I have Myasthenia Gravis a neuro muscular disease


I usually don’t say much but can we stop with the DR bashing. I have Myasthenia Gravis a neuro muscular disease. Many people with this disease have to be careful with magnesium as it increases muscle weakness in MGers. That being said I have 2 neurologists, a cardiologist, a GI Dr, a Gyn and a primary care physician that are always asking me if I’m taking my magnesium and testing my levels because they know how important it is. Mag, mag, and more mag as long as I don’t have increased weakness. Most neurologists and Drs it one of the first things they ask about when patients complain of headaches. I don’t think I have found the only magnesium knowledgeable physicians in world. If you have a Dr that doesn’t think it’s important then find another one; I think most do……….end of rant. Thank you

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  1. People are missing the idea. I work with a team of medical professionals around the world. Its not doctor bashing its knowing when its a structural or other issues. As I stated people are referred out to doctors to rule out things. Its when they have been to mayo chops columbia and all of the other top clinics in the world with out answer when the "label" is stuck. If it is a true medical diagnosis of a clinical conditions great. Depression chronic fatigue fibro and all the othet terms used can be taunting on person. I been down the road, giving over 20 different diagnosis and nothing was done about them. Let me sit and literally waste away. I have caught people with MG as I saw abnormal parameters and symptoms. We gathered the data and proper labs with the doctors then had them referred out for proper evaluation. MG response to manganese which several clients had symptoms and referred to neurologist for further evaluation. Correcting manganese issue resolved there MG like symptoms. Its all about empowerment finding the right health care provider for you. We deal with the worse of the worse cases in the world people just what answer and what is going to be done about it. The medical professionals I work with have the same out look. Find the imbalances and get to root cause. In the process, give them temporary relief

  2. My mother's doctors had her on statins and iron supps for years. She now has dementia and had a hemorrhagic stroke. Thanks, dear doctors. None of them ever even mentioned that she might want to take magnesium. They want her on hormone D, though. And they give me a hard time because I took her off the statins. (I don't give her the D, but they don't know that.) As far as I'm concerned, they have harmed my mother. The doctor bashing isn't just venting, it's also a way of helping others to avoid the harm that we have suffered. But congrats on finding magnesium-aware docs for yourself. I hope you'll also get an HTMA to know your mineral status. Very important.

  3. Remember its not students fault but rather who is the teacher…

  4. When you tell a doctor that you have food intolerances, and they still flat out ask you if you are making yourself throw up because you have a low BMI (all of your life), then come and talk to me. Or, when every other one tells you that it's all in your head, you're too young to be sick, you are just depressed and need anti-depressants, or that you just need counseling. I was a nurse, and now I am extremely frustrated and disillusioned with our current health care system. Our doctors are not being taught to be open minded, to do their own research, or that natural remedies should come before poison. Most of us are just frustrated and can't find decent help. Signed, sick of being sick. 🙁

  5. Why we are teaching and educating doctors and medical professional on how to think non linear vs linear. The standards we are developing now are setting the stages for future of how medicine is going to be practiced world wide. The few people associate with this movement are huge game changers in the industry. The paradign shift has already started…

  6. Its never about curing a disease its about preventing it and using common sense to resolve it along with the 21st century approach "food is thy medicine. Medicine is thy food"

  7. Shawn Bean
    You and I BOTH know that Doctors are being educated EXACTLY the way their funders want them educated. Yes, we can't find fault with the imposed limitations of their skewed education…

    What we can find fault with is the PAUCITY of intellectual curiosity that doctors seem to have today when their vast quiver of arrows simply DO NOT WORK to correct chronic conditions…

    Quite frankly, I don't know how they sleep at night…

  8. Morley, people like yourself are standing up for what is just and your work will be heard as I will be shouting it from the highest mountains as I always believe improper nutritional balance is the epidemiology of disease and illness a long with epigenetic factors which are effecting it.. Over a decade a go I went into the doctor's and said "find out what I am deficient in and why then stick it back in" no one had a clue what I was talking about or what to do about.it.

  9. It's hard not to doctor bash when their lack of knowledge and caring has effected our own lives and health. I tend to take it personally when someone I have hired to make/keep me well has damaged me. (in my case, kidneys)

  10. Its not bashing doctors directly, but system teaching them. Even ND schools are being offered grants and donations from drug companies. .

  11. Let's remember that we show our support and work toward a paradigm shift by our actions, time and dollars spent.

    If we are still dining out and supporting restaurants that are primarily GMO havens

    still seeing doctors who are in bed with Big Pharma, ignorant to nutrition, and not putting into practice a functional, root cause approach,

    not supporting Organic farmers or living in a way that supports the foundational work of health and healing, then we are to blame as well.

    With Epigenetics, we know that stressors (environmental, toxins, pathogens) are igniters to dis-ease and need to be minimized. We can't expect health and healing if we are feeding and exposing our bodies to these stressors daily. And not working on the foundational stuff.

    Yes, it's challenging and takes sacrifice, discipline, and grit, but nothing is more rewarding than acting with integrity and living out our convictions!!

    Our actions speak louder than words.

    Food is thy Medicine.

    HTMA helped determine mineral deficiencies/dysregulation coupled with functional labs.

    Functional Nutrition helped me understand how to best feed my body.

    Functional training, Energy Biofeedback, Redox, Morley, and Shawn, all have helped me with detox, healing, stress release, root issues and raising vibrational energy and health.

    Progress, not perfection….

  12. Any disease or disorder not identifiable as a defect from birth has many causes and can be minimized or reversed,,,,, take it from someone diagnosed with MG in1956 and changed to CMG which i do have to live with, I gave up on those Drs years ago….fyi

  13. It's encouraging to hear that you have had that experience. Unfortunately, I have been to too many doctors to count all across the u.s. and over the span of 16 years. Many of them were naturally minded and not one mentioned magnesium. Pretty crazy stuff. This includes neurologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists and many more.

  14. My doctor told me to take magnesium too

  15. Just had a case 3 years and $25000 later. I found out they had a magnesium deficiency and was taking methyl b12 injections not converting to mitochondria form for 2 years. Gave mag and proper b12 with in 2 weeks all symptoms of fatigue and ibs GONE. They were to best doctors and no one picked up on it…GOD help us..

  16. The $$ is devastating, but the loss of one's quality of life is priceless.:(

  17. Yep, but with persistent open minded doctors and collaborate effort people are getting it back 🙂

  18. I suffered with tachycardia for 20 yrs and no doctor ever tested me for low magnesium, never even mentioned it. Started doing my own research, and taking a magnesium supplement 1.5 yrs ago, and my tachycardia is virtually GONE! All those years of suffering from it are wasted, and all the anxiety and panic it caused me. If only they would have told me 20 yrs ago. But they didn't. That is why I don't trust them for myself. Same with my acid reflux. No doctor ever told me that I needed to heal my gut to get better, instead, they stuck me on medicine for 13 yrs, not dealing with the underlying issue. I dealt with it myself, and healed myself. Amongst other things. I am in charge of my body. There is a time and a place for doctors, and thank God for them and especially for emergency doctors. But there is also a lot we can do for ourselves, if we don't agree with what the doctor has decided for us.

  19. In a previous case resolving candida resolved depletion of magnesium which has been known to cause tachycardia. Remineralizing was crucial, identifying why its being depleted is also suggested.

  20. What are the top causes for depletion?

    Malabsorption- Leaky Gut

    Poor Diet- GMO's

    Are there certain expressed mutations that interfere with mineralization?

  21. Interesting!

  22. 🙁 I just joined the group and this is the first post that I am seeing. I really hope this is not a Dr. bashing group. I think people in general have the wrong impression of what medical docs are trained for. They are not trained in nutriceuticals nor nutrition nor how nutrition effects our health. They are trained in "the band aid" method for the most part. You can't blame them for this – it is how the SYSTEM is. If you have been trying to ferret out what your own health problem is for any length of time you understand that it can become quite the rabbit hole to fall down with all the varying degrees of information from different viewpoints and sources. How on earth would you expect ONE person to know all of the variables in your cause AND all of the variables in every other illness that is out there? I believe we have to take more personal responsibility for our own health. I have seen many people blame their doctor for not "fixing them". I have also seen many people disappointed that their alternative health practitioner or chiro or naturopathic doctor could not seem to fix them either after spending TONS of money that wasn't covered by insurance. Who is left? Point is, the human body is a complex thing with many moving parts. It rarely ever boils down to one simple fix for anyone – rarely. Doctors are not gods (as we all know) – why do we expect godlike things from them? Our system is broken…we know this. Why blame it on a doctor? It's the system, not the person.

  23. The reason why we're here is because we're taking responsibility for our own health, Shantel. Many of us also have reason to not be happy with our doctors. Don't expect us to suffer in silence. Not here.

  24. The problem is not doctors, its what they are NOT being taught

  25. I DO have a problem with doctors after being down that road for a good part of my life. I have had to deal with a neurological disease (the most painful known to medical science) for 28 years. 17 of those I was a zombie while they trialed me on the so called BEST medication available. Got to the point where I had many other health problems because of the medication thus I was collapsing anywhere. I walked away and I'm glad I did because I believe I would be dead. Now I practice self care. Neurological disease is increasing and I know many doctors do not know how to treat it. I know doctors are referring patients to alternative sources now because the CAUSE is not addressed.

  26. They are taught on treating "it

  27. I was not trying to say that dealing with doctors isn't inherently frustrating – I was just saying doctor bashing may honestly not be in everyone's best health interest lol. And seeing bashing pervasively in a group (which I have no idea if that is what this group does or not – just saying I'm new here and this is the first post I see) tends to accomplish what? I have had a chronic autoimmune illness for over 20 years. I have dealt with *numerous* doctors – some of them incompetent to be practicing IMHO, been given numerous *terrible* medications (lots of people like to bash "Big Pharma" too) which had horrible lasting side effects for me, so I understand your pain first hand, truly! Some of those doctors have been life savers for me. Some of those drugs have been life savers for me (Remicade for sure – in remission for almost 10 years with it) and I am grateful that some Big Pharma company bothered spending millions of dollors to create that drug. I guess if it makes a person feel better to doctor and pharma bash….well, I don't know what to say 😐

  28. Christine Knapp Phillips
    Please know that excess, Unmanaged Iron CAUSES:
    o Leaky Gut…
    o GMO foods lower Copper in the Liver AND increase IRON in the Liver…
    o Transcription errors are the result of the impact of Iron-induced Oxidative Stress on Methyltransferase enzymes, that are Copper dependent, btw…

    Please know, the concentration of Iron vs Copper in the avg. body is 25 to 1!

    We have been trained — like Circus Bears — to believe that we are "Copper Toxic" and "Iron Deficient!" That is NOT so…

    The truth of the matter is twofold:
    1) There is NO active mechanism to excrete Iron in the human body, other than blood loss… (and don't think that your monthly blood/Iron loss is as great as you've been "trained" to believe it is, unfortunately…)


    2) The MOST dangerous aspect of Iron is that it is attracted to, and stored by tissue that is damaged… (Think wherever you have repeated aches & pains… that's Iron coming to the "rescue…")

    From Cradle to Grave, we are MAGNETS for Iron, and when there is a LACK of Ceruloplasmin — as there is in MOST bodies today — to manage the IRPs (Iron Regulatory Proteins), the incidence & prevalence of Iron-induced Oxidative Stress SKYROCKETS… And THAT oxidative dynamic is THE breeding ground for most, if not ALL chronic disease…

    It's a bitter pill to swallow, but yes, we have been MISLED, and MISFED! — once again!

    A votre sante!

  29. Have to take good and the bad. Trying to find not necessarily a doctor, but a good practitioner is like trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes. You have to try a few on to make sure they are the right fit for you…;)

  30. There is two causes of disease – nutritional deficiency and toxicity. Let food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food and cleanse.

  31. Yup Barbara that was my major complaint daily headaches for 34 months straight no one mentioned mag Botox was offered like candy

  32. You have been blrssed with cood docs,I have as yet to find a doc that has checkrd for mag.

  33. When you live in a small town it isn't so easy to "doctor hop". sometimes you have to try to decide which is the best the town has to offer and hope they are open minded. sometimes you have to play it by ear and do what I do, research, investigate and try not to do harm to myself, lol.

  34. have you made sure you don't have a manganese deficiency? That is something that causes MG.

  35. I just tested with a major deficiency in manganese.

  36. Brown rice and stabilzed rice bran are my sources of Magnanese as well as Magnesium and other mineral.

  37. Celia Meyer, can I write you private? My mom is suffering from MG. I was wondering about Mag, how far she should go…

  38. I also have myasthenia along with other serious health issues Celia and for a long time was very afraid of taking Magnesium not having the same response from my Dr and Neurologist who just change the subject BUT I decided to go ahead…it takes courage often when having serious chronic conditions to realise that you have to go it alone ( with online research and encouragement) in order to be in a better place healthwise. It is not always possible to get the support one would love from the Medical profession as well meaning as so many of them are.

  39. Avril Berthelot, are you better? What made the most change in your condition?

  40. It's not dr bashing so much as frustration. Being rushed in appts, handed pills that may or may not work or make you feel worse, (depending on what it is) this can last for years. It's like a vicious cycle. Learn on your own what can possibly help, IE in this group, magnesium, only to be told by drs "it's not necessary" makes you want to hit your head against the wall. It helps talking to others that understand your frustration. No ones saying never go to one.

    Drs ARE needed. Absolutely. But they don't know everything. Yes, it's not their fault, they're taught pills, not nutrition, that's what they know. Mine says "diet doesn't matter"

    A good friend of mine is a dr, he says he deals with people that don't need meds that demand them daily. He says it's quite difficult some days and admits sometimes certain patients can get under his skin and it can affect how he treats his patients afterwards. I always ask his advice, always. We don't see eye to eye on some things, but I still value his opinion. He's trained, I'm not. I take his knowledge and use that to help me along in my learning the holistic route. It works well for me. If the two worlds were combined, could you imagine how awesome that would be?

    My health has severely improved taking my health in my own hands. I have had health issues creep up, and my ND is giving me results where 3 MDs told me there's nothing wrong with me.

    If you found great drs, yay!! Keep them foresure. I'm still looking.

    Oh. And talk to pharmacists. I've met some amazing ones. I don't take pharmaceuticals but value their health knowledge. Take what they say, find the same route in natural. Some even know both. ^^

  41. There are more functional doctors in Toronto Ont.

  42. Amen Celia! There is good and bad in every profession and doctors are no exception. But their are some truly great ones out there. Two of my children would not have lived without them.

  43. I just saw this post and there was another like it about a week ago. 😛 I just have to comment, though, that I have never once been asked by an MD about my mag intake. I have had lifelong headaches, seriously going back to some of my first memories, that no doctor can get to the bottom of. Even I have not been able to reduce them with supplements and diet. The only time I do not have them as badly is during pregnancy. Anyway, I have had many tests and I had one doctor even say he doesn't believe me that I have these nondescript headaches. NEVER been asked about mag. Not once. Each doc blames it on something else and then moves on.

  44. I remember when docs were saying that my food allergies were all in my mind. But I have to give props to one doctor who told me that adrenal fatigue was "controversial". He was trying to be polite while shutting down my concerns.

  45. Your so lucky,I have 4 Drs and had back surgery 2 years ago and none of them ask me about Vits, or can tell me whats wrong with me. They just push pills!

  46. You got lucky. Remember, every time we go to another dr, we spend out time and we pay the dr. To find out that he's there not to protect my interests, but to prescribe some drugs he gets kickback from pharmaceutical companies for. Not one dr. Ever mentioned any magnesium to me. My endo stated in the chart that my vitamin D is low, but never even mentioned supplementing with D. Finding a good dr is not easy even if you live in metropolis. Imagine small towns, etc. Rant not over.

  47. I live in a small town and the only Functional/integrative dr we had retired due to all the govt changes happening, could not afford to keep practicing on her own. She was so knowledgable and would test for anything if she thought it was warranted. Nearest one is two hours away and they don't take insurance and for a retired person that is near impossible to afford.

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