I just started my Synthroid this morning.


Hi, I was just Diagnosed with Hashi’s yesterday, I am I the Marines so the naval medicine approach to everything is to throw pills at it until it goes away. I just started my Synthroid this morning. If anyone else has taken this particular drug can you tell me how it affected you either positively or negatively? What should I expect?

Side note, I work for the Marine Corps on a nuclear missile base, could my exposure to radiation have caused this?

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  1. I was diagnosed in 1971 and took Synthroid for 20 years until I moved to a country where it wasn’t available. I’ve been taking a different brand of levothyroxine for the past 27 years now. I’m doing fine and it’s what it keeping me alive since I have no thyroid function. Yes, radiation exposure may have had something to do with triggering the disease although we are born with the genetic predisposition. This is a chronic, lifelong condition that does not go away. The Synthroid is hormone replacement.

  2. I also have Hashis. I have been on synthroid for years and personally have had no issues with it. I’m in college and work out daily, and eat healthy. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

  3. I live in Spain, diagnosed 3 years ago. My tsh was 6.89. However in Spain, they will not medicate until tsh is 10 minimum. I have cut out gluten, starchy carbs and soy, plus I take selenium and zinc supplements. It helps me feel brighter and clearer. I believe a good controlled diet goes a long way to help living with hashis… Good luck!

  4. It’s good, they should slowly increase your dose until your symptoms are gone.

  5. What dose did they start you on, Daniel? They should be checking your levels every 6 – 8 weeks (that’s how long it takes to build up in your system) and increase as needed. I believe that the average dose for a man is around 150 mcg but some may need less and others require much more depending on various factors.

  6. First off thank you for your service. I take the generic Synthyroid and I haven’t had any issues with it. The thing I would say about it all is you learn to listen to your body. I recently ignored a sore throat and pressure feeling on my throat and developed a small goiter. It had gone away by the time I went to the endo. I had had a flare where my thyroid was attacked. It also caused inflammation in my lymph nodes on my neck. Even after the meds were upped it took a few months for the swelling to go down. Watch for small changes like that. Usually when things are going wacky on me I wake up with a sore throat and hoarse sounding voice that goes away during the day. Supplements will help with symptoms. As most of us have learned just because you are on medication doesn’t mean symptoms are under control. I still take a nap every afternoon :/ And if you are having more issues press for a full thyroid panel. You may need a medication with T3 in it.

  7. “Environmental Exposures and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2935336/

  8. Hey Daniel, I’m former military and was stationed where you are now. I often wonder if my exposure had anything to do with my diagnosed as well. That’s a good question and I’m going to ask my doctor next time I see her.

  9. When I was diagnosed, my doctors told me it was passed on from your dna. If it’s radiation exposure than I’d like to know I worked in a radiology and hospital for a few years before I lost my job due to this damn illness and doctors treating each symptom as their own. Like hello? It took me 12 minutes on the internet to diagnose my issues. And these doctors wasted 10 years of my life.

  10. I, like you are, am concerned about radiation. I was told to always ask for a thyroid guard when having any x-ray done. That tells me a lot. Radiation has to affect the thyroid. It also affects the endothelial cells in you arteries and veins. X-rays are very inflammatory.

  11. Daniel I know this will be harder if your deployed especially. But if you can eliminate all traces of wheat and dairy asap. I’m sure you will need a detox protocol as well. Please purchase and read The Root Cause; Izabella Wentz and Datis Kharrazian Why Do I Still Have Symptoms When My Labs Are Normal. This will get you started. After that insist on natural thyroid replacement. You may or may not get a push back on that. My Armour is filled at Nellis AFB special order. Good luck. Keep me updated.

  12. If you can consult a professional for serious detox. Cilantro, pectin, charcoal, clay baths, Epsom salts , smoothie high fiber and juice cleansing and enemas. I believe toxicity may be your root cause. While doing this the disease is perpetuated by eating wheat and dairy.

  13. Detox can cause sickness or what’s known as Herkimer response you’ll need to do it slowly.

  14. Catching a virus at some stage in your life can eventually trigger Hashimoto’s. Modifying your diet to non gluten, non dairy or soy should help a lot.

  15. Oh gosh one more thing. Almost all children and adults around Chernobyl ended up with hashi or graves.

  16. If you read dr Isobel wentz she caught hers she was child victim of Chernobyl. So the answer is yes it could be a possibility

  17. Daniel – I can’t comment on radiation, but I do know that stress plays a big part with the thyroid. That could mean stress on the job, someone dying, a move with the family, etc.

  18. Titer up if they try to start you too high.

  19. Hi Daniel! Thank you for your service!
    Navy vet over here who just recently diagnosed thru the VA for Hashimoto – I think it is a military thing to throw pills, specifically ibuprofen to all ailments. At least it seems to be the common theme within my group of friends when dealing with military docs, each branch of service covered in the group.
    I am still waiting on the delivery of the levothyroxine (if I spelled that right) and am overwhelmed by ALL the info – especially since my doc left me a voicemail for the diagnosis…
    Of course it was within 30 min of the appointment. This being the replacement to my last PA who moved on to greener pastures, was not aware my thyroid levels should have been checked when running my blood work.
    Your post was a relief to come across as scanning all the other posts – I am quickly learning that this thing is different for us all – and the umbrella cure of ibuprofen may not work on this one

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