I need a good multi-vitamin for my children


Hi all! I need a good multi-vitamin for my children and I (we’re currently taking NOTHING). I don’t want anything fancy (no digestive enzymes, or funky herbs). What are your thoughts on Juice Plus? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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  1. My daughter takes the juice plus and I noticed almost immediately her problems with constipation go away as well as her getting less colds after she was in it for about 6 months.

  2. Juice plus is good.

  3. Seekinghealth has gummies, it's a very pure brand conforming Mthfr too.

  4. I'm also looking for myself. My frustration is that most adult vitamins that are good tend to have lots of extra 'stuff' added! I don't do well with digestive enzymes b/c my blood sugars drop too fast and I get dizzy and shaky. I don't want herbs, etc. Just basic vitamins from a good, preferably organic, source.

  5. Garden of Life has good stuff.

  6. The only thing is I think it's not organic. Check out green of life and mega food

  7. We take Vibe by Eniva. Have been talking it 9years. Also youngevity products are goo.

  8. Have been on jp for years now and love it… one free kid per adult too. The gummies are great too. I feel great … I do caps, gummies and shakes

  9. The good thing about jp is that it's whole food vitamins. No synthetic anything

  10. From what I've read directly on their packaging, they're better than organic & go beyond what's required for organic status. Maybe they just don't want to pay for the official organic certification? Anyway, there are no pesticides or chemicals in Juice Plus.

  11. Vitamin Code Kids is what i give my son

  12. Another question: What is everyone's take on the fact that Vit D is in most multi vitamins? I know this group is against D and my D is super low (14). I haven't taken what my dr. prescribed b/c it makes me nervous, but I do need to address it in some form??

  13. really?
    this group is against D?
    not me. i use a sublingual form of 10,000 i.u of D every other day.

  14. Lisa Kimberly, that was my understanding?? He wants me to take 20,000 iu once a week. That seems sooo high. I'm 93 lbs!

  15. And I know, I know. I need to gain weight. It's an issue dr's haven't figured out. My thryoid is LOW with Hashimoto and i'm severely underweight. UGH.

  16. AAAnnnd nervous to treat that, as well. I HATE medicine. =(

  17. not really Rachel…
    if you're really low, 25,000 i'u once a week is to get your amounts up in range….it can take a while.

    if you stay indoors a lot (like i do), taking higher amounts shouldn't hurt as long as you're keeping an eye on it.

  18. I'm indoor a LOT, AND in Germany for the time being. Been here 3 years and there's not much sun. Even when there is, it isn't strong.

  19. i feel your pain, Rachel. i'm so against medicine unless i'm on my death bed.

  20. I have multiple chemical sensitivities to almost everything, so I am deathly afraid to try things… mixed with my already present anxiety, it makes a bad combo. However; I don't want to be stupid, either. I haven't taken anything the Dr told me to. =(

  21. just to be clear…
    my mom was given 25,000 i.u. once a week for 7 weeks because she was severely low (depleted, basically). i now give her 10,000 i.u. daily to keep her in normal range. she gets her blood checked every three months.

  22. oh wow. Was it D3 or D2? I don't really know the difference, but I was given D3 in a pill form.

  23. Lisa Kimberly – before you post again recommending such very high doses of isolated D3, read this page which reflects the position on D by the owner of this group. Also, post the results of your four D blood tests.

  24. "I have multiple chemical sensitivities to almost everything, so I am deathly afraid to try things… mixed with my already present anxiety, it makes a bad combo. However; I don't want to be stupid, either. I haven't taken anything the Dr told me to."

    wow, we could be sisters, Rachel. i don't trust western medicine much anymore. i don't have multiple chemical sensitivities like you (feel for ya)

  25. Rachel Shoham Hackett – please think twice about taking isolated D2 or D3. Get the recommended testing done so that you supplement safely with wholefood sources of D like cod liver oil.

  26. Lisa Kimberly and Rachel Shoham Hackett – please know that increasing Magnesium will increase storage D.

  27. MJ Hamp, can one OD on too much magnesium? Are there any side effects from too much magnesium? I'm looking into buying a sun lamp, but it won't be enough D. As for testing, I'm in Germany so I don't really know what to ask for, or what testing they even did already??

  28. MJ Hamp, thanks for the link. I feel like I need to print it out and take it to the dr. He did a full panel and the others came back normal?

  29. i'm not sure why i need to post personal health information on this forum, but in order to appease the gods, my last D-25 Hydroxy test was 57.9 with the range being 30-100. tested in May '14.

  30. Lisa Kimberly – the owner of this group requires people post the results of the four blood tests in order to discuss it. Read the page I linked above. What is your Mag RBC?
    Please do not get your body in trouble without considering the information in that link.

  31. thanks MJ Hamp….i read the link.
    so is posting of these results only if Vitamin D is discussed?
    is it required to discuss Magnesium?
    other vitamins or minerals?

  32. I'm leary of posting my personal health information in some respects.

  33. Rachel Shoham Hackett – what is your Mag RBC value? That is key here. It is unlikely that people OD on Magnesium unless they have a serious health issue like late stage kidney failure. Magnesium is watr soluble and needs to be replaced via diet or supplementation regularly.

  34. MJ Hamp, I have NO idea. I'm just not feeling well and the dr. ran a TON of tests. Specifics of the tests I have no idea. But I can go back and ask for these specifics now that I know what to ask for. I know he ran a full blood panel, cortisol from 24 hr urine sample, hormones, endocrine (thyroid), etc. My EKG is abnormal and I go in for an MRI tomorrow. My thyroid is low with Hashimoto, my D came back 14, and my platelets slightly low. That is all I know for now. And I have to go back to the gastro b/c my stomach is hurting with 24/7 acid refflux. The prevacid worked ok but my 14 days is over so I think they're going to do an upper endoscopy. I'm too young for this crud!

  35. I'm sorry Rachel Shoham Hackett, sounds like you are dealing with a lot. Would you like a list of the most common useful blood tests used here? The standard serum Mgnesium test is pretty useless. The Magnesium RBC test tells the value of Mg in the cells, where it does its work.

  36. MJ Hamp, I would really appreciate as specific as you can get with me. I will walk back in to him and ask for those specific tests! Thank you!

  37. Rachel Shoham Hackett – another copy of this list is in Files, ready to print. The top seven are the most important. They assess D and the Zinc/Copper relationship.

    Here are the CPT Codes (USA) for the following Blood tests:

    Magnesium RBC #83735
    Ceruloplasmin #82390
    Serum Copper #82525
    Plasma Zinc #84630
    Calcium, Ionized Serum #82330
    Vitamin D, 1.25 Dihydroxy (Calcitriol) #82652
    Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy #82306
    Potassium RBC #84132
    Selenium RBC #84255
    Iron #83540
    TIBC (total iron binding capacity) #83550
    Ferritin #82728
    TSH #84443
    Free T3 #84481
    Free T4 #84439
    Reverse T3 #84482
    B12 #82607
    Methylmalonic Acid #83921
    Lead #83655
    Mercury #83825
    Arsenic #82175
    Cadmium #82300

  38. MJ Hamp, Thank you!!! I'm sure the codes will be diff. b/c i'm in germany, but the names should tell the exact test, right?

  39. Acid reflux is from low stomach acid. Many get relief by including either Mg chloride tabs or apple cide vinegar just before meals to improve digestion.

  40. MJ Hamp, I've read that it can be either! In the past (years ago) I actually took HCL (I think that's what it was, can't remember) and it helped. My question is, if it was LOW stomach acid this go round, why would prevacid (which stops acid production temporarily) help? I felt SO much better on it.

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