I hit my 1 month GF/DF/SF marker yesterday.


I hit my 1 month GF/DF/SF marker yesterday.
I know my gut is still healing but was curious about one thing. I have noticed that my stomach doesn’t like being empty. IE; my hunger pains are more uncomfortable than before I went GF. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know why this is? I am constantly snacking to keep food in my stomach so I don’t feel it.

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  1. Ditto. Don’t know the answer tho

  2. Me too, I feel like I’m snacking to quell stomach sensations. Not really pain but not sure how to describe it.

  3. Me too it takes time to detox it does get better

  4. Yep all the time!

  5. Drink more water. Always have been told that it will help with hunger pains.

  6. I get a burning pain if I have an empty stomach

  7. My question is: how is everyone’s weight changing since going gf? I’m fighting the hunger too and trying to eat healthier stuff, but doesn’t always help. I am drinking 1.5- 2 liters of water daily, so I’m not dehydrated by any means. Lol

  8. It’s. So normal. I did that and grain free. I ate constantly.

  9. I had it for the first 2 months after going gf. It got better eventually. When my stomach was empty I always got heart burn and felt like vomitting

  10. Yes, I eat small things all day long

  11. It’s. So normal. I did that and grain free. I ate constantly.

  12. I’m almost 5 years in and am the same way. Too much acid is my guess.

  13. I get very nauseous in the burning too in my stomach I eat lots of little snacks to it gets a little better and I do drink lots of water but I’ve noticed after I went gluten-free an empty stomach pain is worse

  14. Yes, I was starving all the time. Be sure to have healthy snacks!

  15. Eating 3 small meals a day with snacks in between was recommended for me by a nutritionist years ago. It’s the only way I can eat because my stomach fills up very quickly and I’m hungry every two hours! If I don’t eat every too hours, my sugar gets too low and I can’t function.

  16. its bc we dont have as many carbs clogging up our tummies anymore!! so when u are hungry it rly hits u! other folks can load up on carbs with no problem and not experience hunger for awhile

  17. I had the opposite, but it might be because I was so low carb the first couple months I was practically eating keto. I was never hungry.

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