puzzle that is you.
    I’m not against your plan, and I’m sorry you’re having a hard time, I am concerned that this surgery won’t get to the root of your weight issue. It’s not just about calories in and calories out.

  16. Sorry Gina. It’s a horrible disease.

  17. It would be nice if our endo md actually took a hearty interest in hashimotos. Not a skimmed interest .

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