I have had lots of fatique.


Vit D question. I have had lots of fatique. D was low, so she gave me script for it. I’m hoping this is going to help it. Has it helped anyone with it?

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  1. It didn’t help my fatigue. …it’ll take alot more than d

  2. Ugh. She said it may help idk.

  3. Maybe it will for you….we all different

  4. Make sure it’s not D2.. otherwise throw it away and go get D3

  5. I founds liquid Vit D3 worked best for me.

  6. It is D2. Is not good? Yes mine is once a week 50000u.

  7. D will tank your magnesium and give an array of new issues

  8. Useless, go get yourself D3 make sure it doesn’t have soy and crap in it! Spend the dollar or 2 more and get the good stuff. I use Now D3

  9. I don’t need any new problems. I have D3 pills, they are only 2000u. I don’t think thats enough. I looked and it does have soybean oil.

  10. Soys not good for us. Find one without soy,The now brands is cheap and great! No fillers!! Take 5,000 a day with fat!!

  11. Where is the now brands? Why is D3 better than D2?

  12. Our bodies use 5000 Iu’s a day if you are depleted then you need more than that to get your levels up. I have NEVER heard of it setaling your magnesium. Try to get more natural sun on your skin daily that helps as well but will not take care of it.

  13. I take 2. 5,000 pills a day 5 days out of the week I’d d3 to get my 50,000

  14. Read about d3….it absorbs where the d2 don’t so well….

  15. I forgot to add it’s better to take cod liver oil than synthetic D made in a lab. Some of us our bodies don’t know how to convert synthetic to natural due to a specific gene defect and thus levels will never rise. Find the group Magnesium Advocacy group and you’ll learn things you never knew

  16. I’d never recommend sun to anyone……skin cancer…..

  17. It did help bringing my levels back normal. Helped reduce muscle and bone pain. There is no magic pill to make things perfect and solve all problems.

  18. Thankyou all. I’m gonna try it. I do need a magic pill.

  19. Don’t we all….lol….I’m asking for \

  20. Also best taken with K2,for max absorption, Magnesium Malate helps my fatigue

  21. Also checking for Adrenal Fatigue…I asked my Doctor and was disappointed becuase he just said to take DHEA and see if it helps. He did prescribe LDN but explained that fatigue,is the last thing it improves…But I ha e seen many posts from members that it does help their fatigue not just pain

  22. Yes!! It helped a lot with my fatigue.

  23. Prescription D is D 2 that comes from plants. You need D-3 that comes from sun and sold over the counter for increased energy, hard bones, avoid cancer, etc. Also try taking under tongue B-12. My endo recommends D-3 and this type of B-12. I gave some of this B-12 to neighbor and she has tons of energy now.

  24. Yes!! Plus I needed iron.

  25. yes D-3 did wonders for me.

  26. D3 k2 magnesium

  27. Yes…you also need to take L-Lysine. This helps with calcium and vitamin d absorption.

  28. My vit D was down to 19, dr put me on 50,000 for short time then went back to 2000 vit d 3 daily

  29. I take D3 ~ 5,000 IU daily. The 50,000 only worked when on it, so a more consistent daily dosing might be better. Still the number only went up to 35. Need to get it checked again.

  30. I thought magnesium helped with fatigue but I just can’t swallow the big horse pills any longer and can’t afford the liquid.

  31. Take otc, not rx.

  32. I am taking a 6000 j every day, it really helps and selenium

  33. Your body can absorb 10,000 units of sun a day if you are properly exposed, so taking 5,000 a day of supplent is not going to hurt if you are not getting full sun exposure with NO toxic sunscreen!. I take 1 VitD3 5,000 per day ALONG WITH 30 minutes of sun exposure in shorts and tank top everyday that weather allows. ? VitK2 (MK 7) will help you absorb the D as well as taking with fatty foods. Be sure to take Magnesium as you can be deficient if taking D. I simply take 2-3 Epsom salt baths a week.? Find “while foods” supplements, no soy, gluten, corn, carageneen, etc. ditch the calcium supplements if taking! If on blood thinner, do not take VitK.


    Yes. Over the counter.

  34. I started yesterday with the once a week. I feel racy today, is it from that?

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