I just had to comment on a Mercola YouTube about Iron


I just had to comment on a Mercola YouTube about Iron (seven year old video) because he recently commented to someone and suggested a higher ferritin level than what we have learned from Morley Robbins research.

Never mind me, but airing out my frustration of all the misinformation out there and how it hurts people. Here goes…

Disappointed I bought into the STTM idea that ferritin needs to be, “Optimally, females often are 70-90 with ferritin (Janie’s is 80 when her iron is good); men tend to be slightly above 100.”

When first diagnosed w/hypothyroidism 10/2012, my ferritin was about 32, IIRC. I was actually fine then with ferritin, but STTM had me believe it was too low. I used to donate blood 2-3X=year before the ‘low’ ferritin level, so stopped donating blood.

So without guidance (Lord knows I tried)–and after seeing four doctors in one year to appropriately address my thyroid and ‘low’ ferritin issues. It’s as if no one wanted to address the iron issues–at all; at least the fourth Dr treated my thyroid properly, but still no guidelines/recommendations for the iron. So, I thought I was smart and began using iron. Never mind the brand, iron type, mg or qty, but after self-dosing about a year, 2013, I learned supplementing iron was not needed so stopped supplementing iron, late 2013, altogether.

I mention all that because my ferritin ended up at 123 ng/mL 15-150 , November 2013; then I had my biggest MS flare EVER (since diagnosed, 4/1990), spring 2014.

So after partial recovery of the MS flare, I learned various things about my health….

• Copper/Ceruloplasmin ratio
• low zinc
• active D (aka 1,25-D or calcitriol) was elevated/over lab range (was not previously tested, so who knows how long!)
• ACE was elevated/over lab range about two years (was not tested previously, so who knows how long it was ekevated?!)
• low RBC Mag, began testing 2014…
• B6 toxicity lab, 11/2015
• Apparently, “leading Cardiologists are STRONGLY advising their patients that the optimal Ferritin Functional Range = 20-50, and that levels above 50 CAUSE an uptick of heart events…” (All this based on a KEY study in Finland in 1992…)

So, I finally went back to donating blood and did so this August and October 2016, after realizing through 12/8/16 labs show high iron levels, about all the way around–even after donating 2X previously.

Not sure if my “MS” flare was really due to the B6 toxicity (and the detrimental effects B6 toxicity has); after all, I had numb feet for four years prior to the B6 toxicity lab, 11/2015. Wish I knew to ask for it sooner. Shame on the four doctors and three different neurologists who never tested it–or the one rheumatologist. I complained about the numb feet to all of them. I finally had the wherewithal to ask for the B6 lab (same for the 1,25-D lab!), thanks to Phyllis, another MAG member, and found out my lab results were due to issues with too much B6! One year later, 12/2016, feet still have numb issues. Sometimes it’s not as noticeable, but other times it definitely remains.

I will donate O+ tomorrow and will go every eight weeks to get the iron levels down.

Will always wonder what caused the MS exacerbation and the continued dominant arm/hand/fingers weakness/dexterity issues–B6 toxicity damage or because of high iron…

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  1. Good for you and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Joni Knox I would never have known either – I asked for a B6 test, I still think he thinks it not a problem but following protocol and it will ease, and he has agreed to do a blood dump..I have had high iron for a while also..

  3. So, what did your most recent blood iron panel reveal?


    how do you manage to low the B6,Joni Knox??

  4. Joni Knox
    Excellent Post!…

    Let's call a Spade, a Spade!

    And what are ALL Spades made from?!?… 😉

    You betcha — IRON!!!

    What mineral is KEY to "activate" B6 into its P5P status?!? It's called Mg-ATP! And what metal undermines the production of Mg-ATP AND activates the enzyme to "D"estroy B6 viability?!?… 😉

    You betcha — IRON!!!
    (What we're at a loss for knowing is EXACTLY what form of B6 is being "measured" in these Blood tests: B6 or P5P?!? It does make a difference…)

    Please step back from your doubt… Please re-read your Post again, slooooooowly and connect the "D"ots on EXACTLY what CAUSED your M$ flair…

    There AIN'T no "D"oubt in my mind…

    IRON-ic, eh?!?…

    A votre sante!

  5. I'm so confused about b6 toxicity, actually it scares me. Can someone enlighten me on it? Is it because your body is not using it appropriately?

  6. I have hereditary hemochromatosis. Hematologist wants ferritin at 30. You really should be looking at a full iron panel, though. It's possible to have super high ferritin and be anemic.

  7. He said M$! lol

  8. Ok… about to leave to donate blood. Any words I can pass on to DH to encourage him more than I have to donate, too? He did just have blood labs earlier today… iron labs included! (We'll see! His brother had hemochromatosis, but appears DH only has one gene with one copy:
    H63D C,G)

    I say blood donation might help BPH. (Does it?) 😉

  9. I have experienced the exact same Joni Knox! My doctor had me on 20,000 units of D3 instead. Never felt so ill in my life. Do you have your Vit d levels in range now? Really glad you found a way forward

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