I know someone with the disease called MS (Multiple sclerosis)


I got a small question for a great cause… I know someone with the disease called MS (Multiple sclerosis)
we all know that the health care cooperative industry is made to keep people sick and cash in money till we are dead !
so my question is….
Do you know any info on treathment that they are using to fight (MS) these days know that is worth nowing of…??
And maybe even better info on a possible cure against it, or something on test…??
With kind regards,

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  1. Its important that we all feed ourselves on a Cellular level and only our food can do that.

  2. Sativex is prescribed only for MS in the UK. First drug with cannabis extract in. They know it works and have been selling it for a few year now. Or just eat a small amount of cannabis with your food. No high without heating it…

  3. Check out dentist Brendan Stack on You Tube correcting Tourette's ticks with special braces that lift jaw into a correct bite. The ticks disappear! No doctor tells Tourette's sufferers about this. Nerves run down your neck by jaw and are often being pressured by incorrect jaw alignment. Thus all sorts of neurological symptoms can result. My husband and a friend reported their symptoms to their GP. My husband got referred to a neurologist, the friend to a different field expert. My Mr diagnosed with MS and the friend with a mechanical issue! Sometimes it depends who you get referred to in the first place that seals your fate!

  4. Yes, MS is the most misdiagnosed condition out there (or so I have read over and over). We know of two people ourselves who were re-diagnosed with correct conditions having been sentenced to MS.

  5. I've heard 1,000's of people are misdiagnosed with MS. Either way, diet can play a tremendous role in relieving some of the symptoms.

  6. Try the rife machine!

  7. My little brother has had MS for over 20 years, and has tried all these suggestions (and then some) He has recently undergone a new procedure of stem cells removed from his own fat and returned to his body through IV . He initially felt better, but no improvement noticed after several months. The doctors suggest more than one procedure, which are very expensive and not covered by medical insurance and this is not FDA approved. But we have heard positive feedback from others receiving this treatment. When a person has MS, or cancer or any disease, we will try anything and everything to find a cure. Here's to life!!!

  8. I removed all his posts. he's gone.

  9. how can you fast for a year?

  10. Know a person that has reversed MS with only energy work. In specific. Reconnection!

  11. I know of someone who cured their Lyme disease, (which is usually what MS is) by fasting for 1 year. She is amazing of course.
    A simpler way could be to do Herb Doc's cure for the Incurables, or the easiest of all would be to talk a supplement that boosts the immune system by 400%.
    Pm me for details of any of these solutions.

  12. Quite often MS is Lyme disease

  13. Can anyone tell me how to get cannabis oil?

  14. Absolutely NO meat. No dairy. Do mostly fruit and vegetables. This isn't a quick fix. Their adrenals are down. They aren't filtering their kidneys. If they do eat meat they will feel TEMPORARILY better but not good in the long run. I can tell you more if you are interested. But at least watch this video. I love Cassandra. She is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M942hniA-8

  15. Thnx all 😀

  16. second Wahls protocol. see her talks on tedx

  17. Look up Terry Wahls MD. She cured her own MS with diet. She has a book called Minding my Mitocondria. She is on FB and I have read lots of peoples posts that have followed her protocol and done very well. I put my son on the diet for his brain injury and he has come further than the doctors ever gave us hope for. It has been over 3 yrs since his accident and we still see small improvements.

  18. https://www.facebook.com/sarahmcguinessmsvarietybenefit

    This is a lady in Australia who went overseas for treatment.

  19. Thnx all ! (Y)

  20. Was your friend exposed to formaldehyde? The pesticide RoundUp used to contain that compound, and many athletic types succumbed to MS because so many roadsides and highways are sprayed, and they would jog along side those roadsides. Very important: And please make sure that she is not drinking diet sodas – or using Aspartame/NutraSweet. (In the body, Aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde) *****Now I personally know of one case where a man was being fitted for a wheelchair by his doctor, when the MD noticed him drinking a diet soda. The doctor told him, "Quit drinking that crap – keep away from it and in six weeks you will be better." The man complied and within six weeks, he no longer felt the need for a wheelchair, and by the six month mark, he was totally okay! I have had minor MS complaints for many years – taking glutathione when feeling them come on has kept me fairly healthy. De tox is a good idea, but I am not an expert on detox. She needs to get the formaldehyde and other toxins out of her system!

  21. Low Dose Naltrexone, google LDN, for info. Montel Williams has MS and has done well, research what he has done.

  22. Start with oil pulling..organic non deodorized coconut oil. Need to remove all heavy metals from the body, no flouride as its a neurotoxin and will increase your bodies ability to absorb heavy metals. Eat organic and take chlorella, vitamin c and selenium (half an hour before or after the vitamin c) remove any amalgam fillings. That's a good start the Get onto the credence Facebook page and contact Phillip Day…he can most definitely help!

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