I have had chronic sinusitis for almost a year


I’m confused… I have had chronic sinusitis for almost a year, I am on a waiting list to see an ENT… I have been talking magnesium for three days and my sinuses feel better, not perfect but so much better.

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  1. Are you using a neti pot?

  2. Yes, why?

  3. Just wondered, if you weren't using it I would advice you to do it 🙂

  4. Are you eating dairy?

  5. I haven't changed anything besides adding magnesium. I just don't understand how it helped my sinuses and so quickly too!

  6. May I ask what form of magnesium you are taking?

  7. You are lucky. Magnesium does nothing for my chronic sinusitis. Nor a dairy free diet. I had two surgeries aswell..but i will be trying NAC now.

  8. Stop all Dairy!

  9. When I first started here I definitely was obtaining benefit from citrate and it was being absorbed. My leg pain went away with no other part of protocol (because I didn't know about the protocol when I first started). When I finished my bottle (it's expensive) I did switch to another form though. Let us know what your ENT says about the congestion. Magnesium must be playing a role in that process somewhere.

  10. Add the co-factors, boron and bi-carb in bath and really see the difference.

  11. A leaky gut protocol will help woth sinuses too

  12. Triple magnesium complex from Puritans Pride worked wonders for my sinusitis…

  13. Oil pulling?

  14. Do you use it on skin as a spray? Or in neti pot? Thanks.

  15. When I eat grains, I almost immediately have sinus pressure.

  16. Mg Reduces inflammation in soft tissues.

  17. I take Doctor's Best brand…glycinate form. Good price. My husband and I have done very well on it. His last blood work show his cholesterol levels went from 235 to 188. I made him quit his cholesterol meds and increased his mag. Remember you need 5 mg per pound of body weight.

  18. Magnesium has helped my allergies/sinuses too.

  19. I have suffered horrendous sinusitis in my time.

    Not quite sure what did the trick but very low sugar/largely dairy free/no wheat and the magnesium and mine are nearly fixed.

    I think sugar/candida had a big part to play in mine as it all kicked off during a pregnancy

  20. Morley has several studies showing the link between iron/copper dysregulation and sinus issues. And one was a study Mayo did that showed most sinus infections were due to a fungus your body makes to break down iron deposits in the sinuses.

  21. Detox your liver. I took an herbal cleanse and my sinus issues stopped. I had congestion nearly year round.

  22. What is a herbal cleanse?

  23. Guaifenesin 600 mg if u cant breathe thru both nostrils, take more.

  24. You could nebulize colloidal silver

  25. I love my Netti pot

  26. I've had chronic infected sinus… ENT wanted to operate but I questioned him as this doesn't fix the infection & can have its own risk!

  27. I've had it to. Can't breathe out of right nostril.

  28. There was someone here a while ago who accidentally took more than the recommended dose of borax concentrate (or straight borax?) and cleared a persistent sinus infection. She said it was like an alien coming out (or that's how I remember it anyway!). So maybe low doses of borax could help?

  29. I read that. I'm chicken

  30. Oregano oil

  31. Finally got my teenage daughter to start the protocol about 2 weeks ago and she got her first sinus infection this week, figured her immune system would be ramping up?

  32. We take oil of oregano daily for 1-2 weeks at the onset of any illness.

  33. Are you dairy free?

  34. ***************
    My high and low frequency sweeps went away when I had the flu. Then they came back once I was well. It went down 50% first days of topical magnesium. And has gotten down in "volume" with liver flushing. It also shifted a bit with metal chelation.

    I have a low drone hum, and high pitched sweeps.
    I don't have pain in face. But the other symptoms went drastically down with liver flushing.

    It's not merely and only about lack of magnesium, but rather the whole "triangle". Congested liver, Mineral deficiency, toxicity, intestinal dysbiosis. A cycle and problems of digestion, organs and garbage debris. Upon getting into this more, it seems to me to be more metal toxicity related than anything else. Also then, our electromagnetic environment is interfering with our own electro magnetism and possibly metal contamination. Regarding the sound at least. If there were no technology around us, would we than have audible sounds "in our head"? (Exterior magnetic environment interference with the body magnetic environment)**********

  35. So what is the best for clearing out infected sinuses and detoxing the liver…i need both..thanks

  36. I use a salt water nasal rinse, or as I like to call to a nasal lavage. Use it until all drainage is clear.

  37. Have had sinus infection for 3 weeks now with dizziness

  38. I'm seeing good results with the enzyme Serrapeptase

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