I have fibromyalgia and am at the end of my rope


I need some advice please. I have fibromyalgia and am at the end of my rope. Tears. I got my htma done and had a consultation with Morley, this past week. He suggested for my protocol to heal: Ashwagandha, Whole Vitamin C, minerals, Magnesium (jigsaw), digestive supplements and a few other things. So far I have taken the whole foods vitamin C, minerals, and Ashwagandha. I woke up today and feel worse than ever. I have worse body aches all over my body. Hands, arms, legs and spine. I have a headache the vitamin C seems to give me difficulty breathing (brand is pure synergy). I took a half dose this morning but it seems to be doing the same thing. I don’t know what to do. So many people have found help here. What should I do? I don’t know what to try instead of and am scared to do that anyways plus it is expensive. I need some help, support and guidance. Please advise. Has anyone else gone through this? Were you able to fix it. MJ Hamp, do you have any advice? Thank-you.

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  1. Well I have researched many things and when you do you will find out that minerals and vitamins at at the core of every single process of the body..period. yes you also need to eat whole real organic foods..you might get an htma done and see what your copper levels look like..bet they might show some dysregulation…and no one in the thyroid community EVER talks about that

  2. Cathy Ostermayer Dickins – I did not infer that Magnesium was the sole mineral. I suggested the HTMA to evaluate all minerals. They work as a team. Yes, diet is important.

  3. You can go through life taking care of symptoms or getting down to the core of your problem. .it's a choice

  4. Here is something interesting Morley said on the thyroid…Copper dysregulation… Either, or BOTH can apply:
    o Lack of bioavailable Copper to make the Iron bioavailable to fire up the Thyroid Peroxidase enzyme: "iodide (I−) is oxidized to iodine (I0) by an enzyme called thyroid peroxidase…" THAT CAN ONLY HAPPEN WHEN COPPER IS BIOAVAILABLE…

    o Flip-side: Too much bioUNavailable Copper will BLOCK the Selenoenzyme that cleaves one Iodine off T4>> to make T3…Yes, there is a wicked backside to Unbound Copper…

    … The CORE of your issues is your Copper status and it is the LAST thing your doctor will EVER consider, much less correct…


    There AIN'T no $$$$ in a cure…

  5. Cindy you're pretty opinionated. And wrong here. The thyroid communities that I'm involved in (especially those who follow the STTM protocol) always discuss copper. AND magnesium, and selenium and potassium and all the rest of them. They're all related and we need those things as well as a good diet. You're showing a little tunnel vision here. You're not the only one capable of doing 'research'.

    MJ, I've been on this board for awhile now and we have had many interchanges. I'm pretty sure you know I agree with you, i'm not arguing that. I also said that in addition to Morley's suggested changes, it may be worth looking into getting the proper thyroid tests done. TSH isn't a proper test.

  6. no I am not wrong and yep I am very passionate as I have been led astray for years in the thyroid community,,,glad your in a group that discusses it…I am sad you're not buying into it and looking for total health

  7. If you're researching capabilities were that good we would not be having this discussion

  8. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1984. Everything hurt and I was totally exhausted. Nothing the doctors told me to do worked very well (including Low-Dose Naltrexone), and it wasn't until 2012 that I found out I was reacting to the oxalates in various plant foods, such as spinach, yams, beets, chocolate, nuts, turmeric, wheat, etc., etc., and ETC.! All that awful pain is GONE now that I've been watching my intake of oxalates. Please go to the [email protected] yahoogroups.com and read the introductory information. There's also very good information on the VP Foundation website, although they are not internet interactive. As with the other therapies mentioned here you must go very slowly with this…eliminating high oxalate foods all at once will cause painful detox reactions. Seems counterintuitive that "healthy" green smoothies were doing me harm, but indeed they were!

  9. Oh and BTW have you done an HTMA Cathy?

  10. Cindy if you weren't so busy "ass-uming" you might be able to hear what I'm saying. I've had all the tests done and am supplementing with minerals daily, as well as diet and have been healing my thyroid and adrenals and fibro pain. My health is 100% improved from last year, but you wouldn't know any of that because you are an "ass-uming" kind of person.

  11. Um…ya! But you just keep on assuming you're the only one who knows what they're talking about Cindy. You're the expert, clearly.

  12. LOL…I am sick and tired of people like you telling people things like the thyroid cant be healed…Glad you had something worthwhile done…Anything else you want to say…maybe call me another name?

  13. Hope you get healthy Cathy…Have a great day!!! LOL

  14. Cindy, I didn't say the thyroid can't be healed!! Go back and re-read what I've said!!

  15. I just want to add this..out of the WHOLE STTM page of protocol…this is what it says about minerals..Minerals can be important.

    We tend to go low in these as thyroid patients because of our low stomach acid, so read why they are important, here. Also read about selenium.

  16. I am really sorry to see that Cathy has chosen to leave this group. She's been a valued member. I hope she will reconsider.

  17. Not my intention to drive people off…

  18. Enough now on thyroid and other issues. Mary Sheppard's questions were directly related to the supplements she's taking as a result of her HTMA and consult. Keep to the point or this thread will be deleted.

  19. Use turmeric, supposed to be more effective when mixed with blak pepper

  20. We can handle a "testy" discussion.

  21. Rhodiola is another adaptogen that is good for thyroid. Might want to run it past Morley, but it should be able to be substituted.

  22. Check out turmeric with pepper capsules and tart cherry juice capsules. They both work well

  23. After 22 years of fibro, I have not had a flare in 3.5 years.

    Keep on your regime but SLOW it all down. You are detoxing too fast!

    Take 1/4 of EVERYTHING daily…or every other day.

    A healing crisis WILL happen when the body adjusts for healing.

  24. Vitamin c should relieve and help with breathing issues

  25. I healed mine with magnesium,turmeric paste and DE. And one of the most important things that works for me is using my rebounder at least 4 days a week and not a cheap one either.The DE took most of the pain away and when I added the Mag and Turmeric paste it just got better.

  26. Tracy Schnuit what is a rebounder?

  27. Have you looked into a NUCCA chiropractor?

  28. The biggest thing for me was to learn to slow down and just keep going.

  29. Rebounder…mini trampoline

  30. Have you tried fresh organic juicing. I read many times it helps along with vitamins and minerals. Would encourage you to read about coffee enemas. It helps me as well. Gerson therapy explains it well. Sorry you are in pain, dont worry you will get well soon. Xx

  31. God Bless you Mary Sheppard. I also have fibromyalgia and have been there and done that. I began supplementing with Magnesium Malate, through research found through this page and other sources for verification. I also stopped taking hormone-d supplements and started including MSM supplements through other fibromyalgia research and came upon the magic combination that is allowing me to wean off of potent prescription medications that have awful long-term side effects, such as gabapentin, Lyrica, and now Savella.

  32. Look up "TannyRaw" on YouTube. She had that too. Symptoms Gone.

  33. Please… for the third time… if you cannot answer her concerns about Ashwaganda and vitamin C, as recommended by her HTMA consultant, do not respond with other therapies and protocols. It is important to stay on topic.

  34. An interesting thread. Lot of suggestions etc. I think the most important thing here is when you pick someone to work with on your health and you have a strong reaction it would be fair to discuss that with the person you're working with. You don't want to try all sorts of other things, even though it can feel like desperate times. I would expect to follow up with Morley if I had that type of response to early stage treatment, to get reassurance and tweak anything that might need tweaking. At this point feel like you need to stick with the one person based on your results otherwise you're back to second guessing. Obviously you will still pick up useful things from other peoples experiences but let the main focus be your original treatment plan and working with the person who devised it. That's how I see it anyway. Hope it settles down for you.

  35. @birgit delaidatti – did you supp w b vitamins and magnesium? Or can you tell us specifically how you healed

  36. I was reading this the other day. Thought it was really interesting http://www.arltma.com/Articles/RetracingDoc.htm

  37. When I thought my adrenals were trashed, I tried a supplement with ashwaganda and rhodiola and it definitely didn't help. I think sometimes there is an order of operations to healing problems that are both deep and wide.

    The first thing to remember is that you have TIME. Breathe. You want to fix it now but it isn't an overnight thing. I tried a couple of protocols that did not work before I got to the heart of my problem (you don't want to know:). Make sure you are intensively healing your gut. Make sure you are eating wholesome, healing foods. If the vitamin C isn't working, try an actual food form like hibiscus or pine needle, but if you are getting intensive die-off symptoms that overload your liver you need dandelion and milk thistle and to slow down.

  38. Hi Mary.. that does not sound like detoxing.. sounds like what I go through.. I took 1/2 scoop of greens and was sick all night.. I can't seem to take much of anything in way of supplements or meds.. it is called Multiple Chemical sensitivity.. I pray we can both get out of it.. I can't even take my cat scan to say I am cancer free because even with premedication I had a reaction.. prayers sweet lady

  39. Sounds like detox to me as well. I would just decrease the dosages for a while and then increase slowly to the recommended amount. It might take a couple weeks to start seeing the benefits…

  40. Mary the same thing happened to me, I got worse, remember you have spent a life time getting where you are it is a journey some things will not work for you,i agree get the gut fixed I tried to fix other things first and I am now really working on the gut.I t is a matter of levels I think you peel one and that leads you in another direction ect for sure you will feel a lot better in time try to stay positive and as Morley told me you must believe in your bodies ability to heal :)Cheers 🙂

  41. Go to iodine workshop fibro diseases. As well as cancer is caused by low iodine

  42. We have all been sick and in pain for a long time and want things better now. There are so many different directions that we can take, so many different things that we can try. You chose Morley for a consult and he has given you a path to take to balance minerals and help to heal. I would stick with that path for now and give it adequate time to show results. Our bodies are sensitive and too much too soon can cause detox reactions in some. The practitioner has no way of knowing this (nor do we) until we start with the diet or supplements. Also, depending on the brand and /or fillers we can also have reactions. I think that either of these could be happening to you and that you need to talk to Morley about it so that he can make adjustments. If, after a sufficient amount of time, you are not seeing results, THEN you can look at trying something else. Too many changes at once can be harmful and also not allow you to know what is really helping and what is not. With many chronic illnesses, there are a lot of underlying "causes" and sometimes we get worse before we get better.

  43. I am going to try and get in touch with Morley I think.

  44. This was just posted in another group- mthfr gene mutation. Thought it was timely 😉 hugs

  45. I agree with the mineral thing.

  46. I also have fibromyalgia. I've found diet to be a HUGE factor in how I feel. I personally did well on the Blood type Diet to help me figure out which are my own personal "trigger foods" as well as which foods I should emphasize for energy and healing. I'm now using a more personalized version called SWAMI (computer generated diet just for me.) This certainly isn't the ONLY method for figuring out your ideal diet, but it is an approach that's worked well for many.

    What's in the whole food vitamin C you're taking? You might be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients. I've found that there aren't any "whole food supplements" I can take because each one contains a variety of foods, and at least one of them is on my "avoid" list. I buy loose rose hips and make them into tea for my vitamin C intake, plus I eat fresh veggies.

  47. It has always been my experience when introducing new supplements to start slowly, one at a time, to be able to notice any changes. Make sure to keep a record of the supplement, date, and effects. You will be glad you kept some data later on. It gets tricky trying to understand what is truly going on especially since we are generally very sensitive. Best wishes.

  48. I share this as this has affected me throughout my life and I have in the past few years found a solution that is not very well known…. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1998 and had been having chronic pain all my life… when I started the guai protocol is when my life changed… because I had to stop using and eating salycilates (I no longer do the guai protocol as my problem relates to sals and carbs) which is required for protocol to work, I realized that I have salycilate sensitivity and carb sensitivity which are both related to fibromyalgia… to date, the only solution to resolve aside from taking magnesium and all supplements already listed here has been to eliminate the sals and carbs from my diet… and this includes a lot of items… it has made a huge difference and when I start eating or using sals (included in many products – i.e. aloe, mint are a few) or carbs again, the problem returns… they have not been able to find what it is that makes it so that some of us cannot process sals properly… this is usually hereditary… for more info on the types of symptoms and foods that contain sals, you can visit http://www.salicylatesensitivity.com

  49. Have you tried Nattokinase – it reduces fibrinogen. Or MSM?

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