I have had to be gluten free for ages now!


I feel really confused right now. I have had to be gluten free for ages now! Blood tests show that I am not celiac but gp said I am intolerant to gluten and wheat. Which I agree as anything containing gluten or wheat makes me so poorly. So I have cut it out for about 9 months now. But over the last few days I have bloated right out and look about 9 months pregnant! My stomach is rock hard and very painful and uncomfortable. I have been nauseous. I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t have. Since being gluten free I have had the odd couple days here any there where I have still been ill despite not eating gluten but assumed I may have had too much milk or something instead as sometimes I can be a little sensitive to dairy when having too much of it. I just don’t understand why I am so poorly at the moment when I’ve still been so careful! I am just now concerned in case I have been miss diagnosed. I also keep coming out in a very blotchy rash across my face, neck and chest. Just feeling quite concerned. Also Dr has recently put me on Etoricoxib for my osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia don’t know if that could be causing these problems but I checked and it contains no gluten only lactose shows as a possible sensitivity/allergy risk.

Sorry for the long post just feeling fed up and concerned!

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  1. If you were gluten free prior to testing then you did not get accurate results and it’s highly likely you had a false negative because you weren’t eating gluten like you are supposed to be doing for testing. There is no medically recognized testing for gluten intolerance.

  2. ^^^^^^SPOT ON

  3. Sorry probably my wording. I was eating gluten and wheat etc when I had the blood test done. Which is why gp said I am just intolerant

  4. There is a cross reaction to dairy, you can get similar symptoms to gluten. i just had to stop all dairy, I believed I was lactose intolerant for years and realized I had to stop all cheese etc. as well. I’m doing better. I am also intolerant and not celiacs

  5. You could try and elimination diet. May have intolerances to other things besides gluten.

  6. These are listed as normal side effects of the medication. Also, are you taking any Ibuprofen or other \nanti-inflammatory meds? They can make things worse if taken together.


  7. I have been feeling this way off and on for over a week now. Last Wednesday I was so sick and it lasted about 3 days then got mild for a couple then started again. I had not gone to the dr yet, but I did start looking into the nightshades as well as cutting out caffeine. I noticed I reacted to tomatoes, and now I am reacting to potatoes. I accidentally without thinking ate 1 potato chip and I cramped and bloated all day yesterday. I felt yucky! I have not been diagnosed with celiacs or know if I actually have an allergy to Gluten. But I have been trying to cut out all gluten for almost a year now and feel so much better than I did last February. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  8. Get checked for SIBO

  9. You could be allergic to your medication, or could have something else completely going on. Call your doctor. I thought I was glutened and it turned out my appendix was ruptured and I sat around with it for 10 days and almost died. Not everything is gluten related. Trust me. Your symptoms are not normal.

  10. You could have SIBO….ask for the test.

  11. I am sorry you are going through this. There are so many things it could be. It is frustrating and overwhelming to figure it out. A couple of things to consider…1. Double check every single ingredient in everything. There could be hidden gluten that your body gets fed up with over a short period of time. I had issues with a particular wine and I can’t use listerine. Listerine doesn’t have any gluten containing ingredients in it, but the equipment used to manufacture it is dusted with flour. You can also get contaminated from kissing. 2. Look into other sensitivities you may have. We often have more than one. Mine also include dairy, msg, and raspberries. 3. You could have intestinal parasites, fungus or bacteria that overgrows when you eat certain foods and causes the problem. You may need to work on killing those off. I hope you find your answers and get better!

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