I just ordered a Nima Gluten Sensor


I just ordered a Nima Gluten Sensor, and I am so freaking excited to get it! It should be here in 1-3 days. I cannot wait to test things and let you all know of my findings (if that’s allowed on this page). This will really come in handy when I buy a new snack or spice, or if I decide to go out to eat with family. I have 9 canker sores in my mouth from being glutened the other day, and hopefully my Nima Sensor will prevent that from happening again. I seriously am so happy about this I could explode.

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  1. Where did u get it at?

  2. What spices are gf?

  3. Wait…what??? Canker sores cause from being glutened. Omg I have had an awesome 2-3 at the top of my mouth and I have been trying to figure out wtf caused it.

  4. Please share what you find out 👍

  5. Ps Penzeys spices are gf

  6. I went to the site and don’t really understand. You just cram food in the thing? How do u clean it? I’m confused

  7. I love my
    Nima tester!!! It’s a life saver

  8. I used to always have canker sores, now gone since gf,

  9. I would seriously love to do a huge Nima test on Cheerios and so many other “GF” products

  10. My Nima sensor is a lifesaver!

  11. There’s a Nima sensor user group that you should join. People share their test results. There’s a lot of people who don’t like the Nima, so I really appreciate having a group that just discusses how to use it and what we found.

  12. It is very cool. Be sure to read the website about what foods/liquids can’t be tested. Also, technique on how to test different textures of foods. It will save you from wasting cartridges

  13. Will look forward to hearing all about it. Please keep us posted.

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