I made my first batch of MAGAHol


I have a question that might do weird . I made my first batch of MAGAHol. Will the alcohol be an issue for an alcoholic? Was going to share but I need to know.

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  1. I personally think this depends on the person but my guess is that the scent might be a trigger!

  2. Can't you absorb the alcohol thru your skin?

  3. Well, the skin is the largest organ in the body, and it IS considered a topical treatment. Pain meds are given to hospice patients by transdermal patches on their skin when they can no longer swallow, so yes, absorption is probably an issue. .

  4. I tryed to with a foot baths of magahol . I started feeling really good and thought I might be getting drunk but no . It didn't do beyond feeling good . I googled it a found some research and I believe the study was done in a hot tub of alcohol (I don't recommend trying it ) but where unable to get the blood alcohol levels to increase transdermal . 🙁 🙂 .

  5. Heck yes I'd worry! Sometimes when I spray my feet I smell it and think 'MMm a vodka would hit the spot right now' so I'm certain it could tempt an alcoholic off the wagon! I suggest gifting bath salts instead in that case.

  6. It tastes very bad . Very bad .

  7. Why does burning, itching, and tingling occur a few min after using it? Been using daily for 5 days and it still happens?

  8. Use less . And Chang places . Also try less magnesium in the next mix . It could be the alcohol and how it's made and with wheat,rice or potato vodka .

  9. alcohol is poison.

  10. Could you add some essential oils like lavender so it smells less like a martini?

  11. If a person has an issue with alcohol, I would say yes, it's a very high potential problem, smell, and yes, some does get absorbed. I would not want to tempt them. Suggest using the Mag Chloride Oil instead, though it can sting a bit. You can leave on for 20-30 minutes and then wash off with a washcloth.

  12. Thanks for the info. I added wintergreen oil to MAGAHol. My pain went away immediately . Took a sledge hammer to a sofas cats used as a liter box. Yes crazy but I must of had a lot of penned up anger bc I enjoyed every hit! Now no pain!

  13. I won't even attempt to share with this person as she becomes very mean and hateful when she's got alcohol in her house.

  14. I would avoid if alcoholic but u can make it with water. I can't do alcohol for other reasons.

  15. the alcohol will be absorbed into the skin just like the magnesium

  16. Well, the truth is that the alcohol is there as a carrier and solvent. When it's applied to the skin it evaporates leaving behind what it carried. There may be *some* of it absorbed by the skin, but it certainly is not going to be enough to trigger anyone into relapse. I would have no problem giving it to my husband who is a recovering alcoholic (15 years this August–yippee!!!), but if you feel cautious, nobody would fault you. You can make it with water, it just won't dry as quickly. As an aside, you know cologne/perfume is made with alcohol? Listerine, cough syrup also usually have an alcohol base. If your person uses those things, they probably will be ok with Mag-a-hol. 🙂

  17. Absolutely.

  18. It doesn't smell like vodka at all. I've given it to current and former alcoholics. No issues.

  19. I would probably give a gift of mag oil, rather than magahol, to a recovering alcoholic. Or mag lotion, or lavender mag oil, or anything not alcohol based.

    The magahol may be safe for that person, or the smell may trigger a relapse. I wouldn't risk it.

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