I have hypo and adrenal exhaustion


hi . i have hypot and adrenal exhaustion v low dhea. my muscles are going into spasm on one side including my face causing a palsy type look.:(..really upsets me..it sometimes gets better with food. so, as i do reatricted diet gf/soya free and sugar free and also now sometimes not eating regular as have.new born baby. my private nutritonal doctor questioned magnrsium. i have however read yout calcium needs to be in balance. i dont drink much milk if i do its skimmed little in few cups of tea a day…try and have veg but not always have time….been recomended douglas aminio – mag or solgor chelated….any advice will be great as ive purchased a liquid magnesium but didnt make me feel good. thank you.

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  1. Hi Amanda, has your diet been high in calcium (yogurt, ice cream, cheeses, etc.) and low in magnesium/green vegetables? I recommend having some blood testing done to find out your magnesium Red Blood Cell level and your Ionized, serum calcium level. I also highly recommend having a hair tissue mineral analysis done with one of the practitioners who are affiliated with this group, then you will know what your mineral levels are. Your hair tissue mineral analysis consultant will help you make a plan for rebalancing your minerals. In the meantime, I recommend epsom salt baths with baking soda and borax, drinking Mag Water and taking the adrenal cocktail at 10am and 3pm. The recipes are at the top of this page under the Photos tab.

    We need 5mg of magnesium for each pound of body weight just for maintenance, even more is needed when we are deficient. Pregnancy also increases the need for magnesium, so it is possible that you are quite deficient in magnesium, (just like 80% of the population). If you get a magnesium test done, be sure to get the magnesium Red Blood Cell test done which is the most accurate test. The magnesium serum blood test is not useful as it is not accurate.

  2. hi valerie. thankyou for your help.
    no, i went to homeopath ten years ago when became v ill. she said have bad candida and i cant tolerate any fat and only a small amount of skim milk / yogurt.

    i dont do well milk , cheese, icecream..also potatoes ..fruit…

    i dont know ifits due to potassium content…sugar.or what…

    last night i had chips as no other option and had bad pain in my back…not sure if its the fat poss gall bladder or potassium sodium ratio…

    my face went inti spasm my mood drops same time..bellt swells…just feel very odd..and mood change …took a steroid ..helped a bit…

    okay thankyou ill get the test…i dont have much caxium at all really…

    i eat fish tuna…salmon sometimes but fat makes me feel sick…

    thanku 🙂 x

  3. Amanda, could also be you are not on enough thyroid medication or the right one.

  4. i cant find the mineral testing …loads of info.though great site 🙂

  5. Amanda Moseley – here is a page that tells about mineral testing. You will also find it in the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page.

  6. Amanda Moseley – Valerie Engh has given you some really good advice. To me it sounds like you are very Mg deficient. For now I wouldn't concern about calcium, just work on Magnesium.

  7. thanku ever so much mj hamp. ill start using more epsom salt baths increase green foods…doctor peatfield said i need double the armour i was on…i raises to 1.5 7 days ago…taking nutri adrenals…feel calmerso hoping thyroid tabs will kick in…needs me on two grains… hair coming out and been v low..but hooing mag will help x

  8. Amanda Moseley – absolutely more green foods…. broccoli, parsley and kale and seaweed works for me. 🙂

    Magnesium is the foundational mineral in your body and as it gets restored, other things improve. Slowly but surely. Don't get too aggressive with it, go slow.

    I do Epsom salt baths daily. 🙂 And do other Mg things, too, and I am so much better. No longer on Armour thyroid, either.

  9. what id mag water do u makr it or buy it ready made! 🙂

  10. oh really! do u think low mag caused you to need armour thyroid? thing is if i eat soy my thytoid is worse…ill try seaweed if not soy..anf kale is a goitrogrn…and parslry high in potassium…and with adrenal exhaustion your potassium is high sodium low thats why i thought i cant tolerate potatoes, bananas etc…but ill give it a go…in therory if adrenals are getting bettrr i should need potassium and toletate it as retain more sodium….but aftrr a wee i loose weight and face spasm gets worse…trust me to have visual symptoms on top!!

  11. I make and drink Mag Water. Here is my recipe.
    How to make Mag Water

  12. I haven't eaten soy in over ten years…. except for the fermented as in soy sauce, tempeh and miso. It is my understanding that with broccoli, cooking it akes it less goiterogenic. Check with your doc.
    Adrenals need both sodium and potassium in balance. Many get the four point saliva coritsol test to guide them and I suspect your doc did that before putting you on adrenal support.

    If potatoes and bananas aren't good for you, don't eat them. Other high potassium foods include avocadoes and supplements.

    This is the adrenal cocktail that many her find helpful as they restore Magnesium.

  13. The spasms are a sign of Mg deficiency. See this chart

  14. mj hamp – thankyou ever so much x well i didnt tolerate high potassium but like u say have yo be in balance so probably due to sodium being low and adrenals.
    yes i had adrenal rest and all very low apart from 3pm low normal..and dhea cery very low so started 25 mg.
    doc p said i do need pptassium but as gets better ill.be able to tolerate potassium…

    yes ill cook brocoli well.and i love soy sauce if i could have it i would. like marmite too and love bread wish i could have it when better…who knows..

    my saliva was a little over range before bedtime..but (i know stupid) i smoke i made sure didnt smoke hour befor each saliva and dont smoke in my flat….since had bsby si only have about 4 a day…when i practically stopped my symptoms got v bad…constipated, dizzy…so trying to slowly atop as get better as tgey do affect cortisol and thyroid….but i think if id of not dmoked all day on tests prob would be lower…

    i had this whrn i knre v littlr about thyroid / adrenal before blood test for thyroid i realisrd if i ate bread night before didnt smoke in the am…my t4 was well under range…but if did diet and smoked labs were better…

    ok ill start the cocktail cant have oj as sugar but will do xreme tartare and sea salt and water..:)…

    and thanku i get so down about my face…no confidence now..and atresses my adrenals anxiety from it..:(.. hopfeully mag will help.

    i havr liquid mag i bought made by liquimins 400mg -mag. with trace minerals…should i use it? made me feel bit weird..but alsi has cholride 1120mg, sodium10mg and potassium5mg..suldate and boron……


  15. Liquimins is a good place to start, especially sine it has the trace minerals, too. Just start with a few drops a couple times a day in a full glass of water that you sip. Yes, expect to feel some changes.

    You can also put a few drops in your hand and apply to your face to get the Mg right into those muscles that are spasming.

    Good luck to you.

  16. wow!! ok thanks and the chart makes sense!! oh thanks alot ill.be back with an up date 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. see..i was feeling okay…had spinache , sea salt tuna and gf pasta…and water witg mag and had bowel movement. now i feel anxious and facr spasm ….do u thinj lost to much mag x

  18. i took extra half of armour too though..but my cortisol test shows normal cortisol at 3pm …so maybe dont need salt then …

  19. What are you doing to get your DHEA up?

  20. im taking life extension 25 mg 🙂

  21. Magnesium will raise DHEA. I hope your DHEA presriber is watching your levels closely.

  22. Mag should and will if taken what's needed or more due to burn rate, buts it's a tricky one.

  23. can i do anything else ? i read excersise but told not to as low cortisol…but would love to br able to at least do dvd weights to music. was a pt..i feel like need cortisol bit anxious restless etc but onky take nutri adrenal am and lunch 3+3..but my salivs shows low low okay low then slightly high..but last onr i did at 8pm

  24. oh i see…i go back in a month to doctor..

  25. I would suggest gentle exercise. Go for a walk with your baby. That's gentle. Do a bit of easy, simple gardening, too.

  26. Healthy protein sources, mineral balance, cod liver oil, exercise, sleep and less stress.

  27. ok …wel touch wood baby slept through last night…and im rid of boyfriend (stress)…but when i drop i get doen about him…down im on my own alot…fed uo being ill so long and conscious of spasm and dehydratrd skin….but when im ok everything brighter and know its best so i can recover…and need to move dark horrible flat..

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