I know he shouldn’t take Calcium. Please help!


A 16 year old football player who is 6’3″ and 290 lbs has had numerous broken bones and bone fractures since he was ten years old. After his most recent compound fracture, his doctor tested his Vitamin D level and discovered it is low. He has been prescribed vitamin D supplement. What type of and how much magnesium supplement should he take along with the vitamin D. I know he shouldn’t take Calcium. Please help!

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  1. Low D is a sign of low magnesium. Supplement Magnesium not synthetic D.

  2. He shouldn't take the vitamin D is the thing. Any magnesium would be good. In his case LOTS of it!

  3. Magnesium, boron and silica are needed for strong bones.

  4. sounds like one of those kids that grows fast and his bones end up being weak .. not enough essential minerals

  5. Oh no! Skip the D and take magnesium + cofactors (especially borax/boron). Plus diatomaceous earth for silica.

  6. Thank you so much for your responses. This helps! I know the Dr. has prescribed D2, which is synthetic . Would it hurt him to take a small amount of D3 along with Mg, boron, silica (DE), and essential minerals?

  7. I'm learning so much from you guys in this group. So grateful to you for taking the time to enlighten me!! Thank you!

  8. We have Celtic salt… Would that help?

  9. YES ! From 9 to 26

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