I just received my bee pollen today


I just received my bee pollen today. Put a tiny pinch (about the size of a small apple seed) under my tongue and after a few moments, my tongue felt kinda weird and then my heart started racing, felt light headed and my throat felt like it was going to close. I know that this was an anaphylactic response, my question is, does this mean that I absolutely shouldn’t take bee pollen or will my body slowly get used to it enough to be safe?

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  1. Do not do it again!!! It will most likely be worse next time

  2. Dini, did you buy local bee pollen?

  3. I was scared. I feel better now but still don't feel right. I'm hoping that you can build up immunity to it.

  4. I'm following because I just got some but didn't try it yet. Have you ever had a bad reaction to a bee sting?

  5. Dini Hendrix you're supposed to buy bee pollen that's local to your area. To be exposed to pollen you've never encountered or never had contact with could be harmful.

  6. Should I expect any more symptoms from this one time? Should I take a benadryl or something to stave off more reaction or do you think the one reaction was it?

  7. If you still feel funny I would take a dose of Benadryl…. Allergic reactions can come and go until the offender compleatly clears your system ….

  8. You're supposed to start with one granule in case of a reaction. Some react with too much too fast. I'd do a ton of reading before deciding to try again, if you do.

  9. I swear bee pollen should come with HUGE warnings!!!!

  10. I would recommend not taking another dose.

  11. You can take two piriton antihistamines at a time if you need too, they will knock you out but will help stop any reaction. ( I am allergic to wasps so carry those and an epipen).

  12. What is the best antihistamine that has little to no, inactive ingredients?

  13. you should only use local bee pollen….yes you will have a histamine reaction the first few time you use it. i only use 2-3 pellets a day and only swallow it. never under the tongue because it will absorb really fast

  14. Did the same thing and got same reaction so i stopped too. This was yrs ago. Havent tried again. Lol

  15. Hmmm I can eat a spoonful and it does absolutely nothing for me, I wonder if anyone can answer why?

  16. The aroma is so pleasing and the taste was like something I remember in my childhood, so nice. I'm really bummed.

  17. Dini Hendrix
    So sorry to see that this happened…
    This is only the 2nd time I'm aware that anyone had a bad reaction. The other individual got swollen lips…

    It is likely best that you exercise caution here. I'm not entirely sure what to advise and would suggest you might get input from both a health professional and a bee farmer…

    Please keep us posted on your status going forward…

    A votre sante!

  18. Morley Robbins u had advised my 2 yr old to have some so i tried myself 1st to b cautious, i had 1 small teaspoon and within minutes my throat swelled up,intense throat itching,trouble breathing etc.i didnt realise u should only try 1 granule at a time.i just took half the dose listed.i had run out of antihistamines so took some horseradish vinegar as it usually works 4 my hayfever and within minutes everything was calm again.stupid me didnt put 2 and 2 together that im allergic to plant pollen…i stupidly didnt realise it was basically same thing!

  19. Ashleigh Byrne did you make the horseradish vinegar? That's interesting that it worked on your hayfever

  20. My mom got some at the local health food store and it didn't even have any instructions on it. I told her to take one granual to see how it affects her, but she'd already taken about a half tsp, she had no reaction whatsoever. Ashleigh Byrne, was yours local? Just curious, I am really bummed and want more info on the local vs just domestic.

  21. Avoid any further exposure to bee pollen.

  22. Dini Hendrix I am so sorry you are having these problems. I have had an anaplylactic reaction to hair dye and ended up in the hospital. Now I carry an epipen I have had the throat, mouth itching etc, from grapes, and other foods since then.

  23. No i just bought the bee pollen and horseradish vinegar at healthfood shop,i couldnt get any bees pollen locally

  24. What is bee pollen used for?

  25. Fyi, if you're in a major pinch with no drugs nearby, you can drink your urine for the specific antibodies that you just ingested! 🙂 gross, I know, but get over it!

  26. Missy-good advice. I wouldn't have thought of it but it's true. It would probably work!

  27. What is pollen for?

  28. I have bad pollen allergies every fall and every time id try taking my pollen id feel funny and then wake up the next morning with *major* phlegm (gross, I know, sry!) and congestion. Then I came here and read about starting *really* slowly, so I backed off and slowed down, went from a pinch to litterally one grain every three or four days. With that little, I never noticed any reaction of any type, no congestion, nothing. Now three weeks into trying again I am up to about 10 grains a day, taken first thing in the morning. Sometimes I feel a little funny for a minute or two (I've started disolving under the tongue) but I never get the congestion the next morning anymore, and my fall allergies and loss of hearing has vanished…mid season! And I always have more energy a half-hour later. I dont know what id tell you. Personally, I think *if* you were going to try again, youd be wise to only use local pollen. No reason to exasperate possible problems worse by using non local pollen.
    I had similar scares to you when I started fermentated vegetables, and it freaked me out and off of them for awhile…

  29. Usually the reaction gets worse with each exposure. I would stay away from bee pollen

  30. I couldn't take it. I had to take Benadryl to stop my reaction. It will sometimes save me a trip to ER. If I were you, with the reaction you had, I would not take it again.

  31. It does sound like you were having a reaction to the bee pollen. I take a teaspoon in the AM and don't feel anything. Which is unusual because I am sensitive or allergic to a lot of things. I did start with just a couple of balls. If I were you, I'd not take it any more.

  32. Each time you come in contact with something that causes a reaction it gets worse. I'm allergic to banana. I won't eat it even with antihistamines

  33. I would not risk it other ways u can get benefits I'm sure

  34. All of this has been interesting to read. I've been taking bee pollen for about two months. I started off with a few pieces now up to almost a half tsp. When I was a child if I got stung I'd swell up like crazy, actually, I remember getting stung on the hand after I was married because I grabbed my wedding band off. ( my hand did swell.) That was many years ago. Taking the bee pollen hasn't bothered me.

  35. Has anyone had any bad reactions to royal jelly? I was thinking of trying it.

  36. Dini, it sounds like you still want to try it again but more slowly. I'm not advising you because obviously there's a risk here, but if it was me, I'd try just a grain and I'd walk into the emergency department and pop it under my tongue, so that if I started to feel a bad reaction I'd be able to get help immediately.

  37. Anaphylactic shock is an extreme, life threatening reaction to an allergy that can quickly kill. The first exposure to the allergen has no effect, (bee sting as a child) but the body produces antibodies so the next exposure will cause a reaction. Each exposure causes more extreme reactions as the antibodies build up. The next exposure could result in death. Forget about home remedies, this is deadly serious. See your doctor and ask for an allergy test and an epi-pen in case you are stung by a bee at any time.

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