I have extreme bloating and discomfort.


I am new to this page in search for some help. I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 6 months ago. I have been on a strict gluten free diet as hard as this was for me, but I do not feel like I am getting better. I have extreme bloating and discomfort almost every single day. I am fatigued, dizzy, and all around just confused. I feel like I’m “not doing it right” or something isn’t working here. I thought I was supposed to get better? It’s so very frustrating for me because the temptations to eat like a normal person for me are so extreme, but I resist…..and still feel so sick. Any advice? It’s appreciated.

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  1. It could be something else dairy corn soy I was diagnosed in 2011 and over the last couple years I can’t tolerate corn or soy I get super sick diary was an issue for me for a while I don’t consume much dairy. You could see if you can get an allergy test on your back I’m getting one soon to see if there’s anything else I should stay away from.

  2. Maybe do a cleanse where you eat just fresh meat veggies and fruit where you really can’t get any kind of contamination or anything for like a week and see if that helps. I do that often just because I see icky sometimes

  3. It takes time to heal. For me, in the beginning I had a hard time with dairy, corn, broccoli, beans, vinegar….anything that is a bit harder to digest so I avoided them. As time went on I was able to eat all of those things again but I still tread lightly with dairy. It took my body a good year to feel right again. Everyone is different but listen to your body. A good pro biotic, some magnesium, and turmeric also helped a lot. Good luck.

  4. When first diagnosed I replaced a lot of meals with smoothies. I ate very bland and eliminated pork and beef. Ate mostly veggies. My gut couldn’t handle a lot. Maybe that’s the route you need to go? I know its hard. Believe me I’ve been there. But in order to get healthy and you back to feeling good, or even better. You just got to do it.

  5. What do you mean by strict? Most of the processed GF is really just LOW gluten. That is enough to keep many celiac sick.

  6. You could try a low fodmap diet, and remove all gf substitutes (only eat naturally gf foods). Many celiacs react to gf oats, and are lactose intolerant in the beginning of healing as it’s your villi that process lactose.

  7. Have you got a new toaster? Could you be contaminating yourself with your dishes or pans?

  8. Been 13 years for me. I cried off and on for two years. Easier now for recently diagnosed people. I worked for a Doctor 13 years ago and she had no clue!!!!! I diagnosed myself and had lab work drawn then a scope. I was really sick the, almost disabled. I ate applesauce and salads. Within 6 weeks I felt sooooooo much better!!!!!

  9. Sometime shelving damage can take months and months. \nLots of Celiac patients also have leaky gut for up to two years post gluten elimination and need to avoid dairy. \nFinally, there is a higher likelihood of having hashimoto’s hypothyroidism with Celiac (they are next to each other on the DNA chain). All you’re describing apart from the bloating, can also happen from hashis. I’d contact your doctor and get some labs. I’d also check for mono just in case.

  10. Have you been tested for other food allergies? Maybe you’re allergic to something else in and in addition to the celiac’s.

  11. Have you talked to a dietitian? Very inportant to talk to a dietitian.

  12. Check all of your spices they can be sneaky.

  13. A lot of good advice here. I will say I went through waves of house kitchen cleaning where I would discover more and more things that had gluten in them. Medicine, spices, supplements, etc…and those are just in a completely gf house. My parents stayed with us for a bit, and even though I marked all of our condiments and toaster as gf, we were still getting sick constantly. I really think my dad would use my knife and not wash it, or sneak some of my condiments. Once they were no longer here, we all felt better. So, double check your kitchen. Also, we went on a whole food “gut healing” protocol. Check out Amy Myers book, autoimmune solution. And lastly, maybe you have something else with Celiac? Untreated celiac leads to tons of health issues. This is why we are all so motivated to adapt to the new way of life. I would recommend a consult with a rheumatologist to do a full panel of autoimmune testing.

  14. I am at about four months and still have more physical pain then I can cope with easily. From what I have learned, it takes a while to heal. I am hoping that this is the answer to years of pain and depression. Some things are better, some are worse. I would give it at least two years.

  15. Sometimes takes awhile to get out of your system. Also could be hiding I thugs dont realize, soap, lotion, sponge, pot pans, cutting board. You will get there! Lots of water and products at its more natural state.

  16. *Probiotics* gf

  17. Have you tried to heal your gut with natural supplements, I had similar symptoms and was found I had a yeast growth in my stomach, once that was cured I started feeling so much better and helped expedite the healing process

  18. Dietian said to my some people new to celiac diet go lactose intolerance for a while too , Maybe give that a try also.

  19. I started probiotics and Citrucel a few weeks ago and am starting to feel a little more normal (less toilet-time). Have you talked to your Dr.? Do you think you may be getting glutened by cross-contamination or accidentally ingesting gluten? That stuff seems to be everywhere. I hope you feel better soon.

  20. My Dr said it could take a year before I feel normal again. Of course he could have just been saying that bec he doesn’t know what else to say. lol

  21. Please read, it starts with food. Melisa and Dallas Hartwig.
    I can never recommend this book enough. Whole30 changed my life

    Also no grain no pain, by Dr Peter Osborne. Is also a very good book.

    I didn’t start to feel better until I took out all grains and ate Paleo. We’ve been predominantly Paleo for 5 years.

    Then I reintroduced gf grains. I do ok with some gf grains and some rice products, but they are not a main part of my diet anymore. Its more of a treat for me.

  22. I did an elimination diet as well as I felt better but still really ill after cutting out gluten. Found I had an issue with onions and garlic as well but as my gut has healed that has lessened. Maybe try an 8 week FODMAP diet to see if there are other foods causing problems? Or do a food intolerance test. Then maybe try some probiotics and other things to aid digestion like peppermint oil, increasing your fibre etc.

  23. A few ideas:

    Oats (even gluten free oats) do this for some people. If you eat food with oats and you suspect this might be the cause, read labels BC a lot of things are labeled GF but still contain oats.

    Cheerios are labeled GF in the US but they had to remove the labeling in Canada b/c they had “hot spots” of gluten contamination. Canadian Cheerios and US Cheerios are made in the US, so the IS ones also have “hot spots”. If you eat Cheerios, that’s a likely culprit.

    There are some foods that seem GF that aren’t – Rice Crispies are not GF for example b/c they contain malt. For a while I was getting glutened at Starbucks from the soy milk – it had barley extract in it. They might have changed brands by now but it’s something to watch out for. Soy sauce is made with wheat so if you eat that, switch to gluten free Tamari instead. French fries often have a starch coating to make them crispier and it sometimes contains gluten.

    Cross contamination is a big factor for some people. Even French fries without a coating can be fried in the same fryer as onion rings or breaded chicken. It’s like cooking the French fries in Gluten soup. If you’re still using the same toaster for your Gf bread as you did for gluten bread, get a new one to avoid cross contamination.

    The damage to your intestines from gluten can cause temporary or long lasting lactose intolerance. I would cut out dairy for a while and see how you feel.

  24. ? What dish soap do you use on your dish there is a good chance your dish soap could have gluten in it just wondering And to help you I had to change to Palmolive the sad thing is what you are going through is normal for healing is what I was told your body both mentally and physically has to heal just know it takes time and keep up the good work

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