I have mold toxicity for the second time


I have mold toxicity for the second time and I’m having a rough time detoxing. Your group and the Magnesium Protocol was recommended. Between mold and compound heterozygous MTHFR…my head is spinning on all I need to do…it’s so much even for a healthcare professional…adrenal fatigue and major gut issues…seem like a great starting point. Any help is appreciated. We do not have a lot of money for supplements or clean eating as I cannot work right now and I had to abandon my home of 16 years…and my belongings. I know some things you cannot skimp on but the cheapest way possible to hopefully get me on my feet enough to be able to at least work part time…would be fabulous.

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  1. On another note…my labs are always within normal limits.

  2. The Adrenal Cocktail is cheap. I'd start there. Make sure to get lots of vitamin C (whole food).

  3. Adrenal Cocktail: 4 oz freshly squeezed orange juice (IMPORTANT IT IS FRESH, NOT PASTEURIZED OR STORE BOUGHT!), 1/4tsp cream of tartar, 1/4tsp Himalayan or Celtic salt. Take twice a day. First when you wake up and the second maybe 3-4 hours later.

  4. Wonderful. I will do that.

  5. I started with MOM as it was cheap! I take a tsp under my tongue and hold for 5 minutes and then spit or brush my teeth with it.

  6. Patricia Ax not related really to your post but wondering how you find out if you have the MTHFR mutation? Thank you

  7. How was your mold toxicity tested? Interested. Issues with work building.

  8. Hi, I know you wrote a year ago. But you seem to know many things about mold from personal experience. Can you please help me with this information: if my appartment has no mold, but other appartments in the flat where I live, have this problem, am I safe or not? I really hope you managed to detox

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