I kept having Caramel drinks at Starbucks


PSA: Just because you don’t have a reaction to some foods doesn’t mean it’s gluten free and not a quality measure of what’s gluten free. I kept having Carmel drinks at Starbucks all summer one year, never got sick. Until bam I developed hypothyroidism thanks to the unseen damage I was doing. Accidentally ate three whole wheat waffles once. Never had a reaction. And I’m extremely sensitive and this was about ten years of being gluten free. Don’t go telling people it’s safe because you didn’t get sick.

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  1. I agree. I usually don’t have GI issues. My symptoms are fatigue and joint pain. Sometimes I get fatigue without eating gluten, so I’m never sure. The joint pain starts in a few days or weeks and lasts months, so I’m usually at a loss to know what caused it.

  2. I agree. I wish we could have an easy at home test we can do to monitor our antibodies levels.


  4. I completely agree. I was drinking Starbucks Caramel for a long time because someone said they were OK. Went one time after I found and the barista was celiac himself and he showed me yes the syrup they use for my favorite drink was wheat. He made me a different yummy drink and showed me everything he put in it. It bugs me so much with like domino’s GF pizza, they say on their site it’s not safe at all for celiac why do they still eat it…. “THEY DONT REACT”…. AHH makes me wanna scream

  5. I also don’t think its fair to say things aren’t safe because you (not you specifically) have a reaction. My non reaction to the same item may be the same lack of reaction the other person has as well. All of us have different levels of sensitivity. “Safe” is a term we should no longer use for anything. I personally think its helpful seeing how many people do or do not have reactions to items.

  6. so you developed hypothyroidism from having too much gluten? Tell me more! I have had family members have this issue and I do not want to set myself up for that or prolong it

  7. Like when people ask if things are gluten free…yes based on the label its gluten free…no that doesnt mean you won’t have a reaction to it still because of the way its processed or ingredients were grown.

  8. Wow!! I’m sorry this happened!😦

  9. And, don’t go telling people that you got sick, so it must have gluten in it.

  10. When I say this I’m being \

  11. Amen sista!

  12. Paid trolls from the fb GLUTEN FREE group?? They never stopped saying that things were gf when they were NOT. IE Cherrios, Starbucks just to name a few

  13. There was a Starbucks barista in one of my groups who verified that the caramel sauce in the U.S. is safe. The website that people normally cite is for Portugal. She had a pic of the actual caramel bag used in Starbucks. The only risk is cross-contam at Starbucks like any other restaurant.

  14. Yes? I’ve given up on going to Starbucks. The only thing I’d order (should I go on rare occasion) would be those herbal teas in a glass bottle.

  15. Just because you got sick doesn’t mean I will or vice versa. Don’t go saying because it’s not safe for you that it’s not safe for anyone. Everyone has their own level of sensitivity.

  16. I am frankly scared to comment in this group. If I mention my son did not have a reaction to something, it is immediately interpreted wrongly. I think it is the same for others. My son has been gluten free for over 14 years, since before he turned 3, so his gut has had time to heal… Please remember that every Celiac patient is different and therefore will react differently to ingredients… Please be kind and supportive, and assume that when someone comments, they are doing it with the best intentions in mind…

  17. I’m not sure why people don’t understand that if you have Celiac disease any amount of gluten is sending an autoimmune response to your body. I’m almost a silent Celiac (I have few symptoms when glutened) but I know enough that even if I get CCed it is doing damage.
    I don’t care whether you get a reaction or not, my insides are destroyed right now from unknowingly having Celiac disease for so long.
    Don’t go around telling Celiac people that something is safe because you didn’t get a reaction – chances are your intestines took a blow without your knowledge.
    Celiac disease is super sneaky.

  18. Agree. My daughter and I both have Celiac. We had two issues this year. We accidentally ate oreos that were not gluten free. My fault. I had an immediate violent reaction and my daughter nothing. Another time we accidentally ate flour tortillas and she had violent reaction and I didn’t. Before you comment on “accidentally”, there is nothing you can say to me that I already didn’t say to myself that was worse. When your child trusts you and you feed her poison it is a new kind of guilt hell.

  19. Yeah man, yah. Getting sick of people saying they aren’t getting sick off stuff, only to find out they aren’t celiac. Or they are, and don’t realize they have silent celiac.

  20. THANK YOU! As someone who worked at Starbucks pre-diagnosis, I promise everything that isn’t prepackaged there is contaminated!! It’s hard to see people putting blind faith in a fast food chain that doesn’t train on allergens or celiac or cross contamination at all and most of the workers are very young. It’s the same as any fast food joint only with fancy names. Gluten is everywhere all over everything even cups and lids.

  21. Yes. It will never fall into the easy pile. A constant learning process . A good memory won’t hurt none either.. A healthy gluten free 2018 everyone.

  22. We had a good experience over Xmas at Pizza Express my daughter who is 12 was recently diagnosed so this was our first try at eating out! She had the gf dough balls and a pasta dish. They came on a different style bowl/plate which they only use for GF\nWe also ate out in Alnwick at The Dirty Bottles. They had limited GF and advised us that although the fries are gf they are fried in the same fryer as onion rings … I think the 2 visits were positive ones.

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