I have Hashimoto’s, Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia…


I need a rant, if that’s ok. I have Hashimoto’s, Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and just in the early stages of finding out I have an issue with my liver. I have a special chair at work and need a new one, so had to have an appointment with our Occupational Health team, for an up to date workstation assessment. Well it started ok, until she asked about exercise and I said I did very little, as working full time was more than enough for me. So then she started going on and on about me giving up full time hours so I could use the time to exercise and that I was ‘all about the medication and all I had to do was stop taking it all and start exercising, and wasn’t that obvious to me?’. I told her that apart from anything I can’t afford to work part time and she then demanded to know all about my mortgage and debts! I told her that I was being managed by several teams at the hospital and she said all they want to do is give you drugs too, which isn’t true, as the Pain Clinic has referred me for Acupuncture. She couldn’t even spell any of my conditions, so I doubt she has any understanding of them!

Would you complain about this? xx

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  1. It’s up to you. She comes across like she knows it all. Ignorance is bliss. And she must be blissful.

  2. Sam, I wouldn’t let her ignorance bother you. She has no idea what it feels like to walk in your shoes. HUGS!

  3. I would complain to HR. Her only job was to evaluate your workstation and nothing more. How much you make is none of her business.

  4. She has no business advising you to stop your medications.

  5. I would be livid! How dare she! I’ve found that the most adamant, demanding people are the most ignorant. I would definitely go to HR about this. If there is anyone else in your office who has similar needs see if they were also harrassed by her and see if you can team up. There’s power in numbers. Luck and Health!

  6. I really would ahve gotten snarky and said – excuse me aren’t you here just to look at my desk?

  7. YES!!!! Totally none of her business AT ALL!!!!! And, is she a medical doctor? One with your full chart and medical history in her hands that she’s already gone over a few times to make an educated determination of how to proceed? NO! I would report her and request a new meeting with someone different who will address the needs SHE is hired to handle. How insanely rude and ignorant of her.

  8. Yes that conversation wasn’t hers to have.

  9. I would complain. OH has a duty to assess your fitness for work – they have NO right to enquire about your financial commitments. She also has no right to even suggest that you stop taking your medication & “exercise more” – she is not a doctor & has no right to pass judgement or make recommendations on your treatment. OH is there to keep employees healthy and safe whilst in work and manage any risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health, nothing more.

  10. yup. hr. but I’d talk to her first, let her know how much she overstepped and you appreciate her concern but unless she has hashimotos, stfu, and even then, stfu. but nicely. then file an hr complaint. cause last thing you want is for her to file some kind of bogus report re. exercise and suddenly your hours are cut.

  11. I think I would complain about this. I have the same diagnosises that you do!

  12. Yes. Contact her employer in the HR department. Those questions were absolutely outrageous and without question a violation of medical ethics.

  13. She violated the HAPA law


  15. Complain. A call center rep asked me what conditions I had when I attempted to make an appointment. I complained and changes were made.

  16. I’d definitely report her. 100%. She overstepped big time.

  17. I have a law degree; that is completely inappropriate.

  18. If you have hyper-mobility it’s hard to exercise as you can easily dislocate your knee or hip so she had no right to say that crap to you!

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