I need a good non-laxative magnesium.


I need a good non-laxative magnesium. I have been taking Jigsaw SRT, but was told that I have the MTHFR gene. My ND asks me to stop, until we know if I’m under/over methilator. I’m on Swanson Triple Mag for constipation already. I take Epson salt bath and magahol spray for the fibromyalgia pain, but I’m back in pain again and am quite lethargic.
I live in Thailand and am able to buy from iHerbs.

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  1. My integrative doctor thinks I have a methylation problem. What is the test for finding out if you are an under/over methylator please?

  2. try malate

  3. Not everyone will tolerate Jigsaw SRT due to the Methyl donors in it, especially if you have MTHFR with a COMT mutation that is expressing.

    If you have a CBS mutation that's expressing, you won't tolerate the Epsom Salt baths due to Sulfur.

    As far a non-laxative form of Mg, I've had success with Mg Taurate.

  4. Another answer for me perhaps why I react to using too much Epson salts on a bath!

  5. Citrate – Oxide

  6. Cheryl, I had Geneva Comprehensive Urine Test. It said I have the MTHFR gene. That's all that's known so far.

  7. Christine, I was fine with Jigsaw and B12 shots for fibromyalgia pain for about a year..I can't take sulphured vege, but Epson salt foot bath helps big time with foot and underfoot (sole) pain…

  8. Christine, I've heard that Glycinate is good too?
    Sorry I'm using a phone.

  9. The best genetic test for the money is 23andme. Too many practitioners are only looking at MTHFR, and there are other mutations that significantly impact your health and inter-relate with MTHFR. Your genetics are comprised of many puzzle pieces, MTHFR being just a piece. You must look and address the whole picture. Just like we don't just look at Mg RBC, the HTMA is what gives you the whole picture.

  10. Becky, can you recommend a good brand. Jigsaw is also a malate.

  11. I seem to not be able to take any Magnesium in an oral form, have tried them all, so now just use a Magnesium Spray oil.

  12. Whole blood histamine can determine whether you are:
    under-methylator = High Histamine
    Over-Methylator=Low Histamine.

    MTHFR mutations (C677T, A1298C are the most researched) when expressed, effect methylation.

  13. I have tried all those forms of Mag. Toilet runs. Only the mag oil spray is ok.

  14. If histamine levels are low you likely do not have. MTHFR? I had histamine tested recently and I was fine.

  15. Hello Elly Sookdhis, I'm the president & co-founder of Jigsaw Health. Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT is completely safe for those with the MTHFR gene mutation because the product contains Quatrefolic from Gnosis. They state the following on their website:

    "Quatrefolic, the right choice, as it provides the metabolic reduced folate form utilized and stored in the human body…Quatrefolic answers to all consumers' and physicians' concerns relating to potential harmful effects of folic acid administration…"

    While this has been a major point of confusion in the past because the Supplement Facts label has said "Folic Acid (as Quatrefolic 5MTHF)

  16. Thank you.

    The awareness I was trying to raise with this was pertaining to the Methyl donors.

    Although great and appropriate ingredients for someone who is strictly addressing methylation; it's not so great for someone who has MTHFR and COMT, VDR expressing. The methyl donors will not be tolerated, as was my experience. Not pleasant!!

    Too many are only looking at MTHFR; again, trying to bring awareness on the importance of looking at the big picture when it comes to genetics.

  17. Thank you, Patrick 🙂 for the methyl clarification. Jigsaw with SRT is such a great supplement. My younger son and I with autoimmune issues take this daily and we think Jigsaw is worth the shipping charge to Thailand too ;-). Of course we would be in the dark but for Morley and his FB page….

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