I need a diet to follow.


Help! I have friends pushing me to get some sort of gastric surgery (sleve) to combat the weight. I see all the success stories but can’t help but feel my body is different. I need a diet to follow. I’ve finally stopped gaining weight, but sitting 100lbs above my normal is taking its toll. I’ve also heard strenuous workouts are not good for our hashi bodies because of the amount of stress it can cause. I’m not afraid of diet or hard work but I just don’t know where to start.

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  1. Following. I believe I have the same issues

  2. Mandy i have hashimoto’s myself and i have battled it for years i gained a tremendous amount of weight then in April of this year I came down with pneumonia I got so sick I quit breathing, I could barely breath before I got that sick . Anyhow while spent two weeks in the hospital they placed me on and 1800 calorie diet which was very hard for me, but I started watching my calories and got into a gym, started out walking and worked up to 2 miles. Yhen my knees really started to give my fits so I talked to my doctor and she told me to start riding a stationery bicycle, I do that and so far I have lost nearly 45 lbs. Hope that helps.

  3. I would never do those things. Never. Too many horror stories, plus surgery with autoimmune diseases, yeah, not fun. \n\nIt’s completely possible to lose weight with this. I’m down almost 80 lbs. \n\nYou need to get optimal, push for your health, don’t settle for the first doctor or med they give you if you don’t feel right. If you don’t feel right, there’s a reason. I fired many docs, I found my current endo and she legit saved my life. I had celiac and I was starving to death, morbidly obese and starving to death, because of it. \n\nThen, food scale, food log, exercise if you can, truthfully, I barely did.

  4. For the exercise, I do a 20 min walk in am, afternoon, and evening. I try make it a good clip. Sometimes I’ll do a run walk run.. 5min run and walk the rest. I do what I feel I can handle without exhausting myself. So far, knock on wood, I am doing pretty good. Losing a bit and developing strength and muscle. I do gentle Hatha yoga and restorative yoga( stretching), pilates, some aqua fit too 30- 40 min tops. Do 15-20 min rowing. So I alternate all of the above mentioned so I don’t get bored.\nDiet: no gluten, sugary stuff, try to follow an autoimmune diet. Drink lots of water.

  5. Have you looked I to the autoimmune Paleo diet? It’s worked wonders for me. Not just weight loss but for a lot of my other symptoms too. Pinterest has a ton of AIP recipes

  6. I cut out major allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy and lost sixty lbs in six months. I was obese and sick. I was told to\

  7. I’ve been doing the keto diet and I’ve lost 2 pounds a week on it because I’m not super strict. It is called a diet, but it’s actually a lifestyle change and a lot of people have had success with it long term.

  8. I cut out gluten and dairy and it did nothing. I added it back, then started slow on a stationary bike. Now, I can ride for an hour. Recently joined a gym and the elliptical is definitely harder, but I’m up to 25 minutes on it, plus doing weights. 2-3 reps as heavy as I can go. Unless you have something else medically going on, you shouldn’t have problem working out hard- just work your way up to it!

  9. I don’t know if it would be successful with Hashimoto’s. I had the sleeve back in 2006, I lost over 250 pounds and maintained it for years even through two pregnancies. And then after the birth of my youngest within 6 months I had a groiter and after all my testing I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and have gained 80 pounds and no matter if I do 300 calories a day I can never lose more than 10 pounds. And my sleeve is still in working order.

  10. I sent you a message.

  11. Btw, I’m sure your friend means well but unless somebody has this disease they have no idea. If only it was a quick fix.

  12. Weight loss surgery has to be a personal choice. I have battled my weight most of my adult life. I’ve taken both roads. I’ve lost 120 pounds own my, and after having back surgery I knew I needed more help so I opted for the gastric bypass. My surgery was done on the 14th I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. Don’t make any decisions about YOUR health based on the thoughts from anyone else because they did walk in your skin. The first step would be to research your disease to get them managed then attack the weight if weight is still an issue.

  13. I had lapband three years ago. Was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last month . Initially, I lost 80lbs, but then started steadily gaining weight which is why I went to dr. I now have Hashimoto’s which I have always thought I had a thyroid problem , but my labs are always weird . Each person has to do what’s best for them, but I spent 4000 out if my pocket for the surgery and now this . Looking back, had I known , I don’t think the dr would have performed the surgery with me having this disease .

  14. I have gotten the ds and that weight loss got my thyroid levels in normal range did nothing for my antibodies from hashis but as far as my thyroid levels themselves yes .

  15. It’s been almost 2 years and I’m not on one thyroid medication

  16. Mostly veggies, side of meat. Whole, real foods. \nI focus on what I can eat and make that food taste great (I love to cook)\n\n\nNo grains/starches including corn. Limited dairy. \n\nWeigh your food to keep portions in check. Prep most meals on Sunday and pre portion so you can grab and go. I have lost almost 40 lbs following this simple plan.

  17. gluten free and you’ll lose 25 lbs in about a month…easy

  18. Hashimoto peeps need to bd gf dairy and soy free no wheat corn or lactose no fluoride basically fruit ved and grass fed beef or organic chickens ifbu est meat. Yoga or palates is a far better exercise regime as it moves everything all vitamins need yo be optimal .iron excess is your piturity gland working overload as u wouldn’t be absorbing thyroid meds.

  19. B12, D3 and iron supplements as well as Doterra vitamins also key for me

  20. Saying that people with hashimotos “need” to be gluten-free, or anything else, is not a factual statement. Please

  21. They also do not “need” to be dairy or corn free.

  22. I swim 2 hours a day, hard laps. I also don’t restrict my diet.

  23. Everyone is different. I learned a lot when I read “Eat Right for your Type” ……great book. That was when I was Hypothyroid. Since becoming Hashimotos in July 2015 I have had to CHANGE everything and learn as I go. I found a fabulous Homeopathic RN and an Intergrated Womens Medicine Endocrinologist. Then learned I must be Gluten,grain,dairy,sugar,corn and soy free. And most effective for me is a daily 16 hour fast. Amazing how it helped me. Since going that way I have finally started to lose weight. 6 pounds in 2 months. I will weigh again in another 2 months and pay attention to everything I put in my mouth. BUT everyone is different so I highly recommend listening to your body. If something makes you feel worse it is probably not good for you……sounds simple but for me it has been a struggle. I so loved cheese and rice potatoes and almond butter etc……but wow they don’t love me. Best wishes on your journey……..

  24. Just by following the AIP diet I’ve lost weight. I’m in the 130’s now. Haven’t been this low in many many years.

  25. I don’t have time to read all the comments but I will say….My sister-in-law’s neighbor died getting gastric bypass. A very good friend of mine had the sleeve and lost 100 lbs (wayyyyy tooo fast)….her skin just hung. Now she’s gaining it back. I contemplated THE QUICK FIX myself and I chose to change my DIET and EXERCISE. I’ve lost 52lbs and still going down and I’ve kept it off 5 yrs. I have no desire for any kind of FAST FOOD. I eat organic, non-GMO and gluten free and cut most sugar out. Any kind of surgery is risky……Being 100lbs over weight just ups your risk. I would chose the slower, healthy way to lose. Good luck on whatever your decision is.

  26. Look into the PROFILE diet.

  27. Gluten free, soy, free dairy free and yoga to de-stress. Also make sure you’re getting enough water. Once I did those things, the weight just started to fall off.

  28. One more comment is that I wouldn’t recommend having stomach surgery because your gut flora (the good bacteria that live in your stomach) are the key that unlocks the door to good health and proper nutrition 😀 Good luck

  29. Unfortunately most (if not all) have ended up with other issue resulting from the surgery, like extremely low iron, to the point of getting infusions. I’ve just started the fasting diet. I did a lot of research on it and it was brought to my attention by a hashimotos group. I’ve gone down 15 pounds so far. It’s not for everyone so I would still do your research for what’s best for your body.

  30. Surgery is surgery not a miracle cure for hashimoto!!

  31. I have lost 40lbs since June. No special diet, I drink lots of water and walk a lot. Also, I attribute my success to taking meds for T3 and T4, reducing stress and a not beating myself up for things I cannot control.

  32. I lost about 20 lbs by walking regularly (outside and with the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs) and watching my calories. I don’t believe in restrictive diets and I try to keep things as varied and balanced as possible.

  33. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you ALL for the advice. Yesterday was day #1 gluten free. Going to do my best to cut out milk products as well. I also downloaded my fitness pal and tracked my food. It’s a start. Thanks Again.

  34. Have you looked into isagenix? They have a page for thyroid patients on Facebook.

  35. I have suffered with hashis for 4 years. Maxed out at 33lbs overweight through strict autoimmune paleo and weight training plus walking. Do not get the sleeve. You can’t metabolize food so you could starve yourself all you want and the pounds will not come off. You need to follow a program. I found my best results through following dr. Axe’s healing leaky gut program. In addition, eating paleo, no soy, gluten, dairy, or grains. I am so happy to say after fighting my symptoms for 4 years, I am now symptom free and down 12lbs and counting. I also take vitamins and minerals that I read about in the book The Root Cause as well as liothyronnine. All of my symptoms like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, inability to regulate body temperature, brain fog were all eliminated with diet, exercise, vitamins. The weight started coming off with the liothyronnine, which is t3. Good luck, I know it’s tough.

  36. WAY too many problems post Gastric Surgery. I have family member who had it done and now they have ulcers and other problems that stem from the Surgery.

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