I just started taking jigsaw magnesium


I just started taking jigsaw magnesium. The bottle says to take it twice a day so I figured I take it in the morning and in the evening. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, I feel like I’ve been drugged. I’m assuming it’s the magnesium. Does everyone just take all their pills at one time in the evening?

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  1. No… most of us take Mg in small amounts several times a day.

  2. You could try that. Googling yields max dosage of 4 pills twice a day. Or you could take the low dose in the morning and the high dose at dinner time. Newbies may need a higher dose. I wish people would just read the book.

  3. I take it as described on the label. I also do other things during the day as explained in the pinned post at the top of the page, like trans dermal and eating mag rich foods. You may have other minerals that are deficient. Have you considered the HTMA testing so you can see exactly what you need?

  4. Kimberly Powell West – take one pill only a day for a few days as your body adjusts. Then, take another at a different time of the day. Most folks take Mg malate durig the day as it energizes.

  5. I was taking mag glycinate 2x daily for anxiety and it helped so much! But now I'm going to switch to malate in daytime and glycinate at night.

  6. I had the HTMA test and the dosage was discussed with me but not time of day to take it. I was afraid to ask this question because I thought there was probably something I'm missing and I should already this. And yes I do the magnesium oil, I also use the oil in a bath once a week with Borax. I do the Epson salt with borax once week. Although I haven't dove into a dark chocolate bar yet, I am adding magnesium rich foods to my diet.
    I will get this down!!! :/

  7. I could not tolerate jigsaw. I do my mag at night, via bath and.or food based mega foods brand.

  8. Did it make you tired Cathy?

  9. It made me tired at first for a couple days. I remember thinking, this is energy? But it got so much better. I try to make changes or increases in supplements and dosses on nights before a day I don't have anything major to do, just in case of an unexpected reaction.

  10. Mj what book is Bruce referring to ? Is it recommended by Morley ?

  11. KimMarie Ranieri I would like to know what book as well. The only book I found on gotmag is the downloadable book "The Black Book". After looking through youtube videos etc… I found a referene to Magnificient Magnesium. Maybe that is what he is talking about. Books were not discussed during my consult with Morley so I am not sure. I think sometimes folks forget the newbies don't know all we need to know yet.

  12. Which book Bruce Hunt?

  13. I think there is a book list in FILES.

  14. Bruce Hunt is not going to answer as he is apparently no longer a member of the group. I would look at the book list in the files.

  15. Reading books are great way to gain knowledge but getting feed back from the people in this group is what I find most helpful and why I joined this great group of folks.

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