I left gluten and diary too and I improved slowly


So I have been on protocol close to a year, except DE bc of nursing. I left gluten and diary too and I improved slowly (from severe adrenal fatigue is what doctors would say)

This month I began seeing a homeopath. I implemented 3 new things: homeopath, smoothies in the morning as breakfast with a ton of nutrients and different things from protocol and, milk thistle pills to help liver before bed. I have felt better this month than I have in a year, and I’m beginning to believe my liver was super toxic and the culprit causing all my symptoms. This is also the first month I got my cycle without symptoms and feeling horrible.

Could I be right? Would the liver cause all these symptom of adrenal fatigue or causing adrenals and thyroid to be sluggish? Just pondering and thankful to God for the wisdom He’s given me to remove certain foods, to add others like this protocol addressing all my deficiencies and now helping the liver. What do y’all think? I truly hope this is it for me bc no doctors could find a disease and blood tests are always normal yet I felt horrible. Which had Drs telling me I was just depressed, ugh. So I don’t have any autoimmune diseases I don’t think but trying to prevent them.

I have noticed though that my body still aches bc I deal w inflammation so trying to find a way to rid of that. Makes me wonder if it’s RA but I’d assume if I had RA I’d hurt everyday which isn’t my case. I notice I ache badly if I had certain foods by cheat or accident like sugar and dairy. I’ve also noticed my sugar cravings have intensified so this could also mean Candida.

Morley told me I have anemia of chronic inflammation, I’m unsure exactly what that entails still and I’ve addressed my copper deficiency. I know w having MTHFR Is another reason I detox so slow and have a hard time doing so. I will continue seeking wisdom to take my healing journey another step further.

Anyway, I’m ranting now but wanted to share and ask a few questions. Thanks.

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  1. Ana M. Cole
    You are the latest Poster Child for WHY I did the Root Cause Video: "My Theory of Everything."

    Yes, when there is a prevalence of Copperx3C>Iron Dysregulation, that wonky Liver does, in fact, become a "Ferrous Wheel" and ALL of the symptoms that you are experiencing are sitting in the seats of that Ferrous Wheel and are taking YOU for a ride…

    Delighted that you are seeing & witnessing such notable improvements. Thanks for sharing your story of recovery…

    A votre sante!

  2. What specifically do you think helped your liver. I've come to the conclusion that my liver is not working property and have an appointment with an acupuncturist on Friday, but would like to do more. I can't really do a liver detox because I am also nursing.

  3. Erin Noele
    Have you watched the Video at the top of this Page?!?…

    That's where the process starts… 😉


  4. The doctor said I tested positive for RA on several blood tests…for the most part I do not have joint pain or other RA symptoms other than the inflammation.

  5. How reliable are these blood tests for RA? Bc if I'm improving idk if I should spend on this…it's kind of like the last test I'd get bc I've pretty much checked everything.

  6. That's what I am trying to find out because I still don't think
    It's RA even though they were positive. I believe my inflammation is caused by something else

  7. I don't think it's RA bc I've had this inflammation and issues like insomnia and deficiencies since I was born, literally as a toddler. So the toxicity just built up until I became sick and then had to build health from ground up again but now that I'm older and mature I can take charge and PREVENT autoimmune diseases which is what I want to do! I want to live life thriving not aching. Takes work but I'm willing to do it for God and the ministry I still have and my family.

  8. So if I'm understanding correctly, the copper/iron disregylation happens in the liver?? Mandy Chadwick

  9. Ana M Cole

    You are doing so well.

    Yes iron/copper disregulation causes oxidative stress in your liver which affects many functions, adrenals, hormones, thyroid and more.

    I have grown to know and understand you and feel you really do try.

    You moved house, it was physically hard moving home with small children to care for. I would be weary too.

    Hope you are settling and recognise that you have certainly earned some restoration time.

  10. Turmeric paste from the turmeric users group and trying keto way of eating may fix the inflammation. These and the protocol have gotten rid of my severe joint pain, anxiety/depression and brain fog/severe fatigue for the first time in over 5 to 8 years. It's crazy. The only dairy I can tolerate on keto is raw and grassfed but there are dairy free keto groups too.

  11. Wow.. I thought I wrote this! 🙂 I'm new here

  12. I have been taking milk thistle for a month now, and feel somewhat better, but I have a long way to go.

  13. Potatoes make me stiff and achey. I definitely notice a difference when I avoid them…

  14. Hashimotos can give you joint pain- did you get tested for that?

  15. So some are reading this post from like 2 m ago and then readin my post from today. Sadly, I began feeling sick yet again soon after posting this one and that's why I am sad and disgeartened today. I thought everything was working so well and then again, sick.

  16. I dont know if this is part of the protocol, but I take a teaspoon of Turmeric paste a day for inflammation

  17. I have been prepared but haven't started the protocol yet, but at least I'm pretty much doing all the 'Stop' now anyway.. I have been seeing naturopaths, acupuncturist with Chinese medicine, Qi therapy etc

  18. Now I have moved house and my broken foot is healing I am working on my liver as its causing me the most trouble. Hoping that helps clear my body of toxins which in turn will help my thyroid and my heart will back into beat

  19. I think I had it longer than I thought Ana, going through old records (that my old doc hid) I had heart problems at 34, Im now nearly 58 and gone into a slow AFib which might be reversed

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