I have osteoporosis


I have osteoporosis. I got it when I was 19 due to anorexia:( I was trying to improve my bones with milk etc under dr recommendations but recently read milk is bad for bones! So confused on how to help my bones.

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  1. Magnesium, boron and silica. Most of us have too much calcium already.


    I noticed you have to get all different products to make sure everything stays in balance. Eg Co factors etc if you take magnesium and the adrenal cocktail. Is that true?

  2. Consider getting the HTMA, so you have a long term plan. http://gotmag.org/work-with-us/

  3. Bríghdín O'Neill, I am sorry to hear that you have osteoporosis, and that you are working to regain your health. I also recommend reading The Calcium Lie 2, Dr. Robert Thompson also does HTMAs.

  4. Please let us know how you do Bríghdín O'Neill.

  5. Magnesium helps absorb calcium in foods, etc and increase bone density.

  6. May want to add the Epsom salt foot bath to get more transdermally. Good luck!!!

  7. organic bone broth will also do wonders…

  8. Those studies would not be talking about 'real' milk–raw & fresh from a healthy, grass-eating animal.

  9. I have significant osteopenia. Plus numerous other issues. Also here trying to learn…

  10. Lol. Unless you are drinking a lot then it doesn't look to me like a major issue. Possibly not as much a one as the possible fluoride in the tea. 🙁

  11. Milk creates mucus in the system

  12. Get quality vitamin K2. Very very crucial for calcium to into the right places. If mag is also in check i'd keep the dairy in the diet.

  13. Broccoli / Leafy greens, Boron, Silica, Magnesium, and you'll need to do weight bearing exercises to rebuild the bones. You're beautiful!


    Thanks everyone. 🙂

  14. Magnesium!!!!

  15. Alex Yermak, per Morley, vitamin K2 also uses more magnesium. In one of his online interviews, he cited a prominent researcher who stated decades ago that we should not be taking the fat soluble vitamins in isolation.


    It is quite confusing what is good and what is bad. If you take magnesium by itself… is that bad?

  16. Speaking from my own self healing rather than taking Meds. I discontinued sugars & take only raw honey as a sweetener in coffee or teas. Started the magnesium & wow what a difference in my joints . I suffer with arithis / osteoporosis. I'm 51 & key is stay active. I've never felt as good .

  17. Sardines are excellent! Broccoli, leafy greens

  18. Raw eggs X

  19. If you want to take magnesium it's better you take also the co factors and the adrenal cocktail, as Tonya Alt advised you at the beginning of your thread. Magnesium is very important and helps a lot because seems a lot of people are deficient, but it's an electrolyte (like potassium, sodium etc) so increasing only one creates an imbalance and you'll feel worse instead of better (happened to me). The AC is for this. The cofactors help your body use the Mg. Anyway you can try to search the groups files and old threads and you'll find a lot of answers to your questions :)))

  20. Fenugreek has a healing effect on bones and I avoid milk completely

  21. Google boron water & Dr. Flechas.

  22. I really think with a problem this severe, you need an HTMA and skype consult asap!!

  23. 30 plus years ago I was told "drink a pint of milk every day and die". It was only ever recommended for children and expectant mothers

  24. Look into borax protocol, goes hand in hand with magnesium

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