I have no experience with the patch form of birth control


I have no experience with the patch form of birth control. I am on the pill 🙁

My friend has a question

” so u use one patch for a week an it says wait 7 days before sex but I only waited 6 so on the 7. Day when I went to change it I couldn’t find the other patches”

Thank you for all the help in advance! She really appreciates it.

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  1. Please review this helpful website to understand the efficacy AND safety of contraception options http://www.birthcontrolsafety.org

  2. Omg Brie Earnst I'm so sorry

  3. A lot of teenagers don't understand the consequences of unprotected sex. I know my high school had a lot of pregnancy scares. Because they were a catholic school and didn't teach sex education because they didn't believe in sex before marriage. Well they had a over dose assembly. I don't think they believe in drugs and drinking either but they had that.

    Also If you ended up being pregnant they would throw you out of the school.

    I just didn't get it. Like they don't want you to abort but they don't want you pregnant either.

  4. Dont. fuck around. with your birth control.

  5. I got pregnant at 15 because of that kind of attitude, almost died from it, and my heart did stop on the table during the abortion.. most traumatizing experience of my life. I sometimes wish I had the Vulcan ability to just show other people parts of my life to teach them a lesson.

  6. Unfortunately it might not be just her life in 9 months…

  7. Yeah.. never ceases to amaze me how chicks dont take the whole pregnancy thing seriously.

  8. I know. And she lost the patches. How does one do that? Oh well her life not mine.

  9. she read enough to acknowledge that she was supposed to wait for 7 days, but didnt..

  10. Yes she didn't really read up on it I guess

  11. I asked her if she can still take plan B.
    Then I learned it was two weeks ago
    Thank you!
    I told her what you said!

  12. She was not protected when she had sex, so if she still has time then she should get plan B. If she doesn't have time, she needs to do a pregnancy test 14 days from the incident. She also is not protected if she does not put the next patch on on time. If she cannot find her patches and wants to continue using them, she needs to go to the pharmacy for some more.

    Tell her to read the instructions given to her and to actually do what they say. They are there for a reason and there is no excuse to not follow them properly.

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