I have low iron, low magnesium and low Ceruloplasmin


I have low iron, low magnesium and low Ceruloplasmin. I am taking magnesium, cod liver oil, whole food vitamin C, B7, B2, Boron, Taurine, following low carb diet and just started taking Lugo’s Iodine along with selenium, B6 and plenty of sea salt.

How long will it take for my iron and Ceruloplasmin to come up to optimal levels?

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  1. Yes, that is what I am doing. The question is how soon before I see changes – 6 months, a year?

  2. Why low carb?

  3. That is what the graphic picture suggests.

  4. Gotcha as a slow oxidizer I would die without healthy carbs. Lol. I feel even twice as bad without them.

  5. I am confused about the advice to take iodine if you have low iron. Iodine depleats or uses up iron reserves.

  6. That does seem contradictory. I am hoping that getting the iodine optimal will help with the thyroid levels which will help with the iron. Kind of a cascading effect. I am trying to eat iron rich food.

  7. I have very low iron and im waiting untill it's back up before I start the iodine because of this. So I'll be very interested to hear how you get on. Be lovely if you could let us know what your blood tests say.

  8. I will be doing this for the next 6 weeks and should know if it made a difference mid December.

  9. Per my Notes from Morley – START Iodine when Mg & Se RBC are optimal

  10. Yes, I took Selenium and Magnesium for a month before starting the iodine. I assume they are in range.

  11. Good post.

  12. Magnesium and Selenium are needed by the body when taking Iodine. I would imagine there are fewer detox problems when these are optimal when starting Iodine.

  13. What's the optimal range for selenium ?

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