I have someone who has a gluten allergy.


Hello 🙂

I work at a county jail and I’m a kitchen lady here. I have someone who has a gluten allergy. My company offers “diet plans” but they are far outdated and my boss will not update them. So I’m here to ask what I can offer this inmate, without upsetting his gluten allergy. What are specific ingredients I’m looking for when I’m searching for gluten? I know some ingredients may be tricky. We work with soy, even our patties are soy. Our sliced meat is turkey (ham, bologna, hot dogs, salami). We use white bread (with no label).

ETA: we came into an even bigger problem! ALL of our cakes, breads (such as rolls, biscuits, cornbread, etc) contain wheat. We serve them one cake and one bread at every meal. I have contacted my jails nurse along with contacting my boss. She said she was going to call me back with what to do.

ETA: this inmate doesn’t even have a gluten allergy ??? he just doesn’t like pasta.

Thank you!!

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    No white flour, wheat flour products for sure! Make a lettuce wrap with mayo and veggies. Salad veggies, fruit are good. Lots of processed meat has gluten in it. If you can use a different utensil , plate, prep area wiped clean free from debris that would be good. I know that it would be very difficult, but I totally commend you on helping!

  1. Your boss is required by law to provide safe options for inmates with medically necessary dietary restrictions….and kudos to you for reaching out to help this person!

  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables, gluten free lunch meat/fresh cooked meat, and if he’s able to handle dairy, that’s an option. Be careful with pre-grated cheese, they usually have products containing gluten in them to keep them from caking. Also, make sure any condiments are gluten free.

  3. The words to look out for wheat Rye barley oats not all oats but you can get gluten free oats these are all oh no no when you are Gluten Sensitive or have celiac there are a few more I am new to this myself so maybe one of the older members in this group can help you out with that

  4. Can I just say well done to you for going out of your way and going above and beyond what is expected of you in your role. I hope your employers show you the same gratitude

  5. As far as food prep, think of gluten containing foods as poison. If you touch gluten containing food, change gloves before touching the gluten free meal. Prepare it in a separate area. Don’t let any utensils that have touched gluten containing food touch it unless they have been thoroughly washed. Don’t even prepare it in the same room if there is flour in the air.

  6. No cake, no bread, no crackers!

  7. I don’t have much else to add except to say thank you 😃. I’ve often wondered what people in places like prison & nursing homes do. \n\nYou are so kind to go through the trouble to help him. ❤️

  8. Thank you for taking the time to care. Most don’t care about inmates.

  9. Celiac and food allergies are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This inmate has the absolute right to receive food that will not slowly kill him/her. Print out some info for your boss. Explain that the facility will have a lawsuit on its hands if he continues to feed someone dangerous food. That is called assault.

    Just for your information: There is no allergy to gluten. The difference between allergy and autoimmune is important to understand. Here is more science about the immune system than you ever wanted to know:

    There is no allergy to gluten. The difference between auto immune and allergy is really important to understand. The treatments are different. The reactions can both kill but in very different ways. Allergy kills very fast and needs immediate medical attention. Gluten issues generally kill so slowly that we have tons of time to adjust and heal. We have to know the difference so we can seek the proper help in the proper timeframe. And we must be able to communicate with others in language that is properly expressive. Many medicals have no idea what these differences are and most restaurants are pretty clueless. If we are to advocate for ourselves, we must use language that is scientifically correct.

    Gluten is the scientific name for the food source for every seed. The seed uses this as energy to grow roots and those first leaves. Think of it like the yolk of an egg. The gluten* in WHEAT, RYE, and BARLEY causes those with Celiac/NCGS disease to have an auto immune reaction where the immune system actually causes damage to the body. This is an auto immune reaction not an allergy. We have gradually come to think of the word gluten to mean just these three grains. But it is in all seeds.

    *actually the absolute correct terms are part glutenin AND part gliadin in wheat, hordein in barley, and secalin in rye, (minor gliadin in some barleys and ryes).

    The immune system is made of two parts: Innate and Adaptive

    Innate is allergy, hives, rashes, swelling of throat. These reactions are normal and not meant to destroy anything. They kill because they go out of control. There are medications that reduce them or support the short term immune reactions. These need immediate medical attention like emergency hospital care.

    Adaptive is auto immune. This is rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, celiac and a whole host of other life threatening diseases. This part of the immune system is meant to destroy invaders. It remembers bad virus and bacteria and sends out “warriors” to seek and destroy before the body gets sick again. When this part messes up, it destroys the body in response to an “attacker”. In celiac, the auto immune system destroys the villi which line the intestines. That is how the body gets all it nutrition. Celiac’s end up starving to death from eating gluten.

    Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive (NCGS) have all the same symptoms as celiacs. They just don’t have any verifiable evidence for the medical profession that damage occurs. There is so little actual research on NCGS that I find it difficult to believe that it is the “safe” thing that medicine now believes. A diet free of gluten is challenging. In my opinion, people simply don’t follow a gluten free diet to relieve symptoms without something actually being wrong.

    As you can see, you can be allergic to wheat, and/or rye, and/or barley in addition to or separately from celiac/NCGS. Celiac/NCGS and allergy to wheat, rye, barley are different parts of the immune system.

  10. God bless you to take the time to care.

  11. Bless your soul

  12. Rice, vegetables,fruits are safe, no wheat, rye or barley or anything derived from them. It’s complicated. Do some research.

  13. Wow, you are awesome for checking and caring! ❤️

  14. Switch items w a potato.. and frozen vedgies

  15. I can’t give you practice advice but I do say that you are a wonderful person for doing this.

  16. Idk if anyone answered this but soy is Ok! It’s made of the soybean. Some veggie burgers have gluten so have to watch out there but soy in general is completely fine. Thank you for helping others it’s hard to have faith in humanity but people like you give it hope

  17. Dietician time. I work in a prison and have wondered about this

  18. Your a lovely person to worry like this

  19. She’s also a legal eagle… the county could be sued

  20. Tayler Sutter I respect you trying to help inmates. My now ex is in the federal system and they told him to man up

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