I know this isn’t really a birth control related question


I know this isn’t really a birth control related question, but I could have sworn someone said something about being a nurse. I was wondering, unless I’m wrong and it wasn’t this group, if that person knew exactly how long superficial nerve pain in the wrist caused by a bad IV sticking would last?

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  1. And each individual will vary.

  2. Calling the nurse's hotline takes less time than waiting for an answer on this thread.

  3. Healthtap is like Facebook but with real doctors. It's hardly trouble.

  4. How long has it been?

  5. was just looking for anyone else's experiences before I go through the trouble of talking to another doctor

  6. Healthtap. Call your insurance's nurse hotline. Go see another doctor. Etc.

  7. did, told me to wait it out, didn't say how long. quite helpful

  8. Ask your own real life doctor.

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