I have multiple sclerosis


So my understanding is D3 is good as long as magnesium is taken at the same time as it. I have multiple sclerosis and had always felt there was a connection with ms and low D levels. When I got my first d testing several years ago, indeed it was low. Went from 400 to 1000. One year later still low. I am now on 4400 per day and my ms has stabilized significantly. I have silent acid reflux and have been taking magnesium, but not at same time as D3. I see a lot of postings about D3 being bad on here and was wondering why?

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  1. D3 is understood by this group to deplete magnesium, specifically taken orally. I would prefer to get via natural sources.

  2. Daniel hodun, I am just beginning my research on magnesium so please excuse my lack of knowledge. Here is the first article I read. http://www.easy-immune-health.com/magnesium-and-vitamin-d.html

  3. D supps kill retinol needed for Ceruloplasmin, deplete magnesium, can cause calcification of the organs, and causes potassium wasting via the kidneys. The safest way to raise your D levels is to take magnesium and cod liver oil.

  4. I'll continue with D3 until I see more evidence establishing its dangers. I was unable to walk a straight line and slept 12 to 14 hours a day due to my ms. Within 6 months of 4000 vit d was able to stay active, sleep 8 hrs a day with nap in afternoon. My neurologist is amazed

  5. Maureen Hessdorfer I feel much the same, trying to understand all sides of vit D but the impact on my health (16 years of constant fibromyalgia pain Gone after a month of high dose vit D supplements) is so massive I that I have to be really convinced before I will be willing to drop it. Im a different person.

  6. Maureen Hessdorfer – post the values of your four "D" blood tests and read this page which summarizes the position of the owner of this group on "D". Read all the links and research.

  7. So I do not understand the concept of this group. Is the intention that the owner of this group is to put forth their opinion for supplements etc to follow and the group followers are to take his/her advise? I am new on here and several of my comments have been answered eluding to that. I love all the suggestions and links and will read most, but may not always agree. Is that acceptable here? One example: "it is understood by this group . . . . ." Don't quite get that statement.

  8. What if you take magnesium and cod liver oil and your vitamin D is still Way too low? Daily sunshine is not a real option.

  9. when many people say they are "low" in the D hormones they usually have only tested the "storage" levels…complete testing is important

  10. It makes a vitamin A deficiency worse. Vitamin A and vitamin D both compete for the vitamin D receptor. Too much D with insufficient A and you end up with clinical vitamin A deficiency. If you are
    Insufficient in K2 at the same time you can absorb lots of calcium, but then deposit it everywhere, like kidney stones, coronary arteries, into tendons and under the skin. Isolated supplementation of any single fat soluble vitamin results in imbalance of the others. Maybe not so much vitamin E. The more retinol-rich food you eat, the more vitamin D you can tolerate as well. Vitamin A toxicity may largely be due to vitamin D deficiency as well. Eat plenty of liver and vitamin K2 rich food, or supplement with K2. Don't eat polar bear liver!!!

  11. Have you read Dr. Terry Wahl's book?

  12. Make sure you are taking D3. I began displaying symptoms of MS and D3 saved me. I swear by it. I had all the tests (and just repeated them last week) and it was the D3 that was working to bring my numbers up. Everything is in balance now (even my magnesium) by taking D3. I take a form in olive oil. No more tremors or twitching. When my physician saw my symptoms of MS her first thought was my D levels. So glad I did not listen to the Vit D hate. I do agree with this group it is important to have all four tests though. D3 is a hormone, but hormones are crucial to our well being. D3 has protective benefits for breast cancer.

  13. D3 is good and yes many people with MS have very low Vitamin D levels, it is good to take Vitamin K2 as well, with the D3, but if you eat leafy greens you will get all the k2 you need. Also eating fermented vegetables is also great for K2, to absorb Mg you need a good amount of stomach acid, so it could be a really good idea to take betaine Hydrochloride at the same time, or cider vinegar, you need to optimise your D3 levels to correspond with those that leave around the equator , and that is from 70 to 100 nmol/dl, which doctors would say is over dose but that is cobblers. there is a formula on how much vit D to take with regards to your weight. if you are interested i can get you the formula

  14. Is the D3 from plants synthetic? I take vegan D3 since I am allergic to lanolin and most D3 comes from sheep.

  15. Look into Andy Cutler Chelation for MS

  16. Being new to this group can be overwhelming with all of the files to read and the trepidation to ask certain questions (i.e. about vitamin D). I think it would be helpful if admin and veteran group members could keep in mind that getting through the reading takes time, getting the lab tests takes time (especially when dealing with insurance and drs who think we are crazy for asking for obscure labs), so sometimes what we bring to the table is all that we have and we have only bare minimum info to try to help ourselves. It's not that we aren't listening or willing to follow the protocols but those things take time. I for one have only had basic labs done and they showed my D was very low. I feel it in my body when I'm low and don't need a lab result to confirm it. I know there's probably a better way to raise it instead of taking D3 but I haven't made it that far into the files.

  17. ^^^^Agreed. The files are very difficult to wade through and without a search function, some subjects are nearly impossible to locate. Please stay patient everyone!!

  18. If you have reflux look up apple cider vinegar for reflux. It helped mine. I did one teaspoon in a bottle of water daily until symptoms went away.

  19. Sun not an option in my northern climate. In summer I live outside gardening. My levels are good now at 4400,.. Thanks for feedback everyone

  20. Maureen Hessdorfer I have the same problem. So I do supplement and that isn't going to stop.

  21. As long as you all know the risks associated with taking isolated D3, that is your choice. Just know that there are better and safer options.

  22. Be careful adding D – my cousin with MS was supplementing and now has too much calcium! Very dangerous and needs surgery to remove parathyroid glands-

  23. Yes, Lauri brings up an important point. I took D supps for years, and now I've tested sky high for calcium. I'm still trying to undo the harm.

  24. What about transdermal Vit D? Is that safer or more beneficial? I have seen patches – 5000 iu, Vit D – apparently you put one on for 24 hours, and it lasts a week, you get 6 patches and they are for 6 weeks! ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: D3 (Cholecalciferol): 5000 IU, B12: 5 MG, B3:25 MG, E: 15 MG, B5: 10 MG, B6: 3 MG, B2: 2 MG, B1: 2 MG, A: 1 MG, B9: 500 MCG, K: 150 MC. Has anyone had any success with these, and are they of more benefit and recommended more than supplemental Vit D?

  25. What about Vit D with K2 – does that help with the Calcium?

  26. In the book "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

  27. Makes a lot of sense which is why I take D in conjunction with K2

  28. All of these letters and numbers are hurting my brain!!!

  29. Thats the journey Shelley…and thanks to those with the patience to explain over and over…it is a journey and need those guiding hands….

  30. So…sorry to butt in….I am trying to get feeling better. My D level was only 3. I raised it to 39 and felt great. Now when I take D3, I swear it keeps me awake at night. I only take it at 5AM before work. I'm in bed by 9 usually. Anyone else have this issue? I've tested my theory numerous times. I've given up on the D for now.

  31. I would never take D3 unless I knew whether I was a slow oxidator or a fast oxidator, and unless I knew that I really needed D3! 'Vitamin' D is a hormone and can raise an already high calcium, lower magnesium, and affect every other mineral cascade. Without the HTMA analysis you are in the dark and at best just guessing at what you should be taking. Why use the 'trail and error' method?

  32. all magnesium bothers my stomach..i can only take it for a day maybe two before i cannot take it anymore…is magnesium oil a good substitute?

  33. You raise the Vitamin D3 levels by increasing Magnesium and Potassium! You don't ignore the levels but you become educated in how to raise the levels naturally.

  34. I want to ask a D question but don't want to get in trouble as I know it's forbidden territory so delete if so- my md said dry vit d supps do not breakdown unless needed and the problem is taking the liquid form in high doses. I thought I could try the lamp light approach to avoid all of this … I could never get enough magnesium in my body to raise D naturally. I've spent over a year trying topically 2 times, foot baths and baths per day. Potassium helps but I'm weary of it feeding active viruses. I learned I have ATP malfunctions expressing genetically and want to correct this first but dry vit d is on the suggested list. Thoughts?

  35. Thank you for posting….but, I feel like crying!!! I thought I had a good grasp on this topic and now I am so unsure. ~ Quiet Observer and Learner 🙂

  36. There is so much misinformation and negative programming from the medical field about all things supplemental and mineral! Unless you have a 'context' from which to see and understand, you will continue to experience confusion. The mineral balance is dynamic! Each mineral interacts with another mineral! When you take one thing because you feel that you are deficient (without testing proof) you are causing a cascade of mineral changes in your body!

    About 75% of the time individuals are slow oxidizers and therefore are low in magnesium and potassium. I have found nothing better than coconut water for raising the potassium level in the cell. I have had first hand experience with my own low potassium problem as well as working with patients in our Chiropractic office years ago, and now as an empowerment coach with my clients.

    Danna Bowman, Dawn MB, do not lose heart! You won't believe how fast you feel better once you know exactly what you should be doing to balance your minerals, and what you should avoid, like Vitamin D3. When potassium and magnesium are adjusted then the Vitamin D will come out of storage and the level will rise. That's the way a hormone works – Vitamin D is a hormone, and not a vitamin.

    Let me add one more piece of information. I have a client who's physician was injecting her with Vitamin D, 25,000 mg each week. Her sodium and potassium were rock bottom in her HTMA! She changed very little except stopping the vitamin D injections and her potassium and sodium came up almost as if by magic!

    There are lots of comments on this page and people mean well, but listen to Morley and Rick Malter and MJ Hampstead – they KNOW what they are talking about!

  37. 25g of vitamin D a week? That's almost 1 oz. You definitely can't inject that volume into a muscle, and it would need to be disaolved in fat, so an even bigger dose volume wise. I don't think that's possible. Did you mean units?

  38. 25 000-50 000 units a week would make sense. That's what's recommended for vitamin D deficiency by the endocrine folks, I think. So that's often what's used allopathically.

  39. Did she get dehydrated and hypercalcemic?

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