I have had heart palpitations


So I have had heart palpitations since being 7 months pregnant with my first child almost 8 years ago. Been to the cardiologist numerous times (found nothing, said everything is fine and a lot of people have them and it’s normal!!!) WHAT…no it’s not normal! After seeking conventional meds and everyone telling me there is nothing wrong with me, we went to hollistic docs who told me I had Lyme and co-infections, heavy metals, parasites, etc etc…well 9 months of detoxing, I was cleared but still had heart palps! Found out we were living in a mold infested home, so we moved and been out for about 6 months now. Still have them!!! I am so over it and so sick and tired of living this way. I take magnesium, probiotics, methylation creams, vit d, omega 3, I eat a clean diet (basically paleo but more restricted b/c I have gluten, dairy, soy, sesame, oat, sensitivities so I stay away from all that. The palps happen when I eat anything with sugar, even fruit, eat any type of anti fungals (coconut oil, onions, garlic, etc), when I get hot (hot showers or hot environment), when I lay on my left side, bend over, workout, get upset. Hollistic doc said I don’t have candida. But last time I was checked for a hormone imbalance, my estrogen was high and turning into testosterone…I have been taking adrenal support that has maca and adaptagen herbs in them (to balance hormones) and the palps get way worse when I take them….please any suggestions! I am at a loss that I have to live this way….this is not living in my opinion

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  1. Do you ingest any caffeine? I think that makes mine worse. Consider low blood sugar also. I think magnesium should help. Did your tests reveal any bundle branch block?

  2. Yes, your body strives to keep the magnesium level in your blood at a consistent level, so that is not a good indication of what your cells are actually getting. That is why this group recommends something called the Mag RBC (not an RBC). It shows what magnesium is actually inside red blood cells, not circulating in the blood. I think this group will really help you. Read all you can. There's lots of gems in the group threads and in the Files. 🙂

  3. I sometimes have this too, and what has helped me is only taking magnesium in the a.m., incuding transdermal, and really upping my potassium. I try to eat lots of potassium fruits and veggies and take one extra potassium citrate pill from pure encapsulations each evening with dinner.

  4. And D supplementation depletes potassium

  5. Thanks!

  6. Stop taking isolated D3 as it depletes both Magnesium and potassium.

  7. Try DIM I use the quicksilver liposomal one it regulates hormones and helps the body detoxify also x

  8. Brooke Remillard
    Let me cut to the chase…
    Assuming you want to get to the metabolic foundation of your many symptoms, I would advise an HTMA that you can get from a number of qualified practitioners on this site, AND the following blood test:

    You are dealing with the Yin/Yang of Copper dysregulation and Iron Overload — which is at the BASE of ALL of your symptoms…

    A votre sante!

  9. Have you been tested for tachycardia – it's irregular heart beat – it comes from the electrical wiring area of the heart – I had it and I had an episode where my heart raced to 120 beats / minute which caused heart damage . Then had procedure to correct it .

  10. Did they check for MTHFR mutation?

  11. Linda, et al…
    What differences in the Heart Beat REALLY mean…
    o Pounding Heart Beat => TOO MUCH Calcium… (from a lack of Mg)
    o Racing Heart Beat => TOO MUCH Sodium… (from excess Iron in the Heart that CAUSES a LOSS of Maggie & then Potassium, and a RISE in Sodium due to the lack of Mg & K…)
    o Irregular Heart Beat => TOO LITTLE Potassium… (most likely from TOO MUCH synthetic Hormone-D, because the "Vitamin-D blood test showed LOW, but it was ACTUALLY from TOO LITTLE Maggie" and Iron has a wicked affect on Potassium status, as well…)

    ALL Heart issues come back to Magnesium… and what I am learning with increasing facility and fervor is that Iron Overload (excess, mismanaged Iron due to a lack of Ceruloplasmin…) is at the BASE OF ALL THIS INSANITY…

    A votre sante!


    why doctors say all the time that someone with heart issues must not take up tp 200mg of mag?i gave to my father in law magnesium and the cardiologists want to kill me!

  12. Magnesium does TOO MUCH…

    It's a CA$H FLOW Killer…


  13. I get palps too and have GERD (LPR)

  14. I have a significant history of PVC too. It's familial with us too. I'm new to the mag scene but it seems legit. Stress, exhaustion, strenuous exercise trigger a start in episode for me, and it takes months to years to stop, then I may not have any more for several years. Initial onset was when I had mono (epstein barr)

  15. Brooke Remillard have you had your thyroid checked. Both an overactive (hyper) and underactive (hypo) thyroid can cause severe palpitations. Trust me I know!

  16. Mag Taurate is the specific form of Mag for heart irregularities. mg 5x body weight in lbs.

  17. Eva Gibbs-Smith
    Please know, the very same minerals that RUN the Heart, RUN the Thyroid…

    "Stress!" affects them the SAME way…

    Contrary to popular deception, the Thyroid does NOT run the body. That is only Allopathetic "Belief" at work… (Pls note that the word "lie" is a part of the word "belief"…)

    A votre sante!

  18. Understand Morley. Everything leads back to minerals and stressing

  19. You might want to try acupuncture and meditation. I don't know if you can have acupuncture if you're pregnant though.

  20. I had what I considered a flutter in my heart , it was a strange feeling but once I supped with maggie the flutter went away:)

  21. Wendy what mag are u taking

  22. I have heat palpation's from my hashimoto's, a thyroid auto immune disease, you can go to Hashimoto's 411 for info

  23. It could be hormone imbalance. Have them checked……not just blood…saliva too. Canary club online….check it out.

  24. Folks…

    Mineral levels and ratios…

    Drive Enzyme function…

    Many of which are MADE by Endocrine Glands…

    Minerals FIRST…

    It's basic, it's boring, but it's BIOLOGICAL…


  25. I have the fluttering, had it for years since the psych meds my doc put me on. I make sure my potassium and mag are up to par.

  26. When they are I don't get them

  27. have you tried cayenne pepper? understand it is good for the heart…..google it "heart cayenne pepper"

  28. Interesting cayenne pepper ??

  29. Join the group Iodine Workshop, then search the archives for heart palps, there is a ton of info in there. Iodine is the bomb!

  30. Thanks Autumn Bagley! Did you have them?

  31. Iodine can also make them worse

  32. Ahhh lol. So what kind of doc should I see? Been to cardiologist, been to regular docs, been to two different hollistic docs. I feel like I am going to have this problem for the rest of my life

  33. Iodine effects the thyroid so be careful when starting it

  34. Have you checked your iron levels

  35. Yes Helen TsamisTeam is my iron is fine but my iron serum is really high

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