I have developed histamine intolerance


I have developed histamine intolerance and can not tolerate magnesium of any kind or confactors any meds and most supplements. I am doing the low histamine diet and have a lot a lot of gut issues. Any suggestions on this ? I have searched files and not seeing a solution to get this mag in without my body reacting and I was able to take mag before histamine started June 13- I’m very frustrated thank you

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  1. How do you know you can't tolerate magnesium? Wondering what symptoms you are having..

  2. Morley explains it on gotmag.org – it's a problem with methylation 🙂

    How's your retinol intake?
    And what kind of magnesium do you take, link??

    I have histamine intolerance too but for the time being, CLO makes it manageable. I find it hard to balance my other electrolytes along with magnesium so that's probably why I'm not feeling that much better . Right now I'm trying to save up money for all the tests and consult with Morley.

    Gut issues indicates problems with iron/copper and zinc and B-vitamins. Methylation is also involved in gall bladder and pancreas function.

    I tried a low histamine diet, I personally don't think it's healthy! So many important nutrients you miss out on and that only makes things worse

  3. Thank you yes I'm working in methylation with lithium oratate which helps with bh4 and A b complex along with calcium d glucarnate ………. she suggested this for methylation except I'm itching taking the lithium now too . I tolerate makuna honey and matula tea well for h PYLORI. Any suggestion for methylation ? I will look on the got mag site

  4. Have you read the pinned post in this group? 🙂

  5. I would suggest the Auto Immune Protocol Gut healing diet plus low fodmaps and mindful histamines. You will probably tolerate liquid mag fine, no one with a leaky gut can really tolerate anything with a binder or filler (starch or cellulose in most pill forms).

  6. Patty Moran-Hayes What is your magnesium status? Get the recommended testing here for implementing the full protocol. You full mineral status is needed to know why you are not tolerating Magnesium. You haven't been clear about what type of Magnesium you have taken and if you have followed the Mag protocol fully? http://gotmag.org/work-with-us/

  7. I wonder if this will help you out, too http://allergytx.com/ Morley recommended.

  8. Just to check, in your full protocol, did you try Anderson's Sea MD drops? That doesn't have fillers, so perhaps an option?

  9. Mag Water is also a part of the protocol and is unlikely to cause a reaction. The recipe is in Photos > Albums > Magnesium Basics folder.

  10. My eldest had HIT i say had. As we beat it. Good luck on your journey it's a hard road

  11. I have the itching /hives too . Just going to try and start the mag malate again but in teeny dose at a time

  12. I have MCAS/HIT and the most helpful initial thing has been healing the bowel with probiotics and following the healing histamine diet. It isn't nutrient lacking, quite the opposite, it's whole food no additive and nutrient dense and talks about the importance of natural vitamins (B's) etc and vitamins.

  13. Morley Robbins the owner of this group says Copper dysregulation will cause histamine issues….look at the root cause protocol…..
    ….and read……..https://liveto110.com/transcript-91-copper-dysregulation-part-2-with-morley-robbins/

  14. Histamine intolerance is usually caused by a congested liver

  15. Usually by leaky gut..i healed mine on a strict diet no dairy,yeast,sugar,red meat,lectins or grains. Give your body a chance to heal and best no synthetics and lots of spring water it takes time but it does work.

  16. I have high histamine copper an iron excess. Looking at gut bacteria testing. Will check my mag. Fillers in meds are a problem

  17. Jenny did you have the recommended tests here? Are you doing the full protocol?

  18. Just starting get things going. Still reading posts Clare

  19. Itching is common after stopping Zyrtec, etc. This was on Peoples Pharmacy news this am .

  20. Morleys root cause protocol addresses "All the toxins" in the liver…..stop chasing symptoms like histamine intolerances and go for treating the root cause…..treat the host and not the guest.

  21. I haven't found any magnesium supplements I can tolerate either (MCAS/HIT as well). However, following what I am able to of the protocol otherwise (magnesium baths, bee pollen, magnesium water, nutritional yeast, stopping D, etc.) does seem to be helping some. I have to have my medication compounded, as I find the fillers intolerable.

    I have found great relief in taking quercetin and focusing on a nutrient dense diet, balancing the histamine content. A strictly low histamine diet just doesn't offer enough nutrition… especially when some days you can't even eat. :/ There are other mast cell stabilizers such as holy basil and stinging nettle, but unfortunately when it comes to MCAS, all bets are off as what works for one, sends someone else into anaphylaxis.

  22. Leanna Reece Have you taken the cofactors for magnesium, and tried other forma of transdermal mag e.g mag oil?

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