I just got off the phone from my consult with Morley Robbins.


I just got off the phone from my consult with Morley Robbins. I am thrilled, exhilarated and overwhelmed all at once ? This was the best money I have spent in years. I would encourage anyone on the fence to jump! I will be spending days looking at my notes, listening to the recording, and drawing and underlining (my method of solidifying things in my brain)
FYI’s – Morley does send you your HTMA test results ahead of time and all the diagrams that he has done up. You get a chance to look and study those before hand. I also had a list of questions, but most of those he answered in general conversation. He does send a follow-up email with specific recommendations, which I am anticipating eagerly. It was such a blessing to have someone who could take all of my tests and symptoms, put them together and suggest a definite course of action. I encourage everyone to continue to read and study, but also not to hesitate to seek his advice after testing. While it is wonderful to have test results, and piece together knowledge, Morley took the specifics and all of his knowledge and packaged into a usable practical course of action tailored for me. I felt like a person sitting down before jigsaw puzzle I had gathered a piece here and there and Morley gave me the framework , the picture I was going for and the clues to put it altogether. Go for it! ???

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  1. I have my first consult with him tomorrow. I am so excited! Can you give me any tips to prepare? Did you make a list of questions?

  2. Mine is next week I'm excited.

  3. Great news! Do you think he would consult with patients from Australia via phone or Skype? I'm interested.

  4. Oops. I just saw you said you had a list of questions. My bad

  5. Morley Robbins. Will I receive your diagrams prior to our consult? Thanks, Kate

  6. Morley for President!

  7. No- not president! Just let him do what he does best, and pray for his health and strength as well as time to relax and enjoy.

  8. How do you get started?

  9. My kit is "in the mail" – can't wait! I can finally color my hair again lol. 🙂 I've been walking around skunk stripped for a few months now. Mary Ann White did you also do the blood testing alongside the HTMA?

  10. I can't wait to do this! Thank u for sharing your experience!

  11. Hmmm…I never got an email afterwards with the recommendations, which I definitely could have used because he does cover so much and I didn't feel well at the time. I did love the consult though. And Morley is awesome!

  12. Morley Robbins.. I'm in New Zealand and would love to have a consult I know there would probably be a waiting list and other things but I'm happy to wait 🙂 also, does anyone know the cost of it?

  13. Can't wait! 🙂

  14. Thank-you mj 🙂

  15. My consult is tomorrow and I need my updated spreadsheet!! The one I have only has my HTMA results. Blood work was sent in, I've emailed to confirm its been received, and have not heard back. Don't I need an updated spreadsheet that includes the blood work? MJ? Morley Robbins?

  16. Agreed, he is wonderful. We had our consult and now looking forward to getting the bloodwork done.

  17. Not sure my hair is long enough for an htma. Do I need to leave it grow for a while? When I get it cut, I get about a half inch cut off and there isn't a lot left.

  18. Love this and I agree!

  19. I never received anything after paying $150. I even sent him an email to request a refund and never got any response. I'm very disappointed.

  20. Mary Ann……was there an ah hah moment? Something that really clicked?? Would you share it? This fascinates me !!!

  21. Roxanne, in the last few years I have watched my health deteriorate with no knowledge as to why. I have read numerous health books – at least 20, scoured the Internet tried a few different alternative doctors and since I recently acquired Medicaid- even tried working with a traditional pharmaceutical doctor. I have taken more supplements then I can afford and could probably open my own vitamin store. But I had been shooting in the dark and trying to self diagnose. My symptoms seem totally unrelated to one another, I have had tremors in my neck and hands, neurological pain, muscular pain, POTS symptoms, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid, a liver cyst, sinus and teeth problems and recently had begun using the walker because of balance and dizziness issues. I felt like I was running from symptom to symptom trying to solve each one.My doctor had run some tests and come up with more things wrong but no answers. I would read the latest thing in a health book, Facebook,Pinterest, etc. and decide that this must be the answer.
    My ah ha moment came when I realized that all of these individual difficulties can be tied to either a shortage or an imbalance of minerals and that i had finally found not just another theory -but testing and someone who could not only have the smarts to study and figure these things out, but also had the rare ability in addition to be able to communicate complex subjects in a friendly easy-to-understand way without being condescending. In listening to Morley I could tell that he genuinely cared about helping people to get well and was excited about his discoveries. One example-I have had difficulty breathing and sleeping and my doctor put me on a CPAP. Morley said if I needed a CPAP that was tied to excessive or more correctly dysregulated copper. And yes my HTMA showed excessive copper. I realized rather than taking various "problems" and addressing them individually, I should begin to rebuild my body with the correct mineral balances and allow it to heal. What a relief that was to realize I could focus on building health instead of panicking and researching as each new "problem" popped up!

  22. Mary Anne! So happy for you!!!! I send you the best of luck healing!!!!

  23. I'm very interested. I'm in Canada and I don't currently have a doctor who will run a bunch of tests to find out mineral imbalances. I have to pay out of pocket and see a nauralpath for any tests I want done. It's exacty as you said Marie Ann…. Maybe this could be good option for me. Do I contact him on FB?

  24. Yes I would like to know the best way to contact him also. I've sent Morley messages on FB and written on his wall but no responseI want to get an idea of fees for the consultation and also confirmation of the blood tests I need…

  25. The fees are listed..just click on the link at the top of this page where it says, "Work with Us" It is $150 for members of this group and $110 for our kids.

  26. Anne Atwood, Jasleen Sangha go here:



  27. Morley Robbins…I'm looking forward to our consultation, but I know you have lots of information to process. Looking forward to my charts! Just looking forward to talking to you!

  28. How does the hair testing work if your hair is colored? How long do you not color before you can submit?

  29. I'm just waiting for my hair to grow out from my latest dye job. I cannot wait!

  30. How does one get a consult?

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