I have hypothyroidism/high TSH!


Just got blood test results back that indicate I have hypothyroidism/high TSH! I’m so bewildered and overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do, but I don’t want to be foolish and rash and dive into taking thyroid supplements/medication, especially if this could slow what little production my thyroid is making itself. Is there a way I can improve this naturally/is this a minerals question? Should I supplement? Will the protocol help? Note: I have been doing the full protocol for around four months.

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  1. Tsh isnt a thyroid measurement and by itself a hypothyroid dx should not be made or ruled out
    My free t3 and free t4 are low so I use NDT. Plus my body needs T3, my organs do
    I also need to feel ok so I can work on the other areas that need to be addressed
    We dont become dependent on NDT so if we can fix the underlying cause, our thyroid will naturally pick up
    Ive been working in mineral balance for 4 yrs now. It isnt a quick process for me and still having to figure out what works for my body

  2. So what does high TSH indicate then?

  3. Have you implemented the diet portion of the protocol. Often thyroid patients do well on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet.

  4. I had to surrender and start taking levothyroxine…i feel good on it but do wonder if its possible to wean myself off it

  5. good decision not to start on thyroid meds – I made this unfortunate mistake and they taxed my adrenals heavily because of increased metabolism, instead of fixing one problem I now have two

  6. Check out Stop The Thyroid Madness. STTM Facebook site. Great info.

  7. This is Morley’s recent view on tackling thyroid issues….OMg! I am SOOOOOO tired of “It’s your ‘broken’ Thyroid…” Do you all HONESTLY beLIEve the Thyroid “runs” the body?!? I mean, REALLY? Do you find it ODD that 50% of North American adults are taking Sin-thyroid?!? I am APPALLED by that.
    What does it take to run a “happy” Thyroid?………. A HAPPY set of Adrenals! What do Adrenals LOVE? Lots of Wholefood Vitamin -C (Copper!) and a proper balance of Na/Mg……(Sodium/magnesium)

    What’s a most effective way to bolux up the Thyroid? Create utter chaos in Copper<>Iron metabolism IN THE LIVER, which is where the BULK (90%) of T4>>T3 conversion occurs. What GUMS this KEY enzyme in a NY minute? None other than Iron-induced Oxidative Stress!

    C’mon folks, it’s TIME to move past the robotic, Allopathetic-inspired & moronic thinking that “it’s your Thyroid…” …… Healing occurs at the Quantum Level where proper mineral dynamics occur. Blaming the Thyroid is a sign of limited understanding of metabolic dynamics.

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