I looked for a holistic doctor on google but no luck


I hope this is not a silly question. I really want to find a doctor in Nashville Tennessee that understands how the vitamin and minerals work. What type of doctor is this called so I can research online? I looked for a holistic doctor on google but no luck. Functional med doctor?

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  1. Some chiropractors provide nutritional support. Also, look at acam.org

  2. Orthomecular Medicine is one option I believe. Google Dr. Abraham Hoffer's work. I knew him and saw him 25 years ago. He passed away several years ago.

  3. Nashville had a major dearth of naturopaths, since practicing naturopathy is illegal in TN. I do however know a doc who is an md but has a practice like a naturopath. I took my son to see him for anxiety and add. His name is Stephen reisman and he is out of Brentwood. He will spend an hour with you on your first appointment- cash only though.

  4. I am jealous you got to see dr hoffer win! I am a huge fan.

  5. Suggest calling compounding pharmacies in your area and ask which Alternative/Integrative Doctors they refer to. Try to speak to a member of the staff who has a personal preference, i.e. a doctor they personally go to. That speaks volumes.

  6. Thank you Kevin Kirkpatrick. Your comment makes sense then and explains my dilemma. I have a bioidentical horomone doctor but he pushes his vitamins and I want someone that can specifically focus on my needs

  7. Very hard to find Anissa! There is a doc in Asheville nc who is holistic. She is trained by dr Walsh and is all about orthomolecular therapy. Frankly; I hope to be one in a couple of years when I finish school. The market here is wide open for someone who can really master this subject!

  8. Why is naturopathy illegal in Tennessee? What caused it….the pharmaceutical companies or what? Just curious.

  9. I just need soneone who knows what they are doing. This one doctor put me on vitamin D…..i had severe joint pain and found this group thank goodness

  10. Who is the Dr. In Asheville Kevin ?

  11. Cash only is fine if he or she is knowledgeable. I see he believes in mag

  12. Yes, he does iv mag and iv c. The only guy for hundreds of miles. He was really sweet with my son too

  13. Does he do bloodwork?

  14. Dr Dana park. I spoke with her for 20 minutes. She is wonderful, but quite expensive. $400 consultation fee, but then she spends 2 hours on the initial visit, and has you do the testing and blood work upfront. What doc does that? I would take my son there if it wasn't so far. http://mountainintegrative.com/

  15. Dr reisman didn't for my son. I can't speak about every situation.

  16. Thank you Kevin Kirkpatrick

  17. Naturopaths are only licensed in a few states; (actually more than I thought!) The Medical community does not like business being taken away from them — oops! Did I say that out loud?

  18. Glad you said that Lisa Parker.

  19. If I lived in Nashville, this is the FIRST practitioner I'd seek out:
    Paige Adams

  20. Morley, you are too kind. Thank you for thinking of me. I'm honored to help where I can.
    Hugs, Morley! 🙂

  21. I was just about to say Paige as well or Dani Williamson!

  22. Naturopaths or Functional Medical doctor.

  23. I contacted one in Nashville and they didn't do insurance and it was about $500 …eek … Why does health food … Good doctors.. Good health .. Cost so much money

  24. Kimberly, imma have to start paying you commission, Pretty Lady!! 😉

  25. No way! I'm just glad to have a gem like you available in our city!

  26. Maybe a herbal specialist

  27. Naturapath

  28. Naturopath, functional or integrative.

  29. You'd have better luck researching it yourself. Doctors are not trained to understand what constitutes true health these days and they don't. If you only knew the crash course they receive in nutrition and how food benefits the body. It's become prescription pad medicine at its best. Somehow we've strayed far away from Hippocrates knowledge and advice of "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Of course that was long before a large majority of food supplies came out of a box or bag and our vegetables consumed were from over-farmed factory land and we had to begin supplementing to make up the vast difference to maintain good health. And before our bodies had to deal with terrible chemical residue from herbicides and pesticides on our fruits and vegetables. With that being said, if you cannot figure it out yourself, I would personally try to make an appt. to see Dr. Josh Axe, Nashville, Tennessee, an expert in natural medicine. He is truly on a path of changing peoples' lives and health for the better.

  30. I went to three reg docs and two naturopaths and all of them missed the core of what was wrong with me. I even did labs and presented them to the docs and still they didn't catch it. I say it's good to have lots of opinions and be your best advocate, always continue researching. Im finding Nutritional Balancing to be one of the best tools in the healing protocol by far

  31. Paige Adams check your other folder I messaged you

  32. Kevin Kirkpatrick, I admire your aspirations to become a doctor who understands true health.

  33. Thanks Sonya. I am actually not in medical school, but am getting a masters in nutrition. That is really the only area of medicine that interests me. There are plenty of docs around here, but not a lot of orthomolecular and nutrition experts around here. Dr axe is perhaps one, and my chiro is very good. Still though, none of those guys have the understanding of minerals that Morley does, or will
    Help you with the testing. It is a specialized field.

  34. Chiropractors get more training in nutrition than most docs, but it still a smaller part of their education.

  35. I knew Josh when he first got out of school and moved to Nashville.
    Sweet guy!!

  36. Paige Adams would you call me please 6153949863

  37. It is nice to learn about you and your practice Paige. I am looking at your website now and am very impressed.

  38. Here is Paige's website Anissa. Their phone number is on there…http://proactivemed.org/iv-suite-2/

  39. Oh thanks y'all!

    Mrs. Brenda is at the office and can answer any questions you have.

    If not, PLMK and I'll do my best to help!

  40. Thank you Kevin Kirkpatrick

  41. Paige Adams maybe she is off today. I have called 4 times.

  42. Hi Anissa. I will check and I apologize. Her parents have been ill. Did you happen to leave a message? I will notify her ASAP.

  43. (I'm in the hospital and haven't been advertising it). Lol.

  44. Paige AdamsYes I left a message. I went by there instead and got some information. I will be making an appointment next Tuesday. This will be close to my work and your services are what I need. Hopefully will get in soon.

  45. Wonderful Anissa. I spoke with Chanin and she said you'd been by. I look forward to working with you on your path to wellness!!

  46. Find a naturopath.

  47. Thank you Kim Brewbaker Midanik

  48. Because that^ hasn't been mentioned yet

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