I have infertility concerns.


I have infertility concerns. My TSH is higher than ideal for conceiving so I’m starting synthroid today per my fertility doctor. 50mcgs.

I wanted my antibodies tested now bc I have every symptom of hashimotos disease — but he is ordering my labs to be done in 8 wks.

My question is will my antibody result be off from what it really is bc I took synthroid for 8 wks before I get labs done?
Should I have them done now before starting medication?

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  1. It really doesn’t matter. They will naturally fluctuate so it doesn’t matter when you have them tested. If you have Hashi you will have antibodies unless you have the seronegative type of Hashi. In that case, you wouldn’t have the antibodies, but diagnosis would be done usually by ultrasound. Either way, the meds won’t affect whether you do or do not have the antibodies.

  2. The only time I ever had my antibody level tested was at diagnosis. I’ve never had mine checked again.

  3. Synthroid doesn’t change your antibodies. LDN has been known to. You might want to research NDT before you start synthetic meds. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/

  4. No, testing antibodies in 8 weeks is fine

  5. It doesnt really matter because either way you need to take the meds to get your thyroid higher whether or not you have Hashimotos..if after taking synthroid the meds make it better, than thats good right? And if you dont mind me asking..what is the TSH level where you have trouble conceiving? I want to look at my own because I will start having children soon..

  6. oh wow….you’re near 3?? My TSH is 7!! Plus i have Lupus and RA. Wonderful! haha

  7. Hormone replacement doesn’t address autoimmunity, representing my main frustration with mainstream medical thyroid treatment pathways. Address diet to lower antibodies and read a good thyroid book like Root Cause. And…I’m pregnant! There is absolutely hope. After serious dietary overhaul, I’m 17 weeks and healthy.

  8. I should also mention I’m over 3 and taking synthroid.

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