I normally drink lemon water with a little sea salt


I normally drink lemon water with a little sea salt. Can I continue this while following this? Also, my husband bought me a Berkey water filter after reading how RO messes with your magnesium levels. Do I still need to use trace minerals in the water before drinking but after filtering?

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  1. Lemon water with salt is great for your adrenals and that is somethingvtgatbis supported on this protocol. I don't believe the Berry strips all minerals like the RO does but perhaps someone more knowledgeable will speak to that. I end up adding some trace minerals to my water anyway and we use a Berkey as well.

  2. Berkey does not filter out the minerals so I wouldn't think you need to add them.

  3. Tons of old posts on this question too! Yours for a look.

  4. Great to know Berkey is preferred over RO seeing as it messes with magnesium levels. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those filters are very pricey. Any recommendations for a smaller one and the best place to buy for your money? Thx

  6. I take lemon juice and salt water every morning!

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