I have horrible adrenal fatigue


Hopefully you can give me some suggestions, sorry for the long post, I’m desperate!
I have horrible adrenal fatigue and am pretty much bed/couch bound all day and only have limited energy at night. I have been doing the full protocol for about 6-7 months now (only things I haven’t included yet are DE and taurine)…with no progress, in fact I think I’m progressively getting even more tired. I do at least 2 adrenal cocktails, sometimes 3.

Medications: (I am on 15mg hydrocortisone and T3 supplement-which haven’t helped at all, progesterone cream, and 10mg Lexapro (hoping to eventually get off) )

Shouldn’t I be seeing some progress my now? I’m so tired of being so tired ?
Thanks ❤

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  1. Hi Joy. I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. It's difficult to know how you should proceed unless you've gotten the recommended tests.

    Blood tests:




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  2. Check your thyroid. Do a full panel with anybodies. You never know

  3. How much mag are you taking? Because of adrenal issues, I had to back way off on the protocol and start with much lower mag amounts, focusing on adrenal cocktails, etc.

  4. Mandy Mandy Chadwick. I remember you said you had adrenal issues. Any suggestions??

  5. I had similar issues, my treatment included only 2.5 mg of hydrocortisone 2x a day, in the morning and afternoon, 20mg of DHEA, Zinc to counter any possible androgen adversity, 10 mg of pregnenalone, 40mg desiccated thyroid and Adrenal support. I had to implement proper sleep hygiene because Adrenals won't heal without sleep and limit any and all stimulatory foods and events from my life. It took about 10 months to bring my hormone deficiencies to level and treatment consisted of Adrenal and getting my body to use thyroid hormones again as it seemed to have forgotten what it was suppose to do with thyroid hormones. I had to do a 24 hour urine analysis of my hormones. This treatment was and has been the most significant help for me with chronic fatigue coupled with severe hormone shifting. Adding MMJ to aid my sleep has been 2nd best thing but today I still continue to burn out easily despite getting the rest I need which is why I am here informing myself about Mg. I also juice every day, either greens or reds/oranges or a combo of both.

  6. Watching this post with interest. I also have bad adrenal fatigue, just starting on the protocol, it's pretty disheartening to hear that you have done it for almost a year and not get any better.

  7. I just changed my diet for this. Use an online calculator to figure out how many grams of protein you need in a day. Eat 2/3 those grams for breakfast within 1 hrs of getting up. Other third at lunch. Light dinner. Snacks low in simple sugar in between. Helps you start the day feeling better for sure

  8. If you are absolutely ready for profound health and healing, do a 30-60 day juice fast. I had to ease up on supplementation at first a focus on major nutrient dense nutrition. I opted for liquid so my body could rest and repair. This was the crucial step for me even though I was following the protocol and not getting as far as I knew I should. By body was too neat down. Now I'm able to fully follow the protocol and have immense improvement. Endo says my levels show no more hashi!

  9. What first started this? How are your sleep patterns and stress levels?

  10. Well it depends how far I go back…started antidepressants almost 20 years ago for panic attacks/anxiety. Also on birth control most of that time. About 5 years ago I decided to get clean and get off both–which started the downward spiral (getting of Effexor almost killed me). I've been suffering ever since. I eventually had to get on Lexapro just to function…which greatly helped for a while, and then slowly I began to crash with adrenal fatigue and low progesterone. My sleep schedule is totally off, I sleep well when I sleep but I'm up super late and sleep late (which I can't seem to change). My only real significant stress is from my health and feeling awful.

  11. I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue 4.5 years ago. I was recently rechecked and I'm at the low end of stage 2. A little over 2 years ago I started taking lugol's iodine (with selenium) and it changed my life. I started with 1 drop of 2% and slowly titrated up week by week. I got up to 1 iodoral tablet which is 12.5 mg. It took a long time to get there and now I take 25 mg with ease daily (too much to start caused kidney pain for me because of the detoxing). If I don't take iodine, I am drop dead exhausted and I realize I've been forgetting it. I started the mag protocol back in June 2016 and still getting better at it. I still attribute a lot of my adrenal help and energy to iodine – I can still tell when I forget it.

  12. I found kefir and Chinese Herbs with accupuncture really helped me

  13. Mandy did you do a saliva test to get the information about your cortisol levels? If yes, can you recommend somewhere?
    I've had another Endo appointment yesterday and it was as useless as my GP appointments usually are. My GP tells me I'm fine and just depressed, some Antidepressants will make me better and the Endo said I'm fine, but with 3 young kids my symptoms are easily explained. And seeing as my symptoms have been present for over 3 years i shouldn't worry as it won't be anything serious.
    I'm giving up on puplic health care. Just need to build up the funds for testing.

  14. I got my saliva tests through my nd

  15. Zrt labs in some states you can order it without a doctor

  16. I would really advice you to start with DE. Detoxing is very important in the prosess of recovering health x3C3

  17. Have to tried loading potassium and sodium ? For me I added mag too fast and too much once I was mindful with potassium /sodium I was able to add the mag in . For me mag lowered my cortisol .

  18. Check out adrenal fatigue recovery group also, helpful info on there. It's about finding your body's own balance, and it is not an easy journey to get all the pieces put together. Just keep researching and do what tests you can and you will slowly figure out what your body needs. There are a lot of us in this same boat, just know you are not alone and keep trying!

  19. Another thing to consider is your Thyroid and liver function.
    Nutrient dence food and addressing your gut health can help too.

  20. T3 , cytomel is not handed out easy in Canada . I finally convinced a naturpath to give it to me . Tsh was great , t4good , t3 in tank ! Three times I tried different protocols . Each time I felt more tired . Sometimes it's not the supply of needed t3 that will help … and only make things worse . I finally got it through my head that taking t3 was making me worse no matter how many different ways I was directed to take it ( low continuous dose , or titration , or that method of body's natural c rhythm. My friend is trying it now with naturpath and feels worse too

  21. I take a drenal supplement

  22. I had to take Melatonin for about 7 months when my adrenals first crashed. It helped me sleep through the night. Also u should look up the medications u are on and Google what nutrients they are depleting and make sure u are not creating any deficiencies. All drugs deplete certain nutrients. My adrenals totally crashed 2 years ago. I was have heart palpitations, tightness in my chest, cold hands and feet, poor memory, exhausted, severe bloating, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, fainting, racing mind, couldn't focus, light headed, numbness and tingling in my head and extremities, very low blood pressure and sugar drops, very shaky and very spacy, and a bunch of other scary symptoms. If u can find the right health practitioner they can help u get your health back. Having severe adrenal insufficiency is very frustrating and can be very scary.
    I was in the emergency room 3 times, and also stayed in the cardiac unit for 3 days, and had seen 15 doctors before I found a napropath who new exactly what he was doing, and now I've been improving.

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