I have high estriol and Hashimotos


Ok so thyroid issues and Adrenal issues go hand in hand…I found out I have Hashimotos and “Adrenal Fatigue” or insufficiency. My cortisol is on empty (free and metabolized). I have high estriol and Hashimotos. My Dr. recommended Naturesthroid I think it’s called and selenium, I will do Adrenal Cocktail, have cut back on magnesium. Have been prescribed DIM. Anyone have similar issues? My cortisol is low in the morning and only high at night ? anyone have any advice? Thank you!!!

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  1. Heal your adrenals. Avoid coffeine and stress. Work on your electrolytes and take iodone for your thyroid. I just started with kelp (after only one algaecapsule 95â„… of the soreness in my throat is gone). Will quit cofee also. One cup stresses the adrenals for 18 hours!

  2. Hashi's is greatly controlled by what you eat. The Naturethroid helps the hypothyroid.

    I'm also low cortisol in the morning and high at night
    I use ACE in the morning and holy basil and PS at night

    How's your progesterone?
    I'm estrogen dominant (have high unbound copper) and use Myomin by Chi Health to control the estrogen

  3. I was told I might have high cortisol or low? I'm waking up at 4 am every morning perimenapausal and wired! I use to be a good sleeper but now anxious. So how do you know your lowbin morning, high at night? Symptoms? Thanks:)

  4. I think the adrenal cocktail with orange juice is making my inner vibrating worse ….. may switch to coconut water

  5. Okay, I have Hashi's also and low cortisol all day I'm just looking to get started on the mag protocol and seeing that mag lowers cortisol??? Or is the problem with insufficient potassium/sodium? How should I go about getting started? How much mag should I take?

  6. You might look at the Adrenal Reset Diet by Alan Christisnson. It seemed to help me. Basic gist is that you eat 1 serving of carbs with breakfast, 2 servings with lunch, and 3 with supper.

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