I have many random symptoms


I have many random symptoms which I think could by low thyroid; however, magnesium deficiency is high on the list. Let me know if you have had the symptoms and if you have had any success with any supplements. Palpitations, dry skin, acne, constipation, insomnia, fatigue, tingling in hands or feet, memory and concentration issues. Thanks in advance. I am looking at magnesium gel so I can use it on my kids.

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  1. Our whole family uses Natural Calm. I personally use Thythropin by Standard Process. It helped with my thyroid. I have most symptoms you mentioned.

  2. I have a thyroid disorder and that sounds like thyroid all day.

  3. I think we're twins Julie. 🙂

  4. Could also be low B12

  5. These were all symptoms of adrenal fatigue for me.

  6. I have all those symptoms but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My doctor only tests TSH, have to convince her to do more. I did get her to test adrenals, but it was a serum test only, not a saliva test.

  7. Sandy you can get your own tests If you live in the U.S. I wish I would have years ago but I trusted my stupid doctor at the time. Oh how wrong he was!!!

  8. I'd check Lymes as well.

  9. I'm looking for a different doctor Rodney. I am in the U.S., on Medicare. I have printed out info on Thyroid, Adrenals, and Lyme to take to my next apt. with currant doc. I've started taking supplements on my own, tired of taking meds that don't help, and am being forced to go off one that actually helps me. Anyone over 65 in the US needs to Google, "The Beers' List". It dictates what doctors can prescribe for seniors.

  10. Let me also say I have had a really stressful last 5 years

  11. My doctor keeps telling me that my labs for thyroid are normal

  12. Calm Magnesium Gel Marsha Scheitlin

  13. Julie my husband was told the samething! It was maddening. He felt terrible. We have given him supplements. I think we are finally getting somewhere. He's feeling improvement.

  14. I'm nervous to use the natural calm, as we are more than regular in this household as it is. However, many if us suffer from most ALL of the other mag deficiency symptoms.

  15. All of those symptoms are helped by magnesium. My question is "does it really matter if you have the right diagnosis. Isn't it more important to have the right treatment? Magnesium is the right treatment. I feel like I have to shout it from the housetops. Don't worry about getting the right diagnosis… Just take magnesium!!

    Ok I'm off my soapbox now…..lol

  16. Those are my thoughts exactly as MOST docs don't perform the proper tests anyway!

  17. Deanne Lavoie-Holmes, what have you had success with

  18. Julie, those sound like Lyme symptoms. They do overlap with mag deficiency. If you want more input you can pm me as I had those exact symptoms. I'm not exactly sure what the connection is here in that most people also seem to have Lyme symptoms and mag deficiency (did the mag def cause Lyme or is the Lyme depleting mag, which it does, or is it a lack of minerals that starts the whole cascade). For me the infection was complex so I had to do other things. The tingling and memory/cognitive problems are red flags for me (had those too).

  19. I think it's insane that you can only have the tests run that YOUR DOC deems necessary! If I'm willing to self pay what insurance won't/doesnt cover, who cares!! Its MY body, my money and I should have this right to know. Can somebody please explain to me how/why this is allowed?? As much as I'd like to blame this one on Obama, It has nothing to do with insurance! So WHY?

  20. p.s. you do not have to know of a tick bite to have Lyme. it is spread by all kinds of biting insects and it can lay dormant in your body for years (even decades) and come out when you're body is under stress due to too much stress on the adrenals- you could have contracted it as a child and it not come out until later. and then the thyroid goes. I'm still trying to figure out all of the pieces, but the bacterial infection is real and for me I felt like I was losing my mind. Couldn't think straight or remember anything. Watching movies was stressful, being around people was stressful (b/c my brain wasn't "firing" quickly enough/ to converse/think of responses), etc.

  21. B12 or Potassium.

  22. If you have Thyroid issues… you also have Adrenal issues

  23. Bernadette Imperial, I have suspected that the whole time.

  24. Thyroidsexy
    Take a look at these Facebook pages. Very informative. Especially Hashimotos 411. You will blown away.

  25. I had all of these bar acne& likely have many deficiencies, after kids. My Tsh was normal too so getting my free t3&4 levels and subsequently going on natural dessicated thyroid has been a lifesaver. I use thyrogold which can be bought online – it's from grassfed nz cows. My brain works again and I have the capacity to work out things like how to tackle the deficiencies that caused it. Maybe I can heal my thyroid eventually (my next step is hair mineral analysis and possibly iodine) but the support from the ndt is invaluable for now. My 12 yo son has just been diagnosed hypo too.

  26. In my mind increasing your metabolism by addressing thyroid and adrenals also increase your core body temp which also helps your digestion absorption and to fight off any infections. If body temps are low infections can fester. Mine was 35.5 often normal is 37

  27. You guys are so kind to give me so much information. Thanks so much. I have been feeling bad for the last two years, so hopefully your information will help. If anyone thinks of anything else, please feel free

  28. Julie Forrest Brewer, I have had success in turning around a severe case of depression brought on by use of antidepressants. Three months after a six month taper off Effexor and tegretal and Lamotrigine I crashed and was off work for 18 months. I opted to stay off meds because they were not working and gave me severe insomnia and I was getting signs of diabetes and kidney damage. So I was very slowly getting better and was also having adrenal burnout symptoms. After starting Magnesium citrate powder like Dr Carilyn Dean recommends, on Jan 13 this year, within a week I was feeling significant improvement and was able to go out shopping for groceries for the first time since getting dick. I started to reengage with the world again and haven't looked back. I returned to work two weeks ago… I have added magnesium glycinate and Dr Deans completement products and Epsom salt baths daily snd magnesium oil lotion. I am improving every week and am off my thyroid meds too.

  29. Getting sick. lol

  30. Sorry that's Dr Carolyn Dean.

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