I have had trouble sleeping for a LONG TIME.


ok, Question. I have had trouble sleeping for a LONG TIME. Trouble as in I RARELY even GET to sleep until 4-5am although I am exhausted. Yesterday, I first made the Mag-A-Hol, then decided to take a LONG hot Epson salt/ lavender bath. I usually take showers instead of baths, but just thought I would try one. After my bath, I felt good, relaxed, but not tired. About 3 hours later I was so tired I COULD NOT STAY AWAKE, (aprox 9pm) fell asleep, woke up bout 10pm, went back to sleep, slept all night and then went back to sleep after waking up this am. Could this be from the Epson Salt bath alone? its the only thing I have did different?

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  1. I Want a mag-a-hoe!

    And yes! Magnesium allows the cells to relax and lowers overall body stress. I Had Insomnia for 30+ years. No longer.

  2. Using red lights after sundown has also helped greatly and either rose or yellow glasses or a filter on electronics. I downloaded "twilight" app.

  3. The Mag-A-Hol was super simple to make, and i rubbed it on bottoms of my feet. Planning to use on hubbys sore muscles today. (i think he thinks i have lost my mind, but he SEES me getting better! Thanks Ammi!

  4. I Use Mag-a-hol 2-3 Times daily. I love it!!! I was just wondering "mag-a-HOE" sounded interesting! Hahaha.

  5. lol. i saw that, corrected,it, was funny tho! i need one too!

  6. Mag-A-Hol is near-miraculous for me. I've used it to reshape the upper part of my body…. neck shoulders spine front and back.

  7. MJ Hamp? what do you mean? i am just rubbing it on the soles of my feet….

  8. MJ Hamp would you start a post explaining what you mean by re-shaping your upper body with Mag-a-hol… sure it more than just me and Sheila who would be interested.

  9. i am using coconut oil as all over moisturizer right now, but would surely change/ add if i could reshape parts of me!!

  10. Sheila Hart, put it in a glass spray bottle and spray on neck, back, shoulders, legs, feet etc

  11. MJ Hamp, I'd like to know what you mean about "reshaping" also! 🙂

  12. I totally get the "reshaping" as this is also the word that came to me when I started to see changes in the problem areas of my spine (sacrum and cervical). I can visually see a difference in my physiology. It's a work in progress but after 3 months of daily applications I have had big improvements and I only hope it continues to improve further.

  13. The hump on my neck is almost gone.

  14. Rebecca Ward do you mean actuall physical reshaping – such as an example I have a fatty deposit at C1 & C2 would mag-a-hol dispers it and reduce the size or apperance – potentially

  15. Gwendolyn Wegner, it did for my "buffalo hump"

  16. yep would love to get rid of Mine heheheh "buffalo hump"

  17. Gwendolyn, quite possibly… Probably, even. For example, my sacrum had become so stiff and problematic. To my hands, when I began with transdermal mag, it felt like a big flat block! Now I feel contours in the area and it's definitely changed!

  18. Once again, i cannot THANK Meshelle Beyerink Jasper enough for recoginizing in me what i didnt even see or know about and im a NURSE! I am simply AMAZED at how much better i feel after i finally took time and decided to educate myself on all this! i learn something (many times many things) new every day!

  19. I'm new to this group. What is mag-a-hol?

  20. Please consult the Files- there is a recipe and explanation for Mag-A-Hol. It's great stuff.

  21. Courtney May this may interest you!

  22. You are the best Becky!!!

  23. Where are the files? Don't know where to find them?

  24. Go to main page, hit R arrow to listing of members, photos, files… Hit on files and you will open up a wealth of knowledge and support. Hope this helps, Joyce.

  25. Shiela- did you use the Mag-a-Hol or just the Epson salt bath? How much Epson? TY

  26. I love love Mag-hol..use it daily all over my body after my shower.

  27. Joyce, i did both yesterday. skipped the Epson Bath today as i am still very VERY CALM, lol……….. and slept like i havent slept in idk how long last night. today i have used Mag-A-Hol twice, prob will use it once more before bed. I used bout 1 C Epson salt and a bit of Lavender oil in my bath yesterday, then MADE MYSELF sit in bath for 45 mins. i am almost sure that is what truly relaxed me and gave me much needed sleep, but thinking my body only needs that maybe 2-3 times a week.

  28. Shiela: I am guessing the Mag-hol is like a Mag spray you buy at health store N cover your body with it? tY

  29. Yes. its same. i have mine in a spray bottle and just spray all over my body………..


    Joyce DePew Brown mag-a-hol is something that is made from the 3 ingredients I listed above.

  30. apparently people who are very deficient get really sleepy when they start taking magnesium even small amount

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