I have question on the depo shot


I have question on the depo shot . I had only dose that lasted 3 months. Who was on depo and how long was you on there and when you try to have baby how long did it take you to have baby

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  1. Ugh I hope it don't screw me up

  2. Depo is known to wreak havoc on fertility for up to 1-2 years after your last injection. It is one of the most dangerous birth controls available, and there are even some countries that are banning it.

  3. Ya well I'm dealing with losing weight so once it out my system I won't be fighting the pounds and I'm taking pregnancy test to make sure they are negative right now

  4. Yea, it's supposed to make you gain weight also

  5. I was on the shot for a few years never had a period I got pregnant on the shot twice they are now 8 and 6 🙂

  6. I spotted for a month and half I hate it so I'm done with it .. Just hope I'm able to get pregnant again

  7. My first shot I spotted for over two weeks a month after getting it & got my second in Dec & am spotting again. Their trying to get me to get a third.

  8. Ugh I hope not I will be so mad I got on it after my lose in Oct and was suppose to get another dose but letting it ware it self out my system

  9. It can make you unable to have a baby & completely stop you're period, what I've been told. I'm going to get off the shot in March when I'm due for my next.

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