I have high copper


I have high copper. How can I raise iron and ferritin without raising copper?

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  1. Ceruloplasim. You have high unusable copper. Make it usable and it will rise ferritin.

  2. How do you make it useable Genelle?

  3. Increase ceruloplasmin. I need a computer. Just a minute…

  4. My focus is NOW squarely on supporting the Liver’s production of Ceruloplasmin (Cp) with the intent being to make the Copper productive. The vast majority of folks that I’ve worked with have anemic Cp — <25mg/dL, many <20…
    This is my gameplan:
    1) TAKE Mo’ Maggie to stem the rise of ACTH which KILLS Cp production in the Liver…

    2) STOP using Calcium and Iron supplements that BLOCKS Copper absorption, given that Copper is needed to make Cp and BLOCKS Maggie absorption, as well… Reread above ^^^ for Mg’s role…

    3) STOP using Hormone-D supplements that KILL Liver Vitamin-A, given that Vitamin-A is a critical precursor to Cp production…

    4) TAKE Cod Liver Oil (~1 Tbsp) to deliver ~400 Ius of D, and ~7,500-9,000 Ius of Retinol (Vit-A)… (Nordic Naturals Artic)

    5) STOP using Ascorbic Acid as it CAUSES Copper to separate from Cp…

    6) TAKE wholefood Vit-C (~400-800mg/day) to deliver the cofactors, Tyrosinase and Copper ions that the Liver needs for Cp…

    7) STOP using Iron supplements to solve “Iron Anemia,” given that in the research literature it is VERY CLEAR that this is a clinical sign of Copper deficiency, and excess supplemental Iron SHUTS DOWN Copper metabolism…

    8) STOP using HFCS, and excess Fruit (Fructose), in your diet as it is perfectly designed to LOWER Liver Copper and ELEVATE Liver Iron (see point ^^^^…)

    9) STOP LOW Fat Diet

    10) TAKE B-Vitamins to be sure to get B2 (Riboflavin) and B7 (Biotin) which are important to Liver function, and especially the roles of Iron and Copper…

    11) TAKE Boron (no more than 3mg/day) as it, too, plays a role in Cp production, but I’m a bit fuzzy on exactly what it is, but know that 98% of all HTMA clients are LOW in Boron…

    12) TAKE Iodine as it is critical in the production of Cp, given that it is key to the Iodinization of critical Amino Acids that make Cp…

    This is a major step and requires BOTH optimal RBC Selenium and RBC Magnesium before delving into this process…

  5. Genelle thank you

  6. hope it helps – it is all from Morley by the way, i forgot to add that 😉

  7. my copper serum is good but my ferritin is bad, so that indicates even though its floating its not getting used in the cell…..

  8. Thats me Genelle

  9. Thanks Genelle. I'm doing all of that except taking iodine but I get iodine through pink Himalayan sea salt

  10. Im taking Lugols. Salt is not adequate it needs to be both

  11. i take kelp, much safe option, i stick to natural 😉

  12. Lugols is a man made solution and why alot of people have trouble with it, im not quiet that brave Mandy 😉

  13. Does anyone know if desiccated liver capsules will raise copper? I'm interested in them because Morley says they will raise ferritin.

  14. i took them, my copper went up but my ferritin went down :O

  15. Genelle yikes! So it does the opposite of what you want it to do? To you anyways..

  16. does to me, blood builder does the same :/

  17. Hmmm. I haven't taken them but I always see it mentioned on this group that it will raise ferritin. I don't see how it wouldn't raise copper as well. I've posted this question a few times in the group but never get a response. Not sure that I would want to try it

  18. i think ceruloplasmin first so you can process what you have, how ever if you have low ferritin it may help you….

  19. Shonda 'Ferguson' Andrews

  20. What is mo maggie?

  21. And what are optimal Rbc selenium and end magnesium levels?

  22. mo = more

  23. uses black iorn frying pan daily..

  24. Too much of anything is not good. Ease up on the black iron. Where's the magnesium in your diet. Read the book.

  25. ^^^what book Bruce Hunt?

  26. The Magnesium Beginners Guide is at the top of this page.

  27. Wholefood vitamin C plus liver, blackstrap molasses and/or red beets will raise Cp and hence ferritin.

  28. cell salts in homeopathy and hemaplex. Oh yeah, and make sure you take vitamin c rose hips in powder form. It helps with absorption levels.

  29. MJ Hamp do you know if blackstrap molasses will keep all it's goodness when heated ( like baking ) ?

  30. The minerals will be fine…. not sure about the vitamins. Little beats gingerbread made with blackstrap 🙂

  31. use black iorn frying pan..just that simple..

  32. Lynn Michele Walters unfortunately cast iron fry pans are not a source of the iron needed.

  33. Does using black strap molasses feed candida or yeast in a kid with these issues? MJ Hamp

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