I just finished my 8th and final dose of chemo


I just finished my 8th and final dose of chemo, I know many are against it but my mass was 4cm before I started and now they can’t even see it on a MRI.. Now I’ve gotten this far I want to get on the best vitamin plan you know of for invasive carcinoma breast Cancer, stage 2 almost 3? Thanks in advance for you help now GO!!

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  1. Did you get short of bresth with your chemo???

  2. thats what I have I can help you PM me

  3. Karen schiffmann I totally agree.

  4. My feeling is this whole thing has been the most deeply spiritual experience of my life. I'm changed in ways I could never have imagined and I'm absolutely sure that this happened for a reason, no matter what the outcome, though now that outcome is bright. This has been my experience.

  5. Well Karen, I can somewhat understand alternative treatments, but I'd wonder why God let it happen in the first place. Best of luck to you.

  6. No, I finally had the big surgery. I had done everything under the sun to avoid it for almost a year and a half but I'm so glad I did. The surgeon recommends more chemo but this is where I put my trust in alternative treatment, new, non chemo treatments being developed (and God)

  7. Sound advice Kirsten in my opinion

  8. Karen, I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this. Did you continue chemo?

  9. I stopped my chemo/radiation in July and it was back in force by January so it's definitely good to have a good plan for continued wellness. Fortunately things are well again for me, as I'm sure can be the same for you:)

  10. As terrible as it sounds, when I posted a question last week about avoiding a recurrence after my recent surgery, the strongest suggestion I received was re: urine therapy as it contains stem cells. I then saw an abundance of research supporting it in treating tons of cancers. I haven't tried it and am not sure I will but it does beat the sound of chemo or dying. I wish you well

  11. I have read and seen some amazing posts by women who have breast cancer and have used blacksalve. They have been cleared by scans after treatment. There is a black salve fb page. Its usually recommended that bloodroot also be taken. I wish you well.

  12. I did the same thing for my breast cancer. After surgery, make sure you do a lot of juicing, Vit D3 and curcurmin.



  13. I would like to say don't get scammed with natural health businesses. My sister researched for months. Curcummin, colloidal silver,no sugar/carbs,marijuana oil, black seed oil etc are things to look into. Eat a balanced diet and restore relationships. Make sure you continue to enjoy life and don't become the disease. My mum has been sick for a year and natural health options can be all consuming. Just make sure you are true to yourself cause as soon as life becomes about battling death your loosing time. Live freely and passionately each day. Sending you best wishes for your complete healing and recovery.

  14. Coconut oil and super biocurcumin

  15. What an insane thing to say to somebody Nadine Napolitano, "what will occur will be a recurrence." Are you serious. Shame on you!

  16. What the chemo has done is destroy the non active, dormant cancer cells that make up the bulk of nearly 98 percent of a tumor; while you are excited that the tumor is nearly gone, what is left is the most active, aggressive cancer cells, including the cancer stem cells that are never killed by the chemo. What will occur will be a recurrence. What you can do is to stop the recurrence by now killing them. This is one of the primary focuses Jesicha's Hope jesichashope.org helps people with. We show people how to create balance, discover cause, repair and treat to arrive at cure. You are in a perfect place right now to accomplish this goal. message us for details.

  17. You are doing the best you can at the time. Do nOt feel judged because of your decisions. I am happy your now feeling better and changing diet. I have a mass in my lung and will definitely be changing diet, but with 3 aunts that died of lung cancer I may have the lump out and then change the diet too. I do not want it to reoccur based on my diet.

  18. So much love and healing to you

  19. To each their own. For some chemo does the job. For others chemo does nothing. That's where alternative methods should be encouraged and supported

  20. Alternative meds and herbs do work..My mother had gangreen . and she was near her 95years and it was getting bad. The doctor was going to cut her feet..I just went crazy. I went to an herblist I knew and he gave me some herbs to use on mother, he gave me enough for a month. I did the debreading and them use the water to wash her heals and then use a lite gauze to wraped her heels with the herbs. Weeks went by and she was still the same. When I took her then to the one that was going to cut her feet off..he took the wrap of and her heels were great no sign of anything. The DR. said maybe this xrays belong to some one else there is nothing wrong with her…I told him what I have done and he wanted me to do the same with his mother…but I knew the mother didn't understand English and I didn't unerstand her ..I just couldn't do it…she was scared of me….but there is lot of great alternative herblalist that can help our with natural alternative….My mother lived to be 102 yrs , she died with her body parts all there..what I forgot what kind of herb I bought, had a head injury and forgot somethings..

  21. If you havent been green juicing , coffee enemas and immune building while doing chemo You will need to do all the natural slowly so you don't detox too fast . I would begin by eating only plants as God made them. Fresh and raw. Veggies and fruits. Build your body back up.

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