I have hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s.


I have hypothyroid, and Hashimoto’s. I am working on quitting smoking and some research says this can make my hashi’s worse. Does anyone have any experience with quitting smoking and how did it affect your thyroid and TPO levels?

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  1. Quitting did not make my hashi worse. It made it better along with cbc, cholesterol, cortisol, vitamin D, etc levels. It also improved my oxygen, energy and sleep. Apnea gone. No more cholesterol medication. However, my thyroid level decreased since smoking increases metabolism. So, my thyroid medication was increased.

  2. How can quitting smoking make anything worse??

  3. Best thing I ever did. Good luck!

  4. Congratulations on your willingness to stop smoking! It is no easy task. I tried many times before it stuck. Vaping weaned me off at first so I kind of feel like I cheated a little bit since I was still getting nicotine…however, I would have had nicotine in the patches, gum, & Lozenges which didn’t help me to quit all the other times. I guess I had/have an oral hang up b/c the vaping worked. I tapered down my nicotine levels until I’m now getting the lowest amount you can get. Next month, I plan to go to zero level nicotine. I may always vape, but without the nicotine. To answer your question about what happened to me health-wise as a result of not smoking real cigs: I lost my smoker’s cough within the first two weeks, food began to smell wonderful and I began to smell how horrible I smelled b/c all my jackets/coats/sweaters (I never smoked inside my house, thank God) that I’d worn previously reeked of it…I didn’t really have any other issues other than the normal upping and lowering of my levo dependent on my levels. I wish you the best of luck on this new adventure you find yourself on!

  5. I quit cold turkey. Just had a baby + 2 toddlers. I looked at them & said…”Are these cigarettes worth it?” That was over 46 years ago. Was it easy? Heck NO. But, it was the best thing I ever did. Mind over matter. Good luck & God bless…

  6. i’m trying to now and yes it will make both your Hashi’s and hypothyroid worse

  7. Quiting smoking is always always going to be healthier and better for you. Always.

  8. Vaping isn’t cheating and it really has helped all of my family quit smoking. What ever it takes kick it to the curb.

  9. Felt worse after quitting, 10 years and finally feeling better doing Thyrogold, LDN and iodine (Dr. Brownstein)… I sat in a naturopaths iffice and cried for 2 hours saying I thought I was supposed to feel better after quitting! But now I do feel better.

  10. Also, Dr. Izabella Wentz mentions antabine (sp?)

  11. Best thing I ever did, just over a year now. I don’t remember feeling any worse, I had read that as well. Good luck! It’s the best!!

  12. Cigerretes are a natural t3 so when you quit smoking you are going to feel horrible and need to go up on medication most likely. Secondly, you will also most likely gain weight and yes my tpo went up as well. Ldn helped that go back down.

  13. I have hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s disease, I take Synthroid and it does not make me any better. Years ago I was on Armour Thyroid, I felt great, but my doctor had me switch to Synthroid. I am a smoker also and I quit for a few years and went back, I still feel the same.

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