I have Hashimoto and have hypothyroidism.


I have a question. This may sound silly but I figure I should ask since I have Hashimoto and have hypothyroidism. Lately, these three days I have been falling and I am really concerned. I don’t know whether to blame it on my sciatica nerve from a previous car accident as I was rear ended or what? Any advice would help as I am a little nervous and concerned. Thank you in advance. One more issue is that my left foot is numbing.

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  1. For several years I found myself on the ground constantly. I became afraid to walk down the stairs after taking a few scary spills from more than halfway up the flight heading down. I have become seriously concientious about holding onto the railing and paying attention to my feet as I go down the stairs. We also have a baby gate separating a section of the house for the pets that I fall over all the time. I just landed face-first earlier this week leaving a big contusion on my leg just above where the last contusion from about 3 years ago was finally disappearing. I really should look into gettting a separator with an actual gate in it. :/ I believe that a Hashis-caused lack of focus has increased my tendency to fall. Be proactive. Make a point of holding on whenever you’re heading downhill or your feet leave the ground for an unusual distance or amount of time. It does help. Stay safe!

  2. Thanks Tracy

  3. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago with depression. Due several years I as doing really well, off all my meds and everything. Then I started getting much worse again and non of the meds that used to help were working. I only recently got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, best guess is I have had it for 3-3 1/2 years my depression got worse about 3 years ago.
    I’m still early in my treatment and I have gone gluten free. I am starting to feel better overall including my mood. I am also on new anti-depressants. I believe it is all working together to help me feel better. When I physically hurt and/or don’t have energy I also get more depressed and likewise when I am more depressed I have less energy and I’m much more aware of my physical pain.

  4. I honestly think that this is a question that you should take to your doctor. There plenty autoimmune diseases that have that characteristic. Play it safe and ask a professional it might be something not related to your Hashis and a quick fix. Best of luck!

  5. Sorry my comment was meant to go on a different post. No idea how I got so mixed up and put it on your question

  6. Good question and one that I was concerned about for myself for a while there. I have since then become more active/eat better and found that the more ‘fit’ that I am, the better my mobility has become and less ‘unsteady’ I’ve been. I’m not saying you are unfit by any means. There is no way I could know that about you, however, that is the conclusion I came to about myself. I think Lyb Trejo Boire is onto something with taking this question to your doctor.

  7. well it could be a lot of things, but one is MS. I really don’t want to make you more nervous. Get an appointment with a neurologist if you are concerned. Could be just a disc problem, but early diagnosis of MS is beneficial. Mine started like that, had numbing and tingling in right foot though

  8. Thank you all for your great advise. I went to the doctor today and they said I just sprained my leg and calf muscle. However, I am definitely going to speak with my endocrinologist as soon as I get a chance. Plus, taking it to a neurologist would be a great thing to do as well. I have been walking in the evening and I have been ok. I pray to god that all is well and this is just an episode due to the weather changes, plus that i have a sciatic nerve that’s pinching and that will soon go away. I’m trying to keep positive

  9. Go tell yr GP about the falling if unhave insurance, see if u have MS get a MRI thays the only way to find out. Find a chiropractor that can help with the back, sometimes a good massage can release the tense muscles . Hope this helps

  10. Thanks Celeste for the recommendation.

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