I have slight blood in my urine, is that normal with celiac?


Slight personal question, it’s happened a few times when I’m having a hard time with a bm, when I go, sometimes I have slight blood in my urine, is that normal with celiac? I haven’t been diagnosed but when I’m off the gluten I feel better but still having weird issues, I think I need more fiber, Anyone else have that issue?
Please help me it’s starting to worry me.

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  1. No, blood in urine is not normal. I would contact your Dr. Asap

  2. Blood in urine is different than blood in stool. Constipation can cause blood in stool but that won’t be related to urine

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s in my urine, I just hate going to the doctor. I’ve had so many tests ran on me and they always say I’m fine.

  4. I mean I don’t even know where to start. I live in the middle of nowhere and feel the doctors here don’t really know much about things. I have had so many blood tests ran for like thyroid issues and other test and when I was little I was tested for celiac and they said it was negative, but I do have dairy issues. But when I eat gluten I get sick, should I be re tested? And what other things should I test for?

  5. You can have a simple urinalysis that any lab can do with a Drs order to test your urine for blood and other issues. Not normal to have blood in urine and unless you have a UTI, it could be something more serious. I would get a urinalysis to rule that out. Also females should only wipe from front to back, so if you are wiping from back to front, you may be getting blood from anal area.

  6. Blood in stool u need to see a gastroenterologist u may have chrons or ulcerative colitis both are aggravated by gluten . Mine started as blood in stool months later was bloody diarrhea and I turned yellow

  7. I had that when I was on prednisone

  8. I’m not taking any meds, I just still slip up every know and then and eat gluten which hurts my stomach, which I need to be strictly gf, and I need to balance my diet better

  9. Not normal. You absolutely need to see a doctor. As celiacs we are much more likely to have colon/bladder/rectal cancers.

  10. Definitely head straight to your Dr.!

  11. Hannah, as you mention you don’t like going to see your doctor, but in this case you need to, it maybe something simple, but better to be safe than sorry, good luck

  12. Okay I went to the doctor today and it is a UTI causing it, and I had a blood test taken for celiac not sure if it will work because of my somewhat eating gluten free. But they gave me some antibiotics to help with my UTI and I’m iffy about taking them because I feel fine. And when I read the reviews it said it makes people super sick, and if I feel fine why would I want to go through that?

  13. sulfamethoxazole

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